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Cayin N6ii, Unlimited Possibilities: a fully modularized smart DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Andykong, Apr 7, 2019.
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  1. RipVanWinkle1989
    Could anybody suggest a carrying case/pouch for the below setup (N6ii + HUM MA1B)? I have the VanNuys VD958 which holds the N6ii pretty well, but doesn't accommodate the HUM.

    IMG_5833.JPG IMG_5832.JPG
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  2. miketlse
    Are you referring to the Chord 2Go?
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  3. Jemsheed
    Hello Friends,
    I bought cayin n6ii last week. I have a problem, when i tried to connect bluetooth as audio input it's showing as connected then immediately disconnecting. Attached a screenshot. Let me know what you think of the problem and what steps I need to take.

    I am connecting to my phone pixel 2 xl. I had another audio device which does bluetooth output and it's works perfect with my phone.

    Let me know if i am doing something wrong or is that an issue with device.
  4. Rockwell75
    Really looking forward to first E01 impressions
  5. Ojisan
    I've been reading this thread for a while but earlier last week I finally got my hands on N6ii with A01 and T01.

    During the last 6 months, I have gone from M11 to DX220 (Amp1mk2, Amp8, Amp9) and now N6ii. Among these, I have to say that N6ii has the best hardware and software feel and a sound quality to match. I love the solid metal feel of N6ii compared to rather plasitic-like DX220. M11 was good build but sound quality, overly blue screen, and half-baked software really turned me off. The N6ii software is fluid and works well. Battery life is good. Probably my only complaint so far is that the buttons are too easily pressed (volume on/off and >>/play/<<).


    I don't think I have heard the Andromeda sound so good. My favorite right now is A01. Very musical, rich, and balanced. Acoustic instruments sounds beautiful whether it be Michael Hedges' Martin guitar or Keith Jarrett's piano. My limited collection of vocals (country, jpop, classical, etc) all have nice air and are projected in a perfect soundstage. Really let's me enjoy music.

    My impression of A01 vs T01 right now are that
    • Bass: A01 puts more emphasis on bass line where as T01 puts more emphasis on kick drum. T01 seems to give me stronger beats.
    • Mids: I think A01 has a slight emphasis in the vocal range (1-2kHz) making it thicker sounding compared to T01 which has drier mids.
    • Treble: A01 has good extension but it maintains a thicker treble. T01 is slightly thinner with little more sparkle.
    Music by Arch Echo and Michael Jackson's Dangerous album seems to highlight these characteristics for me. My early impressions are that T01 is close to DX228 which seems slightly more drier and flat. A01 and T01 are different sounding brothers. Not up/down-grade :)

    This is going to be my main DAP for a while :) Looking forward E01 as well!
  6. kdphan
    Went through a similar transition

    M11 to DX220 plus amp8 and then M11 Pro and now N6ii A01 and T01.

    I like the N6ii the most. If anything it has speed of the M11 and sound of the DX228.

    won’t need an upgrade for awhile.
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  7. Ojisan
    Do you have a favorite IEM pairing with A01 or T01?
  8. kdphan
    No favorite pairings in particular. I just know the T01 does well with my single DD IEMs.
  9. Vitaly2017
    Amp T01 to is the king, when I fist tried it I was like, holy crap this is really good.

    To me T01 is better in every aspect vs a01. If I was buying a brand new unit go straight to T01!

    Now we got e01 wonder what magic this new amp will offer )

    Though as much as I find n6ii amazing and super neet. I still prefer my wm1z, faster ui I can stream via bluetooth , and sq is on a higher lvl even on ldac.

    To me wm1z won my heart once again.
    But I had a privilege and compared them side by side.
    Had an opportunity to pick the winner.

    I highly recommend n6ii t01 to any new audiophile or for those in the market for a dap.
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  10. 111MilesToGo
    Well, I‘m in the market looking for a top, maybe TOTL DAP. Choice of Cayin N6ii (T01), Cayin N8 or Sony WM1Z. Others like Questyle Most probably ruled out for good. However, hefty prices call for good judgement, and demoing (esp. A/B) is difficult to get.

    I have a few questions regarding those three:

    European model with volume limiter - just a nag screen or a physical limiter to the effect that people called it the most subdued and non-dynamic player in the world?
    Sound changes with firmware updates due to changes in the FPGA?

    I would be afraid the Cayin house sound esp. from AK dac chips could be TOO warm. My IEM is a Beyer Xelento, love it from my Hugo 2. Balanced cabling for the Xelento?

    Same for Cayin house sound. Probably the T01 would be a better fit for me.
    What about this Wifi interference problem mentioned on this thread? Bad, with any IEM?

    I would be happy to receive your feedback.
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  11. Vitaly2017

    Well you need to chose a dap that fits best to your daily usage.
    Means if you like streaming services then you have android dap or custom os with bluetooth dac features.
    ( I use Ldac 1z & s9 ) + spotify

    I dont hear any differences between sony firmwares, if there is they are so subtle that cant hear it.
    Also I would never buy an European version due to volume and thats extremely bad.
    Normal 1z is very dynamic and musical ( best sound is out of 4.4mm )
    Also wm players are extremely well isolated, no wifi nor bluetooth or emi/rfi interferences. Absolute silence.

    N6ii id say can catch cellphone interference on small amount, definitely you want the cell be far away at least 1.5m...
    Wifi or bluetooth isnt an issue.
    Also n6ii is warmer and thicker then wm1z, slightly less treble to. To me 1z is emphasizing the treble and n6ii is normal.
    But I find n6ii have more bass slam while 1z is more detailed.

    Cant say much about N8 I haven't heard it. But according to reviews its a step up over 1z sound...

    In my perception I think wm1z is like in between n8 and n6ii t01 .

    Here a list of daps I consider best to least.

    1. N8 (warm)
    2. Lpgt (reference)
    3. Wm1z ( warm )
    4.lotoo paw6000 ( warm+neutral )
    5. N6ii T01 ( warm + fun )
    6. Wm1a (reference + neutral)
    7. Plenue L ( warm warm )
    8. Shanling ( same as plenue L but les sophisticated )
    9. Fiio latest dap ( neutral + natural )
    10. Ibasso latest dap ( reference all the way )

    There might be few other brands but those are the one I followed.

    Hope this helps ) make your decisions according your sound desires
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  12. kdphan
    The one thing that does annoy me about the N6ii is wifi constantly dropping.
    And sometimes I have to manually go back in to settings and connect to my home wifi after it drops.
  13. Vitaly2017
    Strange on me it didn't do that...
    Do you use 2.5 or 5 ghz?
  14. kdphan
    i'm usually on 5ghz
  15. Vitaly2017
    Try resetting the router, reset wifi connections on n6ii.
    Restart router and n6ii
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