Cayin N6ii, Unlimited Possibilities: a fully modularized smart DAP
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Nov 16, 2013
Cayin N6 MK2 (aka N6ii)

Unlimited Possibilities
A New Horizon from Our Legacy
(with Audio Motherboard A01)

N6ii Offical IG.jpg

Cayin debuts a new Android-based Digital Audio Player N6MK2, aka N6ii (12 April 2019) at Shanghai International High-end HiFi Show (SIAV). The new DAP drew a lot of interests and visitors are queuing up to check out the players and compare it to our Flagship N8 DAP with great interest. The N6ii prototype will be available at Tokyo Headphone Festival (27-28 April) and Munich High-end (9-12 May). If you plan to attend these two shows with next few weeks, make sure you check out N6ii at Cayin booth.


N6ii is our latest smart DAP based on customized Android 8.1. With Google Play pre-installed and Direct Transport Audio (DTA) bypassing Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) of Android system completely, all music playback (local and streaming) from all applications will decode in original Hi-Res without resampling. The player is powered by a Snapdragon CPU with 4G DDR3 memory, the overall operation is very smooth. This is our third generation customized Android system (i5 with v4.4, N5ii with v5.1, the UI is relatively mature and stable when compare to previous versions.

If you can't see the video click HERE.

As with our previous DAP, we offered comprehensive digital interface to our DAP. Cayin developed a proprietary solution to embedded the S/PDIF signal into the SBU (Sideband use) pins of the Type-C connector. These pins are NOT USED for in USB transmission, so they are not occupied in normal application and left out in normal USB-C cable. This implementation is plug and play, the S/PDIF bitstream is directly embedded into connector, it is NOT a conversion of USB Audio to S/PDIF. To get the S/PDIF out of N6ii, you need a custom make Type-C cable by wiring the SBU pins to a coaxial cable.

N6ii is equipped with I2S output via a HDMI Type-C connector (aka. Mini-HDMI). This is definitely the most preferred digital interface both in terms of digital capability and audio performance. If you are using a Cayin DAC with compatible I2S input, such as the CS-100DAC or iDAC-6MK2, this will be the preferred digital interface. For the record, our I2S implementation adopts the pin-definition of PS Audio I2S system, we have tested and confirmed the compatibility with PS Audio DAC but we cannot guarantee full compatibility with all DAC that claimed to be PS Audio I2S equivalent.

N6ii also support both USB Audio Out (USB Transport) and USB Audio In (USB-DAC) from the Type-C USB connector, you need an OTG Type-C cable to access these function. The USB Audio output is, from functional point of view, similar to the coaxial output but it offers noticeably better specification.

N6ii Digital Interface FB.jpg

N6ii (aka N6 MK2) is our first modular based portable player, and we have adopted a very innovative approach to our modular concept. Our Audio Motherboard consists of DAC and analogue amplification circuit, so when you change the module, you basically change the complete audio circuit completely, that's why we called it Audio Motherboard. The following video illustrates the installation process of Audio Motherboard.

If you can't see the video, click HERE.​

The A01 Motherboard is designed around the AKM flagship AK4497EQ DAC chipset. To make sure the premium DAC chipsets will operate in optimum condition, we have employed THREE extremely low-noise high-precision Femtosecond Crystal Oscillators (45.1584MHz, 49.152MHz, 100MHz). High precision low jitter digital transmission is the base of high quality digital playback. It is how we deliver a natural, non-digital and musical playback to subsequent audio circuit.

It is fully optimized for fully differential amplification, and the final headphone output stage employs 4 pieced of OPA1622 in parallel amplification configuration and offers upto 530mW per channel (@32ohm) from its 4.4mm balanced headphone output. Parallel amplification increases the output current capability and lower the output impedance. In practical, these improvements will translate into better control, ability to sustain a heavier loading, and drive most portable headphones with ease and offers lots of headroom.

A01 offers 3.5mm single-ended phone out, 3.5mm single-ended line out (dedicated), 4.4mm balanced phone out and line out (shared)

N6ii Analogue Output FB.jpg

N6ii A01 Module Front FB.jpg
N6ii A01 Module-03 FB.jpg
N6ii A01 Module-01 FB.jpg
N6ii A01 Module-02 FB.jpg

Specification of N6ii

N6ii Spec Product.JPG
N6ii Spec Phone.JPG
N6ii Spec Line Out.JPG
N6ii Spec Digital Interface.JPG
N6ii Spec Music Format.JPG



SIAV2019-08a.jpg SIAV2019-08b.jpg SIAV2019-07.jpg

More pictures are available in Cayin Facebook page.
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Ten bucks says its the N6ii

Edit : N6ii specs and price

Original post (click the arrow)

The Suggested Retail Price of N6ii (with A01 Audio Motherboard bundled) is US$1,199

The specification are as follows:
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N6II ? Really mmmm.
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Lol sorry for taking up the space Andy :sweat_smile:

That's alright, this will work as well, I was working on HeadFi Forum, Facebook and Instagram on the same time, plus handling several medial enquiry in due course, so I was a bit late when I come back to administer the thread.
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And are we going to see it at Munich Hi End, too? :)
I'm really curious as to what's in store.
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And are we going to see it at Munich Hi End, too? :)
I'm really curious as to what's in store.

Yes, the demo unit will travel from Shanghai to Tokyo (27-28 April) and then Munich (9-12 May)
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n6ii with 4.4mm jack, please
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Well, it something portable for sure :wink:

Looks like I may be wrong.

Unless the N6ii has an absurdly large edge to edge screen (well one can hope), this may be the N3ii. :/

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