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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. pr0b3r
    Great!  And the reversal?  Can I just reflash the stock firmware in case I change my mind?
  2. pr0b3r



    The improvement on the response time is immediately noticeable. The previous issue on delay on playback and skip were both gone here. As for the sound, I can't tell the difference. Maybe I need to compare it to a stock i5 side by side. Thanks for the custom ROM, @WindowsX! I'll look forward to seeing more mods for improvements.
  3. petrovsky13

    Can you go back to normal 2.2?

    Btw, it keeps showing the error related to google services, not problems with installation though
  4. WindowsX
    Glad to hear you like it. I also sent information about further mods with hardware and software to you.
    Please try wiping data. I didn't modify anything that may affect Google Play Store. It's stock with with some build.prop tweaks but it could be something related to ART runtime tweaks too. I haven't tested it with real devices yet.
  5. professor55
    I did the factory reset 2 days ago, and the volume jump problem has occurred again, but only a couple of times. I'm going to give it the rest of the week, maybe try factory reset again. If that doesn't work, I guess I need to return it. I hate to start over, but I've never heard a player sound this great, so if I return I'm going to buy a new i5 again and hope the problem is gone.
    Thanks Andy.
  6. jayboy76

    Superb synergy with my Dita Dream. The high gain really opens up the soundstage on the iem and delivers authoritative power to drive the dynamic Drivers to sing beautifully. Thanks Cayin!
  7. frost15
    I always wondered... How do those sound?! Would you recommend them to someone used to closed back headphones? They look astonishing!
  8. professor55
    The volume jump has happened again. It seems to be cutting the volume in between songs, as I can hear a slight click, then the next song is lower in volume, until I go to the eq fine tune page, then the volume jumps up 15% or so. What a giant bummer. I guess I'll try one more factory reset, then return it if that doesn't work. Any other ideas on your end, Andy?
  9. BrianD19
    Any updates on the Tidal issue with stuttering? Any reports on whether Tidal are doing anything about it? I have also sent an email to Tidal requesting an update directly.

    I've now checked this out on my i5 and while some tracks are fine, others do stop/start at random. It's a real shame as the i5 sounds so good, the best dap I've heard to date.

    On my other question, I'll assume playlists can't be exported
  10. karloil
    Just joined the i5 Club! Got myself a barely used i5 (even the original screen protector is still installed) for a VERY good bargain :smiley:
  11. jayboy76

    Could you share what closed back headphones u are using so I can understand the sound type you are used to?
  12. frost15
    I've used the Sennheiser HD598 for years, recently I started with a new pair, the Shure 1540.
  13. Andykong
    Cayin will be demonstrated at Headroom 2017at Metropolis Studios, Chiswick, London on 24th - 25th March, 2017.


    We shall demo together with oBrovo Audio at Studio A Recording. David from oBrovo is my personal friend and he shall demonstrate his unique range of Planar and AMT headphones and IEMs. You should be able to find N3 DAP, i5 DAP, C5 portable headphone amplifier and C5DAC Portable DAC/amp at the oBrovo booth.

    We want to thank Phil Wannell of Audio Sanctuary for including Cayin in the show at last minute. He has been very supportive and helpful, if you happen to enjoy the Cayin products at the headroom show, please thank Phil on my behalf, he is the only reason to make this happen.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  14. Q Mass

    I currently have the review tour unit which Cayin very kindly supplied for us to pass around and assess.
    Sadly my time with it has been dominated by trying to get Tidal offline content to play without stuttering, to no avail.
    I too was impressed with the build quality (that volume knob!), and the sound quality of streamed Spotify, but the main use I want to put it to is offline Tidal, so I really hope that Cayin can put this right for those who also want a DAP which performs well with 'streaming' services.
    Am I right in thinking that ALL the players currently offering Tidal/Spotify functionality are struggling with proper performance?
  15. karloil
    So my i5 suddenly restarted on its own and afterwhich i totally lost all physical button functions! I restarted, cleared cache several times and it's the same issue. The only resolution was a hard reset.

    Anyone experience the same thing? I was using the i5 as per normal, no streaming, no wireless connections, playing flac at that time that is stored in the microSD.
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