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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Womaz
    Hi there . I am looking for some guidance and this maybe a basic question so apologies in advance if it Is. I am using my Andros with my DX200 but I may start to use it more with my iPhone as I am having issues with tidal offline .

    I have an adapter that I got with the iPhone for normal cable use . However when I bought the Andros I also got the balance cable. Can I get an adapter for this Balanced connection for the iPhone ......or is there no point as no sonic difference ?
  2. jonathane40
    If you are using a balanced cable, you will need an adapter to go from balanced signal to single ended signal into the iPhone adapter. In such case it won’t be running balanced anymore. The only way you could use a balanced signal with your iPhone is if you get a balanced amp/dac and connect it between the cable and the iPhone.

    I wonder which adapter you are using for the iPhone. Depending on the adapter, the output impedance might be different so it will sound a bit different. I tend to like the Iematch when using the Apple lightning adapter for headphones but not so much when using g the Sony zx300.

    Also in my experience, balance doesn’t mean better. It really depends on the specific implementation of the balanced amp. A good single ended amp can be just as good for headphones.

    I got my balanced 4.4mm to si glen ended 3.5mm from Plussound. I wish there were more options for such adapters at more reasonable prices!

    Hope this helps!
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  3. Womaz
    Yes this does help thank you .

    At present I am on holiday and I only brought my AOL Balanced cable for my Andros as I am using them with my DX200.

    I won’t bore you with the details but I am having issues with offline tidal on the Ibasso so I have started to use my iPhone .

    I may get rid of the Ibasso when I get home and start using the iPhone as it’s more convenient. I know it will be a drop in performance and I will see how I feel about that when I get back home .

    My question was more about the future . I have the lightning headphone adapter that come with the iPhone . I can use this with the original Andros cable.

    However I use the Balanced AOL cable at present with the Ibasso . So for me to use this with the iPhone I will need an adapter to do this . My question was more about whether it was worth it

    I may consider one of the dragonfly products too if this enhances the SQ from the iPhone . I don’t really want to go down the amp route as my portable rig does not get used that much.

    I hope this clarifies
  4. jonathane40
    Got it!

    Well, I think the iPhone lightning-headphone adapter has 0.6 Ohm output impedance (OI). Andromeda for most people sound best with an OI of 1-2.5ohm. I’m not sure what the OI of the ibasso is so you might notice a difference in bass/treble. I don’t think it’s worth using a balanced cable+balanced to single ended adapter+Lightning to headphone adapter as an everyday routine unless you really need the balanced cable to plug it in to another device like your ibasso. If you stop using ibasso altogether, it’s orobably best to us ea si for ended cable with the iPhone. Also, the adapter might have an unpredictable effect on sound due to how Andromeda varies it’s tonality with small changes in impedance.

    If I were using it with an iPhone, I would just use the Iematch and the lightning-headphone adapter with a single ended cable.

    I go back and forth between my iPhone and the Sony zx300 with ALAC files consisting of cd and high res files and rarely notice a big difference!
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  5. Womaz
    Once again thanks for the post. Yes I was thinking along these lines too. It’s a shame as I have the AOL Balanced cable and I have just recently purchased it., but yes it’s a bit overkill with all the adapters . I take it you mean use the iematch instead of say the dragonfly red? To be honest at the initial stage I think I may even just see how the Andros sound straight out of the iPhone . I am also looking to go for the iPhone X model in the next few months.
    I will probably get rid of r]the DX200 as it has not been able to fulfil my basic holiday need of offline tidal. This is disappointing to say the least. This has forced me to use the iPhone for tidal, and what a much improved user experience it is too. Tidal app is a dream on the iPhone compared to the sluggish Ibasso . Also I guess whilst on my holidays you realise half if the stuff you carry around is to listen to music, so using the iPhone makes sense in this regard too.
    Mind you the IBasso and the Andros do sound incredible to me,

    So I guess fit this I will lose a bit of sound quality maybe, but I think it’s a step I will take.
  6. jonathane40
    I’m using an iPhone X with andromeda and to me it sounds great with or without the Iematch. I haven’t used dragonfly with andromeda but I have read that you will get some hiss. Andromeda is so sensitive that dragonfly is probably overkill!

    I do notice that high res files sound better from my Sony dap but I can’t tell once I’m out and about. I can usually tell the difference when I’m concentrating on the music while at home.

    Good luck!
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  7. phiemon
    I had the same experience too: I barely noticed a difference between the iPhone and the ZX300. I only use ALAC, mostly 24-bit.

    iPhone vs ZX300: the second sounds a very little better
    iPhone+IEMatch vs ZX300: the first sounds for me equal or a very little better
    iPhone+IEMatch vs ZX300+IEMatch: the second sounds a very little better

    I have the cable Ref8 (not bal…).
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  8. Peter68
    Can anyone tell me if it’s worth upgrading to the Super Litz cable with the Andromedas, and if there’s any noticeable difference in sound? I’d be using it with a 2.5 balanced connector from my Fiio X7 Mark II. Thanks.
  9. Erfan Elahi
    Anybody got any impression on Alo Gold 16 with the Andro? Is it worthy invest for a different sound signature or improvement?
  10. Lookout57
    I have the Gold 16 and the White Andromeda. I'm almost finished burning the cable in and can post my impressions comparing it to the Ref8 and SCX8 in a day or two.
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  11. Erfan Elahi
    yes, comparing with ref-8 will help a lot. thanks in advance...
  12. Peter P.
    Just got the effect audio thor ii balanced cable for my andros paired with my ak se100 and im really glad i got this cable. Im getting tighter bass with more impact, soundstage increased, better layering and sounds really smooth! No sibilance whatsoever. I highly recommend this cable.
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  13. Peter P.
    I was contemplating on getting the alo ref 8 cable too but a lot of fellow hobbyists who tried the ref 8 and andros combo suggested that the thor ii’s sounds a lot better compared to alo cables. A bit pricey and you need to order them from singapore, but it is definitely worth it.
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  14. Womaz
    Which termination would this be to connect to the Iphone lightning headphone adapter. I am assuming the 3.5mm?

    I am back home and there is quite a difference to me from the Ibasso to the IPhone so i am trying to make improvements I guess. The IBasso sounds amazing with the Andros, but it has not performed with Offline Tidal when I was abroad, so will probably be up for sale soon.
  15. Blotto80
    I'm using the Penon Audio CS819 balanced with my Andro S. It seems very similar to the Ref8. Gives the Andro a slightly smoother signature than the stock litz. I've got the ISN C16 coming to compare it against.
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