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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. third_eye Moderator
    Post your impressions here!
  2. AndrewH13
    On way, 40 mile trip from Southend. Similar gear brought as Viola!

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  3. leaky74
    Wish I could have made it down. Definitely next year!
  4. moedawg140 Contributor
  5. nc8000 Contributor
    On train from Milford

  6. KT66
    SMILE! it's CanJam day! 
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  7. Middy
    Post some pics... for those trapped in Birmingham...
  8. conquerator2
    Next year! [​IMG]
  9. Jobbing
    Thank you Smyth Research for an amazing listening experience with Realiser A16, Sennheiser HD800 and Mitchell & Johnson MJ2. You have been very kind, patient and informative, can't wait for the A16' succes. The music industry should be recording the Smyth way for us to get this amazing experience in our home daily

    WP_20160813_12_27_53_Pro.jpg WP_20160813_11_38_42_Pro.jpg WP_20160813_12_27_46_Pro.jpg

    Edit: added pictures correction nr.
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  10. nc8000 Contributor

    A true revelation


  11. AndrewH13
    Expensive? Yes. MSB the best digital music ever heard? Yes! Lovely to listen to.

  12. walbum4262
    Damn you nc8000 wish I could be there with you, looking forward to hear all your liane ting impressions over a glass of whiskey when you come home to Denmark
  13. bmichels
    But... I still can't figure out if the gentleman from Tralucent audio Is at CanJam London right now ?

    -> I am there and would like to listen to the plus5.

    So if someone also at CanJam could tell who to look for...
  14. Rlocksley
    Welll, i just changed my reservations and i will be arriving tomorrow morning in London.  Guess the stars aligned for this one, and i will make it for the Sunday CanJam.  Im really looking forward to meeting folks, as i found this site about 2 weeks ago, and now have my first set of high end in ears (Sennheiser ie800s).
    In preparation for my DAP purchase next week, cant wait to hear the units i have picked out as high contenders (DX-P1, X7, A&K) and whatever else might be in that same price range.
    My friend Steve told me to find Jude Mansilla, will Jude be here?
    Be nice to the Newb!!!
  15. Rowethren
    Was a good event so far. Had a good social last night, meeting the guys who make the gear I wanted to test was interesting. Today I managed to demo all the items I wanted other than Schiit, was disappointed they weren't attending but I did know that before hand.

    Only recently got my Noble K10s so I was eager to compare them to the new Katanas. I found the Katanas a bit flat for my tastes, the bass is much less impactful and the treble is more forward. Overall not my style but I am sure people who like brighter presentation will love them!

    Tried the Flow, Elear and Utopia as well; out of the 3 I think I preferred the Flow. It has a good compromise between the deep thumping bass of the Elear and the detailed clean and smooth treble of the Utopia. Also I personally found them more comfortable as the Elear/Utopia gave me a bit of pressure pain on the very top of my head whereas the Flows just disappear. I imagine the Utopia with the Elear pads would be perfect but they only had one set of each headphone so there wasn't an opportunity to tinker.

    I think next month off the back of the demos today I will probably buy the Flows with a Gumby/Mj2 stack. Audio bliss incoming.

    Thanks to all the people who helped out and of course the companies for bringing the equipment/staff for demo and advise.
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