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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. josler
    Do you think dehumidifying is necessary?
  2. candlejack
    Yeah, having to send them back twice stings. I live in Europe so if that happens to me it can mean 2-3 months without my precious.

    Glad it got sorted out in the end and you're enjoying them again. :)
  3. Ryokan
    I thought these were bomb proof, they certainly feel robust. Hopefully this is a rare occurrence.
    Erfan Elahi likes this.
  4. josler
    Also I should add as a PSA that ALO warned me that even plugging the Andromeda into a MacBook can lead to power surges that could damage the drivers, especially when it is charging. They detected distortion in my set and I've only ever plugged them into MacBook, iPhone, and ES100. They recommended only mobile and other battery-powered sources. If using with the Mac they said to use an ieMatch to attenuate.
  5. ddmt
    I don't go past 12 on balanced and high gain with zx300 with andro S, usually around 9 for all day listening. I have tinnitus on my left ear, don't want the same thing on the other one :D
  6. Gww1
    I usually listen at around 20 for modern music and 25 for older and I thought I listened at quite low volume!

    Edit: also on Andro S balanced high gain (it's an amazing pairing isn't?)
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  7. Erfan Elahi
    Haha :D may be I am semi deaf at my 28 years!

    It depends on how the tracks are mastered. My preferences - classical metal, modern metal and classical instrumental. Tracks like Pink Floyed's - " High Hopes", or " Shine on You Crazy Diamond " - these tracks in the beginning they start on low volume, later it goes higher. So in order to enjoy all the elements need to switch to high volume. Besides the Drums and base with the ZX-300 and Andro combo is so sharp and enjoyable; I can't prevent myself to go high. But me also cannot listen to more than 30 mins at volume 80 or up. But if go sleep and plug the Andros, even volume 1 is loud enough! Anyways the point was at which stage the hiss is noticeable for me.
  8. Erfan Elahi
    it's not that, just thought buying something one time instead of buying drycaddy repeatedly.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
  9. autosleeper
    Do the Andro S’s sound better in high gain than not-high gain then? I don’t see why you’d have the ZX300 in HG mode if the IEM is so easy to drive and you only listen at low volume anyway.
  10. Gww1
    To me the ZX300 sounds better on high gain. It's impossible to do proper back to back testing due to having to change volume when switching, but I've tried low and high gain for longer periods to try to see if there is a difference.
    I think the high gain sounds more open and generally more enjoyable. Maybe they are the same and it is all in my mind but as I can't hear any hiss and it is digitial volume, so no imbalance, I don't think there is a reason not to use high gain. It saves me having to change settings when plugging in harder to drive headphones at the very least.
  11. justrest
    What is the best cable for Andromeda, without losing details and sparkle on the top frequencies?
  12. phiemon
    Ref-8 is one of the best, for me noticeably better than stock cable.
    justrest likes this.
  13. theveterans
    EA Lionheart for me. Portrays slightly better imaging while even extending treble sparkle.
    Peter P. and justrest like this.
  14. SLC1966
    If this helps anyone feel better: I have two different 2 pin IEMs out for plug repair. One for two months and the other for one month. One is in France and the other in Hong Kong. Who knows when they will arrive at my door.

    And I am not a cable roller.

    Both two pin and MMCX have their inherent issues.
  15. justrest
    I’ve heard really good things about them. Let me read some impressions. Thank you!

    Lionheart seems great. Thank you.
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