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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. canonlp
    Just a couple of photos. It was an awesome CanJam, wish I had more time with the Realiser. Looking forward to the next one.
  2. terencetcf
    Glad that I've tried the Realiser also, is certainly one of the most impressive tech in this event! 
  3. bmichels

    Is this realiser mostly for fun, game and home-theatre or can it be also for "audiophile" usage ?
  4. krismusic Contributor
    From what I heard it makes music very enjoyable to listen to.
  5. bmichels

    Can we use our own TOL DAC and headphone Amp ( I have a BHSE) or do we need to use it's Internal DAC/Amp ?
  6. krismusic Contributor
    Stephen, who was doing the demo did mention that you can use an external DAC. Although it has its own inbuilt DAC. I don't know about using an external amp though. Part of the joy of it for me, is that it is a one box solution.
  7. bmichels

    Does It works also optimal with 2 chanels music files ( high-res or TIDAL streaming) or only with 5.1 or 7.1 files for movies ?
  8. krismusic Contributor
    I have asked that very question on the Smyth Realiser thread and not received an answer. I am assuming that Tidal contains the information that the Realiser needs for two channel. If it doesn't it becomes far less attractive to me... I will drop Smyth an email.
  9. gEEkzz
    Are those Spinfit tips?
  10. teacher1000

    ​If it's fed a stereo signal then what you hear will be a pair of speakers, if its fed 5.1 or 7.1 then you will hear 5/7 speakers. Yes, Tidal will give you stereo (it would need a standalone player/computer to give the realiser a suitable digital or analogue signal)
  11. Wailing Fungus

    No, they are Noble's own tips.
  12. AntonD
    Hi All
    Considering this was my 1st CanJam (1st HeadFi anything) and not really knowing many brands on show, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the gear and talking to people. Very helpful they were too.
    I didn't realise that the immense sound quality capable from HeadFi equipment was possible! [​IMG] I suppose I am quite late to this market and have always concentrated on my lounge HiFi system.
    My favourite stand was the Cavalli - Mr.Speakers stand. I did listen for long periods and was totally lost in the music. Actually emotional at one point but fortunately nobody was around at the time! Dan & Warren were really nice to talk to and its great to see their passion and belief in their products.
    So, I now have the following ordered:
    Chord 2Qute > Cavalli LAu > Mr.Speakers Ether Flow Open
    Many thanks to CanJam for introducing me to a whole new world of music listening. I can't wait!
    All the best.
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  13. ejong7
    That is definitely a sick rig, and will be an envy of many.
  14. Rowethren
    +1 to that! Going to have a Schiit Gumby > Mjo 2 > Ether Flow by the end of September hopefully which is going to be a really nice setup but not quite up there with that one! [​IMG]
  15. soundoholic

    I received some infos from the stand crew. It was 11.1 demo, the PRIR stored files you can use with the same 11.1 LS system. It is possible after measurements to use it in 2 ch mode, no problem. The PRIR files are individual, so usage of another measurement is not optimal. You take Realiser 16, or better - 8,  just switched per input to a source (e.g. laptop) and then the output to a DAC. DAC to amp and so on. The sound processing takes place at digital level and, as the both men said, does not affect the quality of the sound. Perhaps. Hmmm. But the end effect is spectacular.
    The best measuring method is to go to hifi agent, choose the best stereo system, to make measurements in good room, and then take stored PRIR files at home.
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