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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. Demard
    you had to press and hold both at the same time
    i let it auto download and update with wifi 
  2. Andykong
    The Singapore CanJam is indeed a fantastic event. I arrived at Pan Pacific at 7:30am and the finished at 8pm, I rum out of steam after 5pm, so please pardon me if you visited Cayin Booth in the afternoon but was not properly briefed or received, tomorrow should be a better day since we don't start until 11am.,

    For those who plans to come to CanJam tomorrow, please drop by our booth at Pacific Ballroom booth 16-17, looking forwards to seeing you.

    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    twister6 and ngoshawk like this.
  3. coldfish
    Andy might have run out of steam (you did look tired when I met you) yet you solved my long standing issues with my player.
    Very glad I met you at Cayin booth in person, fantastic personality and am grateful for helping me despite having a long day.
    Wish you have a great stay in Singapore!
  4. professor55
    I've been having a strange issue. I open the player from sleep, start a song, and the volume seems low. If I go to the EQ fine tuning menu, the volume suddenly goes to normal volume. Not like the EQ is engaging, but the volume gets significantly louder.
    Anyone else notice this? I'm on the current 2.2 v firmware.
  5. heliosphann
    Has anyone been able to get Tidal to play well on the i5? Even 8 feet from my WiFi router I constantly get drop outs and skips. I've got the latest firmware installed.
  6. twister6 Contributor
    Searching the thread always helps since this has been discussed in multiple dozens of posts [​IMG]  The official reply/explanation from Cayin was posted by Andy here a few weeks ago.
  7. heliosphann
    Thx. Lazy Sunday, what can I say... [​IMG]
  8. BrianD19

    Just found this thread and joined the forum. This is my first post.

    I bought the Cayin i5 last week. First impressions are great build quality and superb sound.

    I plan to read all ~200 pages of this thread so apologises if the answer is in here somewhere.

    Q. Where can I buy a case for the i5 in the UK other rhan ebay?
    Q. Where can I buy a usb-c to coax so I can connect the i5 to a dac?
    Q. Finally, a lot of the use of the i5 will be connected to my home audio system. Is there a control app similar to the Ak Connect ( for example ) for use with either an android phone or iphone/ipad?
  9. raykkho
    Just for your reference, check here, I am not suggesting you to purchase from these links from hopefully it gives you some idea.
  10. pr0b3r
    Not in UK but these stores deliver worldwide, AFAIK.

    Official Cayin i5 leather case
    Valentinum Cayin i5 leather case
    Easecase E4 leather case for Cayin i5

    USB type-c to coax, try to find here.

    As for the third question, I don't know. Let's see if some other people here know about that.
  11. BrianD19
    Thanks both for the links.
  12. PsiCore
    Is it somehow possible to disable the lock screen completely? 
    If not, would be good to add such an option in next firmware, as I use the player only at work, so no need for a lock screen and it's a bit irritating to unblock it every time.
  13. Demard
    talk to him for custom colour ! got a dark brown case from him, high quality hand craft product 
  14. PinkyPowers
    I have the i5 in my possession again. Updated to v2.2. Man, this DAP sounds good. It's so much more musical and dynamic than the FiiO X5-3.

    I laughed out loud when I saw the elaborate wood box the coaxial cable resides in. I don't remember that from before. Very over-the-top. But I like it! :D

    The red-stitched case is quite lovely in person. Well done Cayin!

  15. bavinck

    I decided to skip the x5iii after the x7 gong-show. Looks like it was a good call. Poked my head into that thread today - looks like the same old firmware issues the X7 had.
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