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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. tomatoshoe
    Holy moly! Received these today (in a smashed up box, thank you USPS)... and they're really good.

    Never was too impressed with IEM's... the best I ever had was the Westone 3, and those didn't impress me one bit. These definitely do.
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  2. bennybennyta
    Nice music chose, I really enjoy listening to OST from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso with the Andros
  3. candlejack
    The advantage of having a good relationship with a great dealer: when he goes on vacation you get to borrow some of his demo units. (The Andromeda are mine)

  4. melons
    Your Dealer probably knows you better than you know yourself and reckons you'll be financing his holiday and selling body organs in order not to have to give those iem's back
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  5. candlejack
    Lolz! Soooo.... which organs are hot right now?
  6. Rockwell75

    I'm in the throes of a love affair with the Atlas at the moment but someday I'm hoping to pick up either a Solaris or an Andromeda to complement them.
  7. Lookout57
    If you like bass but want a larger soundstage and more details then get the Solaris.

    If you want detailed sound get the Andromeda.

    For me I have all three and will probably be selling my Andromeda as the Solaris is the love child of the Atlas and Andromeda. Good deep clean bass of the Atlas with the soundstage and details of the Andromeda.
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  8. Rockwell75
    Are you a fan of the Atlas? Would you say the Solaris replaces it or complements it?
  9. Lookout57
    I love the Atlas and it's a great complement to the Solaris.

    For me I switch between them based on my mood, what gear I'm using and the music.
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  10. KingCharizard
    That’s a nice set of toys you’ve got there! How’re you liking the RAI penta?
  11. josler
    I've had this exact problem. Campfire rebuilt them for me and they're on their way back. I'm not terribly happy with the fact that it happened, but they fixed the problem so I guess I can't complain. If it wasn't for it being the S they would probably replace them.
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  12. candlejack
    Did they explain what the problem was?
  13. Erfan Elahi
    Regarding hiss with ZX-300 - I see it depends on records. Some records doesn't hiss at all. But some does and even with Balanced high gain, hiss starts noticeable after volume 80-90 or more. Also, hiss is less if you use direct sound, but the tone is a little high.

    Regarding condensation - at the moment using comply to prevent it. But will try silicon Spiral dots later, that time I will just leave it to dry on a USB dehumidifier every night.

    This is embarrassing - probably I am the first to encounter it. The MMCX connectors never been easy, used my Andros for 6 months or more, needed to remove cable total 3 times so far. But the last time, they weren't coming out no matter what and I broke my nail! Then I used a plus to remove and one connector form the shell got broken. I just sent those to support for shell repair.

    Most IEM manufactures uses MMCX connectors. But if these are such painful why still use? I do feel to take an upgrade from Andro and try 64 Audio this time at least they don't use painful MMCX.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  14. jonathane40
    Wow! I haven’t been able to use Andromeda that loud on high gain and balanced mode! I usually use it on balanced regular gain st around volume 20-45. If I use high gain balanced I can’t go past 25!

    Maybe older recordings with little compression like some classical music might need much more volume.

    What type of music are you listening to?
  15. josler
    They didn't say exactly. I suspect an armature was loose or something. I've also had some problems with the MMCX connectors. Again, ALO fixed everything, but not terribly happy to have problems in the first place. I had to send them back twice actually. Seem good now.
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