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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. krismusic Contributor
    A good heart and an open wallet! No. Seriously. The main thing is to be prepared to chat to people. Most people in this hobby are very friendly IME.
    You could take a piece of gear that you know well. ie headphones if you are interested in amps or DAC's. I find it very difficult to audition gear if the entire rig is unfamiliar.
    Or just turn up and enjoy yourself with no preconceptions. HTH.
  2. glassmonkey
    Depends on what your goal is. If you want to compare to your current gear, bring some of it. If you just want to listen to amazing gear, bring your ears.
  3. SleepyOne
    For me, I would bring a DAP or portable DAC and your headphone so that you will have a reference point to compare to in term of sound. Also bring your own quality recording music files in flesh drive/ hard drive would be handy as you can ask the makers to play them; otherwise it can be hard to judge from unknown music.

    However, all this is not straigirly necessary, you will still be enjoying trying out everything. Given there are so many items in the show, probably a good idea to research on what are the highlights in the show so that you won't missed them!

    Note due to background noise, performance of gears will most likely not be at optimal but at least you will get a good taster of what they sounded like.
  4. Zachik
    Thanks krismusic, glassmonkey and sleepyOne for the very quick and informative responses.
    I am (in general) a big proponent of travel light, so might only bring a DAP (FiiO X3II) and IEMs.
    Quick couple questions regarding trying out equipment:
    1. For IEMs - do I need to bring my own tips (silicon / comply / etc.) or are those provided by exhibitors?  Unlike headphones - I cannot imagine those being shared... [​IMG]
    2. From London CanJam thread it sounds like some demos require scheduling a time slot in advance.  Is it usually done online ahead of the show, or at the show floor?
    A question unrelated to equipment testing:
    Are there usually social events in the evenings?  Since it is my first show - I do not know any of you guys, yet, but hope to change that... [​IMG]
    Thanks again for the useful inputs,
  5. SleepyOne
    Exhibitors usually have new ear tips for people to use. If you have yours that will be good too - I used my own Comply at the show.

    As for advance booking, this is new & only applies to 3 very special items. Check with CanJam organiser your end to see is there such arrangement there. But best book early though...

    Social event - quite likely.
  6. warrenpchi Administrator
    Hi all!  [​IMG]
    A quick tangent if I may... was there any new music that you discovered at CanJam London?  If so, please share?
    One of the tracks that we were demoing with, was a Yosi Horikawa piece named "Bubbles" that was a relaxing sonic treat.  I wasn't at the booth the whole time to know if all of you enjoyed it (seminars, duty called), but I hope that everybody enjoyed it through the Liquid Tungsten and the ETHER Flow!

    And you can learn more about Yosi Horikawa here if you're interested:  https://yosihorikawa.bandcamp.com
    EDIT:  Ah, I see now that @FrankZ mentioned this a few pages back.  Thanks for sharing it Frank!

    On a side note, we'd like to thank everybody who came to spend time with us.  It was tremendous fun on our end to meet all of you, listen to music together, and talk audio with you!  Cheers!
  7. Middy
    A guy on the fow thread mentioned it.
    If you can hear the comb then you know what you have is ok..The rest is great.
    Just be careful I nearly payed £250 not £2.50.....
  8. warrenpchi Administrator
    [​IMG]  Good thing you caught it before paying!  I picked up a deal sometime ago (might still be active) where I got the entire discography for under £10.
    Middy likes this.
  9. AntonD
    Bubbles through LW and Ether Flow was amazing. For me it was similar to a stereo speaker experience.
    Great track though. Already logged into Bandcamp to checkout his material.
    Thanks Warren :D
  10. AntonD

    Ouch! Have to be very careful these days at checkout
  11. Middy
    if the rest is that good I might get hold of it.. 3 balls a comb and a ball bearing... how the hell did he make it such a good tune and test track...
    He's like a Japanese musical McGyver
  12. smial1966
    Discovered this group on Bandcamp - https://parsonsfieldmusic.bandcamp.com - and they're alt country/folk with punk overtones. Superb musicianship and intelligent lyrics all for $7 which preorders their new album. Wonderful stuff. :D

    wega03 likes this.
  13. Vigrith
    Thank you very much for sharing that song and artist with the rest of us. First time hearing of him and his music and it is beautiful, truly.
    Wish I could've been there to meet you and the rest of the guys in London but my work schedule did not permit me doing so - here's hoping I'll be able to attend next year, it's only a 3 hour flight from Portugal to London so unless work gets in the way again I'll definitely see you there. [​IMG]
  14. EagleWings
    Did anyone have a chance to check out the Lotoo table? If yes, do you know at what price they were selling the Lotoo Paw Gold for?
  15. scanspeakman1
    I got the opportunity to upgrade my mr speakers ether to flow. So now I need to make a dicission whether to stay with open of switch to closed back.

    Any (more) people who have heard mrspeakers flow vs c flow and are willing to say which they prefer? Most comments are from people who heard either one but not both. Or just state that they are just different. Any comment is more then welcome!

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