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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. bavinck

    If no apps were running your unit would be off:) It runs android so go to settings and apps and you will see a list of apps running. Many apps will be running as part of android and you can't shut them down.
  2. Andykong

    The i5 supports DLNA, but it is not fully functional. It can read music file in other DLNA device and play them in i5, but not vice versa, so you cannot use a DLNA player app to control the playback of i5 directly.

    If you have a Bluetooth remote control laying around, maybe you can give it a try, you probably can manipulate basic control such as play/pause, prev/next track or Fast forward/Rewind, but I don't think you can browse the folders or access the Album/Artist tab on the i5 through a BT remote control.
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  3. Andykong

    Excellent explanation, couldn't have done it better, and I would say this is a better explanation that the original quote from AKM directly. AKM describe these filters as Sound Color Digital Filter (SCDF):


    The diagram suggested the biggest different among the filters are Super Slow Roll-off vs Sharp roll-off, so if you want to experiment on the digital filter, start with this two filter settings, you should be able to tell which is the preferred setting and then you can further explore from there on. For example, if you prefer Super Slow Roll-off, you can compare it with Short delay Slow roll-off, the different should be relatively subtle by now.

    If you can't hear the different (which is quite often the case), or you won't bother the subtle different, I suggest you set the filter to Slow roll-off which is the middle of everything, this should give you peace of mind without significant different from other settings.
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  4. WindowsX
    Hellaw everyone. I'm Windows X, modding Calyx M, and iBasso DAPs firmwares sharing in Head-Fi forum here. I wonder if you guys are interested if I mod Cayin i5 as well?
  5. Q Mass
    Thanks to Cayin and everyone else involved for arranging the UK tour.
    I've been listening for a couple of hours now, and my general impressions are of a solid little device (literally too) with great sound.
    I'm having trouble getting Tidal on it, but I think that's the result of allowing my account to lapse while I wait for another player that's overdue.
    The unit itself is impressive.
    Both build quality and design are pretty good, although for some reason I really want to turn it upside down and have the volume knob on the bottom edge instead of up top.
    It's minor, but I definitely prefer having headhone sockets on the bottom edge of pocket devices too, just seems more convenient that way to me.
    Perhaps flipping the screen upside down is possible via sofware, but I can't imagine much of a demand for that feature beyond me.
    No biggie though, definitely not even close to a deal breaker.
    Sound quality wise; it's too early to say much, as all I've used so far is Spotify extreme, no complaints though.
    SQ is good enough to expose some weaknesses in the AKG K553 pro's that I've been mostly using so far (I know it's them, as my CIEM's sound much better).
    Once I've had a few days with the i5 I'll report more on SQ in a little more detail, but first impressions are pretty decent, with satisfaction taking a fairly large leap up from my old Sony Xperia cellphone (as you'd hope).
    Tidal is the main feature I plan to use in whatever DAP I end up with, so proper function is critical to me, but I can report that Spotify works as well as the cellphone app for me, which is great.
    I don't really think I'll be relying on the streaming feature much, as I hope to download playlists to use offline (I wont be near Wi-Fi much so this is important to me).
    As others have said, I too like the slightly heavy and solid feel of the device.
    It's a little larger that I'd ideally like, but given the i5's feature set, I can forgive this.
    Fit and finish is very good, reminds me of good quality camera gear, and the leather case is classy, and very nice to handle, I don't think I'll be using the i5 without it.
    Anyway I'm looking forward to giving the i5 a bit more of a workout in the next few days.
  6. pr0b3r
    What kind of modifications would those be?  I'm in to try if it concerns the improvements of the OS and the UI navigation.  I might change my decision to sell mine if it turns out great.
  7. professor55
    Thanks bavinck. Sorry for being an Android-noob.
  8. BrianD19
    I have a dozen playlists saved on the i5 already (had it for 9 days) and I plan to create more. How do I back them up? I'm unable to find an "export playlist" option.
  9. Coozeevan
    Hello, having this dap and experienced an issue with channel disbalance. I hear clearly that music panorama offseted to the right. Is it my sporadic defect, or someone also have this issue? And how much adequate is channel balance setup?
    Thank you
  10. WindowsX
    Probably something similar to this ones
    It probably won't get so much better until you get advanced ROM version of it. Anyway, I don't like stock Cayin i5 sound but after modding hardware, it was great and my friend is using my ultimate modded i5 player with great results.
  11. Megaherz09
    Hello! I have an issue with the device. It permamently reboots after "Salute your hifi, burn your music". Recovery is not operating. Thanks in advance.
  12. Farsh
    I think many will be happy if you do this the firmware as you describe in the thread DX200 . Wait and we hope for your successful work .
  13. WindowsX
    Here's public Purist ROM upon request. I made the following changes as below.
    -Enabled ART runtime (has better sound quality than Dalvik runtime)
    -Removed stock Audio effect bundles
    -Improved video rendering performance
    -Improved storage I/O performance
    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8eh2a8ty8xsxc89/i5-Update-2.2-WindowsX-Public.zip
    Since many people asked for Gaplass and fixing Poweramp stuff, I decided to lower the bar for people who want it. This is 'hardly' Purist but that's as far as I can do to keep up with compatibility request. True purist ROM will have the following features:
    1. audio effect engine removed completely
    2. Equalizer/Gaplass/ffmpeg components removed from core audio engine
    3. I/O optimizations will be optimized for lowest possible latency with stable sonic performance
    That's what true purist looks like and it'll still be available for customers who purchased Advanced ROM from me.
    I also have Cayin i5 modification service (ROM and hardware modification) for people who're interested in taking this to the further levels. :)
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  14. pr0b3r
    Hi @WindowsX!  Can you include the procedures of installation and how to revert to original ROM?  Also, please mention if there are prerequisites before installation like unlocking bootloader or installing PC components.  I'm willing to try this software mod and waiting to see your hardware mod.  Thanks!
  15. WindowsX
    You can flash this ROM like normal Cayin i5 firmware. No need for extra instructions. :)
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