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    • coldfish
      coldfish reviewed the item CVJ Nebula/Interstellar.
      4.50 star(s) DISCLAIMER I bought the iems with my own money and the opinions are mine. The Nebula/Interstellar can be purchased here at below...
    • coldfish
      • Nebula product 01.jpg
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      • Nebula product 06.jpg
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      • Nebula product 08.jpg
      • Nebula product 09.jpg
      • Nebula product 11.jpg
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      • Nebula product 14.jpg
    • coldfish
      coldfish reviewed the item HIDIZS MS3.
      4.50 star(s) Intro Hidizs recently reduced the price of the MS3 by a whopping 30%! It is already a very competent performer at it’s original retail...
    • coldfish
      coldfish reviewed the item CVJ KE-S.
      4.00 star(s) This is my first iem review and for sure it is wildly unpolished, thus, I would love to hear from you on how I can improve on my...
    • coldfish
      coldfish posted a reply to a review on the item Audiocular TP20 Pro and TP30 Pro.
      Both dongles are from EPZ. Audiocular simply slap it's own logo on the casing and resell it. Another company YongSe is also selling the...
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