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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Jayden16
    Has anyone got experience with the Andromeda with the LG V30? I'm wondering if there's any hiss with that setup.
  2. bgoods1221
    To my ears there is a little bit of hiss. Not very noticeable at normal volume. It's a good pairing! To me, sounded very similar to Radsone ES100. However, ES100 had no hiss whatsoever.
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  3. knopi
    Had chance to listen Andromeda S quickly today and sound was very very nice as I expected (even from iPhone) quite adult balance pleasant open stability stage nothing missing just good IEM which will not dissapoint, I wanted buy it so much but I want green one. But I can get S version for much much better price :face_palm: needs quick decision.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  4. DivergeUnify
    It's a pretty great iem. For me it was good enough to sell my full sized rig off while I finish school. Lesser IEMs I've owned were never really good enough to tide me over like that
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  5. B0NES
    I'm between these and Shure SE846 atm. I'm moving away from headphones for now to try out the IEM world and currently looking for a "fun" set of high-end IEMs. As reference, I've enjoyed my HD650 (with Bimby + Jot) but I find them a bit boring. I listen to a variety of music but mostly hip hop and acoustics. I wouldn't label myself a basshead, but I do like a good bass as long as it doesn't compromise the mids too much. So between the Andros and SE846, any thoughts? Hoping to have this question expedited as I'm reading through the several hundred pages here slowly but surely...
  6. cocolinho
    I've never been a fan of SE846 , too congested and very intimate soundstage.
    I would personally go for the Black to still get a smooth tonality but with more air so better stage and overall more comfortable sound reproduction (if I may say it like that)
    I really felt claustrophobic with the Shure
  7. nevrsumr
    I had the 846s and they are known as one of the best for bass. Very high end subwoofer-like sound. The problem is they roll off like crazy in the highs. There is virtually no air to them or any fine detail in the highs. The Andros are very even between the mids and bass. Maybe a slight mid-bump and then the detail and air just pour out of them. They are very fun and musical but not bass head IEMs. EQ can fix this some but if you are against EQ then the andros may not be for you.

    I might look into the ie800 or 800s if I were you.
  8. B0NES
    Thanks for the insight! Good to know. I've been reading about the rolled off highs of the 846s so it's definitely turning me away from these. I'll look into the ie 800/800s! Thanks again.
  9. candlejack
    I've started getting this annoying clicking sound in the right ear with my Andromeda S. It happens every time there is a movement of the iem relative to the ear. With how heavy the Andro-S is, this means that it happens "every step I take", when I turn/tilt my head, etc. Based on the tests I've tried, it seems to be triggered when the pressure inside the shell decreases, e.g. with the Andros inserted, if I press lightly on the top plate towards my head and then release it, the click happens on the release.

    I'm not sure if this has always been there (hard to believe) or if it's a new development but it has become really distracting to the point I can't really enjoy my music. The headphones sound as great as ever otherwise. Already contacted CA about it, but I'm curious if anybody else experienced something like this. Thanks!
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
  10. KingCharizard
    I've experienced similar crackling sounds on both my Andromeda S as well as the Andromeda I owned in the past. I genuinely don't know what causes it; my original theory was loose MMCX connectors (with my original Andromeda) since the crackling sound also seemed movement induced. Don't know if that's quite right since the connectors on my S are very snug. Maybe it's related to breaking the tip seal? Regardless, the solution for me was sizing down on tips for a snugger fit - I can't be sure why it worked, but at least it did. Maybe it'll work for you too, good luck.

    FWIW Campfire actually checked out my original Andromeda when I had this issue (I also had the sound cutting out on one side) - they were very accommodating but couldn't replicate the issue and found that my earphones were working perfectly. I got them back, switched tips and didn't have the problem again (somewhat mysteriously, I guess).
  11. candlejack
    Thanks for the sharing.

    In my case, the only tips that reduce the issue to a somewhat manageable level are foam tips. I suppose this is because they tend to keep the iems locked in position and don't have the flexibility of silicones. I find them quite inconvenient though - my fav tips are the symbios and the spiral dots; the spiral dots in particular are particularly good (or bad, depending on how you want to look at it) at producing the click.

    It's also quite clearly just the right iem. I even switched ears to make sure.
  12. cleg
    Solaris vs Andromeda vs Atlas

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  13. bennybennyta
    which model you are talking about?
  14. bennybennyta
    I know that there are different color for the Andros, the original green, CK Snow White, CK Pacific Blue.
    Is there any difference in terms of the sound? I heard that CK White Snow has better female vocal than the green one. But I know that Andro S actually sound different cuz they use new drivers.
  15. candlejack
    There's so much music I am rediscovering since getting the Andromeda.

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