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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. pervysage
    Regarding the Cavalli Liquid Tungsten Prototype... I wonder when this amp will go into production?
    With that and the Woo WA22-SE coming out next year there are some nice looking tube solutions on the horizon.
  2. Mython Contributor
    Dunno, but I bet it'll be another 'limited production run, oh, except we've now changed our minds and we're gonna do another limited production run, so it wasn't all that limited, after all' load of B$.
    I wish companies like Cavalli wouldn't play contrived 'limited edition' games with their products, to entice punters into buying out of fear of scarcity, or insecure egotism over perceived exclusivity. In other words: either produce the damn product, or don't.
    I realise my opinion may not be popular, around here, and some will say it's because it's only economical for a small company to produce limited batches of each product, but there are numerous small companies not using such business tactics. To me, it just smacks of disingenuousness.
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  3. AndrewH13

    Kind of like furniture shops half-price sales. 50 weeks of the year for each product :)
  4. AntonD

    Many thanks. I am very excited indeed!
  5. AntonD

    I think they (Cavalli) are finalising the casework and apparently it will be something special! So probably next year but that is a total guess on my part.
  6. Slaphead

    Well all products are limited runs in the sense that there will only ever be a finite amount produced.

    Declaring a product to be limited is really only marketing BS. If a product sells well then there will always be another production run. If a product sells badly then there'll almost certainly be enough left around to buy anyway.
  7. Duncan Moderator

    FWIW, walking around the streets of London yesterday, I amassed 50k steps - and got a new fitbit distance badge this week too - 7900 miles walked since getting my first one...
  8. mp101
    anyone one know if the FiiO code still works, and what it is?
    I got too busy talking at CanJam to do much CanJammin'
  9. bmichels
    Finally, the BHSE that I brought back from CanJam London found his place in his new home, besides my EC445 (that is now for sale :).
    Very little sleep for the next nights [​IMG]  and quite a warm room with all those tubes [​IMG]
    Next step of course is the upgrade of the HUGO to a better DAC. I try to organise here in Belgium a micro-canjam with friends who have a DAVE and a TotalDAC to compare with my BHSE.
    Head-Fiers passing by Brugge in Belgium are welcome to come to listen to it or to bring their TOL DAC to try with the BHSE.
    Besides the DAVE & TotalDAC, the other DAC on my list are the new AYRE QX-5,  the ORPHEUS Absolute media server, the Mark Levinston N° 519 and.. the Brinkmann »Nyquist« DAC.  
    But i have no possibility to hear any of those since they are brand new and have not even reached the dealers now.
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  10. goody
    unfortunately i missed this ...i wanted to listen to the Meze 99 did anybody listen to it? And were there any discounts to be had I am thinking of purchasing one
  11. AxelCloris Administrator

    Cavalli Audio stated from the very beginning that there would be one run of the LC with the potential of a second run later at a higher price. The first run went as planned with 500 units and the second run was eventually confirmed and at a higher price. They're not taking any more orders for the LC so the only way to get one now is to buy second hand or from a dealer that ordered multiple units during the last window. I'm not sure where the BS is found since we've known from the beginning that there would be at most 2 runs for the LC. As for the line of premium amps you cannot order them from Cavalli anymore either. It currently stands that there's nothing you can order from their website - that seems pretty limited to me.
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  12. soundoholic
    Finally everybody goes his own way. Every new toy is im moment the best one and most exciting, but with the time it´s not more new. Maybe not that exiciting...
    Better stuff is always enemy of good or very good stuff. I learned it and think, BHSE will not be your last amp. Even your EC445 could make competition to it. I had it in my Stax system and I know it. BUT d´ont ask me now: Please enjoy your new amp! 
  13. AntonD

    Wow, they look amazing! They must produce a truly wonderful sound :)
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  14. ejong7

    Somebody drop their bracelet tracker in the event grounds which was found during clean up post event. No one has come up to me to claim it yet.
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