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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. PsiCore
    Can somebody explain, how exactly the digital filters affect the sound: sharp roll-off, short delay sharp roll-off, slow roll off, short delay slow roll-off, super slow roll-off?
    I don't hear any difference. Or are those not working for third party player apps (using Rockbox)?
  2. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    Slower rolloffs take out some of the top end. The slower the rolloff the more so.

    The short-delay filters put any ringing caused by antialiasing at the back end of the impulse, which theoretically masks the ringing better.

    The rationale for using each filter may be as follows:
    Sharp rolloff: your high frequency hearing doesn't go up to the Nyquist frequency (22050Hz in the case of 44.1kHz sample rate) so you choose to use a sharp rolloff filter. This way you get flat response up to the limits of your hearing and no audible ringing (only inaudible ringing at 20000-22050Hz)

    Slow (or super slow) rolloff: your high frequency hearing does go up to and above 20000Hz so much that you do hear ringing at those frequencies; besides, modern pop music is mastered too brightly for your tastes. You kill two birds with one stone, the slow rolloff filter: it makes ringing less noticeable and the highest frequencies less prominent.

    Linear phase filters (i.e. the ones not labelled "short delay"): you believe preserving the phase relationships of instrumental sounds up to the highest frequencies is beneficial to correct soundstage reconstruction.

    Minimum phase filters (i.e. the ones labelled "short delay"): you hear ringing with the "not short delay" version of the same filter and want to make it less obvious without switching to a slower rolloff filter. Or, you really have use for a shorter delay (playing twitch games on your i5???)

    That said, don't be surprised if you don't hear a difference; the differences are subtle at best.
  3. PsiCore
    Thanks, Joe, that's very helpful.
    On another topic, maybe you missed question a page back. Is it possible (or do you plan to implement it with a firmware - would be great!) to disable the lock screen completely? I have no use for it, as I only listen to music at work so the screen shut off is enough for me.
  4. PsiCore
    Did anybody use Viper4Android on i5?
  5. pr0b3r
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  6. Kavalier
    Really nice combo you have here
  7. pr0b3r
    Thanks!  I missed the sound of the i5 and stacked it with the PB3.  Great sound became even better.
  8. Takeanidea
    That is something I wasn't aware of but it explains why my younger friends go for slow rolloff and I prefer the above. Thanks for the input @Joe Bloggs
  9. professor55
    I posed this question a while back, but I never got a response, and it seems to be happening more often now. Anybody have a solution or at least noticing anything like this?

    I open the player from sleep, start a song, and the volume seems low. If I go to the EQ fine tuning menu, the volume suddenly goes to normal volume. Not like the EQ is engaging, but the volume gets significantly louder.
    Anyone else notice this? I'm on the current 2.2 v firmware.
  10. PsiCore
    I have something similar, but in my case the change happens quite quickly, i.e. I press play, the volume is lower than before pause/stop, then after one second it goes back to my used volume. I kinda like this, as it gives me this one second for brain adjustment :wink:
  11. professor55
    Yeah, this is a little different, and it's not every time. I have to remember to check it every few songs to make sure it's not happening. Very annoying. If it continues I'll have to return it. Especially if no one else here is having the problem. Could just be this unit.
  12. Andykong

    We can't repeat the error in our lab., It appears to be a software glitch, if you don't have a lot of third party app installed, may I suggest you perform a factory reset?
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  13. BrianD19
    I was wondering if anyone has any information in response to my question a few days ago regarding the availability of an Android or iPhone/iPad control app' for the i5? My i5 is going to spend most of its time connected to a home amplifier.
    Also, since making my first post the other day I've been using the i5 a lot and already created quite a few playlists. Is there any way of backing up playlists?
    Edit: I should add, I have no criticisms of the i5. The more I use it, the more I like it. The sound quality is outstanding.
    Thanks again
  14. coldfish
    It may be subtle at first but the differences become more and more apparent over time especially with the right songs. I too didn't feel the difference at first and thought its all gimmick to use filters but realize it can even change the sound signature of the player. So slow roll-off works very well for me with the i5 while linear phase filter works well on my Cambridge DAC Magic 6 V2.
  15. professor55
    Thanks Andy. I'll try the factory reset when I get home tonight. Also is there a way to tell what apps are running? I only have 4 apps installed (Spotify, and the 3 that were on it) but when I press Task Killer up to 8 apps are "terminated". How is this possible? I also notice even when I haven't opened any apps some are still running when I hit Killer.
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