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Cayin N6ii, Unlimited Possibilities: a fully modularized smart DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Andykong, Apr 7, 2019.
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  1. Andykong
    Yes, pressing the on off button continuously 10 sec will force the player to enter safe mode, that's Qualcomm defined procedure, we can't change that.
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  2. jmills8
    You cant disable that big button.
  3. Vitaly2017

    Aaaa right its just volume scrolling that get disabled...
  4. cr3ativ3
    Maybe that happend, thanks for the answers
  5. Cat Music
    Cayin N6ii is the best music player with the best sound today?
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  6. jmills8
    Best lasts a day in HF.
  7. the diode
    Just received my N6ii and my touch screen is not responding? Is there anything I can do, or is this a defective unit?
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  8. thesheik137
    Anyone have any good dock recommendations for the N6ii?
  9. SteveOliver
    Most likely, yes I'm afraid, there is a factory reset procedure that may fix it, hold power and the previous track button I think to get into recovery mode. Would I recommend this, probably not on a brand new unit.
  10. the diode
    Thank you. Hopefully my dealer will get back with me soon.
  11. Cat Music
    It is a pity that this happens to you, I really have a lot of interest in N6ii, but these things discourage me, I would not want to go through the same thing, and less to know these problems beforehand, I know that it can be just a defective unit, but that does not mean that don't happen to another person again, and I don't want to be that person ...
  12. aaf evo
    I wouldn’t let that discourage you, the N6ii is a great DAP. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a DAP that came out and hasn’t had at least one person not have a problem. It happens with all electronics, don’t sweat it.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  13. the diode
    I am just hoping this can get rectified rather quickly.
  14. aaf evo
    I’m sure your dealer will take care of you. Seeing that you’re in the US I’ll assume you got it from musicteck and they’re a great company.
  15. the diode
    Awesome to hear. Thank you very much.
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