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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. Middy

    Thank you I have never had a friend before....

    kind regards

  2. CongeeBear
    $4K and it doesn't even do DSD? That's a shame...
  3. britneedadvice
    I do not attend such events but I'm always curious to note what others are  touting as "what's best".
    The Cavalli Tungsten continues to generate interest wherever it's heard. ' Warrenpchi' states the Tungsten will probably be in the $5-6k bracket , placing in in direct competition to the Allnic HPA-5000 ( OTL & OCL ).... and yet, little mention of the Allnic on these pages!!??
    The HPA-5000 represents only a small percentage of Allnic's production(most of which are not Headphone related) , which may account for why it's not  so aggressively marketed, as it deserves ! (I'll be sending Richard@ Lotus HiFi yet another email !!)
    As the HPA-5000 is already available (and to my knowledge will not be subject of 'limited runs' ) , surely it must be worth a listen??
    Moving on, any product will always provoke mixed opinions. The HE-1000 seems yet again,  to  epitomise this fact ! Are we all so different in our tastes or is this product subject of dubious quality control ?
    I was particularly interested in the reviews of the new Focal Utopia- another with mixed reviews?
    The Ether Flow seems a Headphone to try?
    Maybe the surprise for me was the lack of 'glowing' reports for the DAVE, bearing in mind the comments of some members on the dedicated DAVE thread !
    Shows yet again the need for personal audition in 'suitable' conditions !!
  4. FortisFlyer75
    The Dave stand does give it that extra sense of size, you have probably been sub consciously used to seeing it more in the stand so when you do see it without it's exterior holder suddenly looks smaller which indeed it is! 
    It was not until after the show I had realised I had overlooked Chord over two days and forgot to try the Dave properly as my last try with it was very brief and for some reason it only had stock power and more basic Chord cable company i'c cables hooked up whilst the Hugo TT next to it had expensive power lead and Chord Sarum i'c hooked up which I could not quite understand.  
    Even two days does not seem enough sometimes!...
    Wow! Is Dave turning into H.A.L.  and can talk back with it's own sensory A.I.?  Hope if I get one it doesn't lock me out of the house! 
    At £8K I would like to think it could be like a cross between that and K.I.T.T.!
    Did not know about the specs of this DAC really but hate to imagine how much a DSD version would cost if they do one.
    It did sound good from what I heard but was hard to know how much you was getting for your 4K when hearing it for the first time with a amp I had never heard before either. All I know the Gold sounded sublime as I ran my Hugo through it with my dap and was blown away still.
    Middy likes this.
  5. Shini44
    i am too looking for DAVE impressions on this thread, i assume a lot will be wowed and pot about it. 
    i have Hugo TT and seriously thinking about the DAVE as my next DAC/pre amp. but i still yet to see many reviews about it or at least impressions thtat live up to the product. 
    maybe a lot don't thnk about it as its priced way more than the usual head-fier budget? i can see few of us spending 6000-8000$ on the amps etc. but the DAVE set the bar too high maybe
    still i dont mind the price,, i want to hear more about DAVE , more reviews and impressions. before i pull the trigger on it.
  6. britneedadvice
    I understand the DAVE may be out of many Members financial reach however there have been several reports on the Sennheiser HE1, which is considerably more !
    If you want to read reviews of the DAVE, go to the dedicated thread where you'll find all you need to know.It's a product that is receiving good recommendations , particularly by some.
    As a result of the comments ,I auditioned it at the Dealers, then at home , then at my own Dealer alongside various other high-end DACs.Whilst I would certainly consider buying a DAVE , if I was starting again from scratch, I didn't find it any better than what I already had. Given that the DAVE came to the Market 5 years after what I already own, then I was perhaps expecting more!
    (I gave up reading the DAVE thread when some of the comments became too contemptuous of others !!)
    Certainly,auditioning these types of products need a quiet listening environment . I understand Andy and Paul will be trying to provide such a facility at next years UK Head-fi Meet.This may be the first opportunity to seriously A/B products (other than private sessions) I welcome this opportunity and hope I'll be around to attend !
    It's always made me curious as to whether Manufacturers themselves would participate in an event where their product could go head to head with another's. Maybe something the Head-fi organisation wouldn't want !!
  7. TokenGesture
    I tried to listen to the Dave at a show once but the fifth time I came back (crowds around it) the owner of Chord was listening to a long track by Underworld lol

    Admittedly I'm not great at queuing... Too many other things to listen to
  8. pedalhead Contributor

    *cough* Andy and Mark...link to the meet thread is in my sig :)
    smial1966 likes this.
  9. Shini44
    i forgot to mention that i live super far away. so can't demo the DAVE but will keep researching about it for now. 
  10. SleepyOne

    I think you are missing the point, a head-fi show like this gives us a taster of equipments in one place, it is not designed as the definitive audition of gears (obviously a noisy environment). As you maybe aware in UK there are equipments here which have no distributors or agents thus no possibility of even trying it out short of flying to the US. Also there are quite a few brand new products being shown here, including prototype. Even for products that are not new, in UK in all likelihood it will mean travelling to multi-locations in order to try them so it is very convenient to be able to see them in one place.

    As for why product like DAVE has not much comments, I can't speaks for others, but for me it is simple, this product has been out awhile so probably many had listened to it already thus no reason to add further comments; there are other new items at the show which most would not have heard so making comment would be more helpful.

    As for HE1, the sound characteristics of future Senn products would probably be deriving from this so it gives us insight into what is to come.

    Of course to purchase any equipment it is probably best to audition it properly, assume you have the opportunity that is.....
  11. britneedadvice
    I don't want to derail this thread any further , so please send a 'PM' if you do not agree.
    Enough has been said re noise . and I'm pleased Andy and PAUL( sorry Paul!) are addressing this issue at the next Meet, All credit to them! Not an easy task !!
    'Sleepyone' - I've heard this argument before. So please tell me,Just where am I suppose to go to do these auditions? You've answered you own question !
    I know of one UK Dealer who has amassed a decent collection(of Headphone gear)available in one room away from the traditional side of the Business.
    However,I know that he has found it difficult obtaining many of the 'Boutique' products.
    I also know that many in the Trade find the Canjam experience 'difficult' !
    The big difference with a traditional HiFi show is that at some point the Manufacturer(or Dealer) presses the 'play' button and the audience shuts up and listens!!( or gets ask to leave !!)
  12. SleepyOne
    This is the situation we are in in the UK, there is limited options, you can go to show like this or fly to the US or buy blind.

    Note for head-fi some of the makers are tinny (with very low production) & quite hard to find them, not like big hifi brands.
  13. pedalhead Contributor

    Sigh :rolleyes:
  14. smial1966
    Hey Mark, when did you change your name to Paul?!? :wink:

  15. Zachik
    Hey guys - I am considering attending the Denver event in Oct. 7-9, which will be my first ever such event.
    So, my newbie question is:
    What do you bring with you to a CanJam event in order to be able to experience it fully?
    I am not an audiophile, and relatively new to this community (a year or so), but definitely enjoy being part of this community (and expensive hobby)... [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance for any tips and suggestions!
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