1. harishmirror

    **SOLD** Cayin I5 - Mint Condition **SOLD**

    Hello All, I am putting my Cayin I5 up for sale. Its in near brand new condition. No scuffs or marks on the device. Always has had a screen protector and a case. Very minimal use and firmware is up to date. As you all are aware, the latest firmware irons out all the software issues. Has always...
  2. Kavalier

    (SOLD!!) Cayin i5 - Mint Condition

    Android player with a very powerfull AMP capable of driving cans from 8-250 Ohms. Smooth sounding DAP with a neutral to warm tonal presentation, providing a good detail retrieval accross the spectrum. Software Version: 2.2 International Accesories: Original packaging and accessories are...
  3. nmatheis

    Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

    Looks like Cayin is coming out with a touchscreen DAP called the i5. All I've seen so far is this pic from unknownguardian. I'll update as I find out more. Perhaps Andykong will take pity on us and join the conversation ;) Thought I should add some additional info to the first post...
  4. Cayin i5

    Cayin i5

    Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player The i5 is a fully customized Android based DAP with WiFi and BT connectivity, support Dropbox cloud music and file sharing via DLNA. The international version of i5 has Google Play pre-installed, and user can installed audio-related...