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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. griff2

    50k! Wow, that's impressive. I did 15k on Saturday although tbh walking's not my scene. I'm the opposite of extremes, I run and also do the statics (weights).
  2. kel101
    Geez I just saw the preview of what was at the show, had no idea it was on but its a must go to event next year.
  3. Cagin
    Mimouille I got a few shots of the Opus #2. I've yet to transcribe my notepad scribblings from the weekend's
  4. Mimouille
    Well send me the shots in the meantime :wink:
    Cagin likes this.
  5. AntonD

    Very nice. Schiit & Mr.Speakers, I would think many hours of listening joy.
    Thats quite a setup in itself! Enjoy and please let us know how it sounds.
  6. Duncan Moderator
    ah, I see, I thought you meant there was a competition for who had walked around the venue the most, or an unclaimed prize from a vendor / the SHaG event.
  7. Rowethren
    Will do! Fingers crossed I should get it all by the end of September so I will supply some feedback at some point after that.
  8. FrankZ
  9. krumley7882
    Thanks Aornic! Really appreciate the post and pics. From a North Carolinian, I feel transported to London. Cheers
  10. Sound Eq
    can more share their opinion about opus 2
  11. Middy

    +1 just got it off band camp... Ping pong ball tastic . ..
    Ty for tip
  12. Amictus
    Do we have dates for next year's Canjam London. If we have the dates now, I WON'T BE IN EDINBURGH AT THE FRINGE WHILE CANJAM IS GOING ON. GIMME NEXT YEAR'S DATES NOW!!! If you please...
  13. mp101
    Excellent, Me too, that track was awesome, thought he deserved some money fir it :)
  14. Middy
    just be careful I nearly payed £250 for it.. Thank God I checked before I clicked on PayPal. I get the Point '.'
  15. Cagin
    intriguing borderline ASMR music that Yosi Horikawa
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