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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. FortisFlyer75
    I usually would of posted this same weekend as show but been busy bee, just a few pics to pass the time from the show.  I usually take a million photos on every stand but got more sidetracked than usual and wish I taken more photos of so many good bit's of gear there on the day so this is not a reflection of been my only stand out gear as there was so many but just a bit size of goodies I wish I could of taken home with me.  Just wish that Liquid Gold, Realiser, SPL & Violectric  were a bit smaller to smuggle out!
    One thing I forgot to mention in my summary of show post I done last week and don't know how I could of missed mentioning it although it has been covered by everyone who heard it was the Realiser A16, just Wow!  Just wish I could of jumped on the pre order price list for one of these but even what will be the RRP price will be worth every penny! 
    Here are some pics anyway....
  2. Middy
    lovely audio prawn... Big Ben was named after the first winder upper of the clock as he had huge hands...

    The London Eye was commissioned by Spec Savers.. People never delve into the history of the UK.
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  3. HiFiChris Contributor

    Ooooh, the RME ADI-2 Pro was present at this year's London CanJam? That's really really nice! Any impressions and pricing info?

    Also, do you have any Shanling M1-related impressions you might share? How well did the operation and navigation work?
  4. smial1966
    KMR AUDIO (UK) have quoted a RME ADI-2 Pro price of £1375 including VAT with delivery late September or early October. [​IMG]
  5. twister6 Contributor
    I'll 2nd Chris's question about Shanling M1, would appreciate any impressions, please.  Also, I assume it wasn't touch screen, right?
  6. Barra
    How did the M1 sound? I need a transport in this format.
  7. CongeeBear
    Anybody know what this thing is that HiFiChris posted? Thanks!
  8. SleepyOne
    Resolution Audio Cantata
  9. hifihp
    Cool design
  10. HiFiChris Contributor
    I did not post it, it was @FortisFlyer75[​IMG]

    I just quoted his post asking about the ADI-2 Pro and M1, hence you might have mistaken us.
  11. musicday
    We have joined  Headfi same month, same year[​IMG]
    Thank you for all the photos.
  12. CongeeBear
    Lol whoops, my bad -- thanks to the both of you regardless!
    And thanks to the SleepyOne for identifying the mystery machine :)
  13. FortisFlyer75
    Yes, it was a pleasant surprise to hear the RME ADI-2 Pro and one of the highlights of the show for me, a bit different and if you like a clear articulate balanced presentation followed by earth shattering bass delivery as if you was transported to a rock concert using 1000W amps then this will bring life and depth to your music. Considering how impact full the bass signature is it has been tuned and handled really well that is still compliments the rest of the way the fabric of the sound signature is.  I can see it suiting most genres but would maybe wonder how it would handle finer classical pieces though.  I would love to own one but currently happy with Hugo and looking for a long term balanced desktop amp pairing for that. 
    Definitely worth a listen even if you end up not liking the bass emphasis it is an experience and a half! 
    On Shangling M1 please see below for that impression under twister 6 asking same question ; )
    Well Hi-Chris, Twister6 & Barra,  
    I was quite impressed with the (is it) M5 player he had ready to buy for the money with show discount  then as I thought we was finished he showed me the cute little M1 and thought that looked cool, well built like their other players, quite light in the hand, cool volume wheel that works and yes, it is touch screen which is quite accurate and responsive which was no problem for my "Big Ben" hands and responded to the target I wanted to press.  
    The sound direct to my JH16Pros was a shock.. at how good it sounded and had lots of power to really drive them properly, I know the JH16 is a easy to drive iem but it is one that has plenty of headroom and benefits from an amp that has plenty of juice and for something so small it did have me perplexed how they fitted and actually paid as much detail to amping it as well as the dac chip part of it.  
    Only had a brief 5 minutes with it but straight of the bat was a sound I liked and was quite acceptable for the money and sounded evenly balanced with a polite sound, similar to the M5 in many respects but yet different in some areas. Good vocals with a easy to pick out treble section without been to shouty and seemed to have a good response to low notes also.  
    I personally would look at getting this to hook up line out to the Hugo or possibly a Mojo later on as it is light and portable with a good responsive touch screen for the size (not to forget it has the all important essential  physical buttons either side) and packs up to 200gb on a sd storage card which ain't half bad and for might be £100 - £200 will be worth a punt I think even though I am looking at a new flagship standalone dap.  
    Please see above response to Twister & HiFiChris ; )
    Obviously if using as a transport like I probably get it for it is not so relevant how the player sounds it self but was still impressed giving it's possible pricing and size and build quality and design. 
    Where has the time gone, i remember stumbling across this site looking for something that is long forgotten and history to a long trail of purchases and upgrade syndrome!  
    No worries on the photos, I love seeing other peoples photos after a show so thought share what I had on the worn sd card.  This was so random and quick taking these as I was so intoxicated into listening to gear and chatting I was very sporadic in opening the lens up when I remembered too. How I didn't take photos of such beauty's like the Focal designs and Ethers etc etc I don't know! 
    I think that Dac SleepyOne referred to is approx $4K only! 
    Sounded bloody spell binding through the Gold amp, still picking up my jaw now still! 
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  14. AndrewH13
    Located a further picture from the day, a friend called Dave!
  15. Duncan Moderator
    Dave was much smaller than I thought in real life, not sure why I thought it would be bigger, maybe because of the optional stand...

    I feel quite bad, I bumped into Edd from Chord on the Saturday, and promised I would demo Dave on the Sunday, but being absorbed in watching buskers on the south bank, and then catching up with people I hadn't seen in a while, meant that my time in the show was practically zero on the second day...

    Further apologies go to warrenpchi, for whom I said I would attend his seminar, but again didn't...

    Too much to see and do in too little a time :frowning2:
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