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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Peter P.
    Yeah i know what you mean. Got this cable after 3 months of having the andros since i needed a balanced cable for my dap.
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  2. Womaz
    Hi Guys does anyone use the Andros with their IPhone and the Dragonfly Red?

    I have been reading a lot and I guess the Dragonfly Red is taking my interest the most. I am really keen to keep it portable as that is the whole point of doing this.

    Some of the Ifi products get excellent reviews and its not the cost that puts me off its the size of them.

    So I guess thats why I am favouring the DF Red or the ifi iematch.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated
  3. jonathane40
    You might still need the Iematch because the Dragonfly Red has a lot of power for Andromeda and I have read that there is audible hiss. I have tried Spectra NextDrive which is similar to Dragonflt in that it has much more power than the iPhone dongle and it was annoying because of the amount of power. Why do you want the Dragonfly with Andromeda?

  4. Womaz
    I am not sure I do yet . I am just looking for feedback at this stage really, but I have been doing a lot of reading and the DF Red does seem to get very good reviews . I think you said you preferred the iematch?
    The one thing that is really annoying with the iPhone is the volume steps .........I can’t find one that is suitable as the differences are too big
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2019
  5. jonathane40
    Dragonfly red willl be even worse with the volume steps because it has a lot more power. However, you don’t even need the Iematch to fix this. Go to settings in your iPhone and search for Volume Limit. Drag the slider to the left and essentially you are placing a limit on the max volume. That way the volume steps won’t be as severe. You might have to adjust it several times until you find the level that gives you the least dramatic volume steps. The only reason I use the Iematch sometimes with the iPhone is to make it less bass heavy. In essence, it has a higher output impedance than the dongle.
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  6. Peter68
    Just curious—what’s the opinion around here about burn-in for the Andromedas? Is it recommended and, if so, for how long?
  7. candlejack
    The opinion regarding the Andromeda (and BA drivers in general) is that they are not affected by "burn-in".
  8. candlejack
    For the people who use or have used the ZX300 with the Andromeda, what is your opinion about this pairing and have you used the SE or Bal output?
  9. phiemon
    Post #6757

    I suggest you otherwise the search function. There are for me enough posts about this theme.
  10. candlejack
    I knew I was going to get this answer, quite reasonably so. :) In my defense, I tried to find the Zout by searching and had no luck.

    Thanks for the link!

    Btw, if you don't find much difference between your phone and the ZX300 when pairing with the Andro, is there any DAP you found that gives you an improvement? I'm looking for something relatively cheap that will give me better sound than I'm getting from my Galaxy S8, but to be honest none of the DAPs I've tried have shown a noticeable improvement and I think most of the sound differences I've heard could be explained by Zout differences.

    PS: Damn, my memory is failing me... we even had a quick exchange on the basis of the post you linked... The problem for me is that I can't pay attention to everything, so if the gear being discussed is not on my radar at that moment, then it doesn't register with me. I guess I could try to spin it and say I'm very focused. :)
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  11. phiemon
    Someone says that the ZX300 bal sounds "noticeably better" then se. I don't know, I am personally skeptic about that since the ZX300, many say, sounds just per se also se "much better" then the iPhone but I just could not confirm that! Maybe I have this result because of my subjective, naive (I'm not an expert or audiophile at all!) feeling. It is possible that someone else has an opposite opinion. I haven't noticed, so generally speaking, no very substantially difference between the iPhone and the LG V30, Mojo Chord, Oppo HA-2SE, NextDrive Spectra, HD Sonata too (I mean of course: a "little" difference is there… but for me it was not at all worth in regard to the price, to another equipment etc.) – but between the iPhone and the Samsung S9 in favour of the latter. The IEMatch makes a BIG difference – for me positively.

    If I were you I would test the ZX300 personally and return back it if I would not be satisfied.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  12. candlejack
    So for you the S9 sounded the best out of everything you tried?

    Regarding the ZX300, I bought it and am currently "testing" it, but:
    1. I only have the stock SE cable, so can't test the Bal output.
    2. The device is supposed to need a lot of burn-in (as per the manual, something about bla-bla capacitors), so I'm trying to stay open minded despite being quite skeptical about audible effects of burn-in. But this means it will take some time before I can definitively form an opinion.
  13. phiemon
    Honesty, now I cannot say this precisely because I made the tests with the different tools not at the same time. But I can remember that at that time I noticed "more than a bit, barely noticeable difference" with the Samsung S9 – and by the way with the HTC 10 too. Maybe it was because of a (maybe better?) output impedance of the Samsung S9 – or HTC 10. And maybe there could be no such a difference for me if I would made a test now with the IEMatch too. This tool is so great!

    What is so far your opinion about the ZX300?
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  14. Jackpot77
    I had the ZX300 for a fair while, and thought it played very nicely with my CA IEMs. Regarding the whole SE/balanced thing, I think it's the implementation of the whole amp circuit that matters, not just whether it's balanced or not.

    To my ears, the balanced out of the ZX300 did sound better than the single ended. Not hugely though, more of a slight but noticeable difference in depth and separation. Also, it pumps out more power, so had the advantage of slightly more control with my "thirstier" gear. The internal design is supposed to differ between the SE and balanced outs, so you would expect some form of difference.

    As always, trust your own ears though.
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  15. phiemon
    I'm looking for a "very noticeable, huge" difference in the sound with the Andromeda. Do you know how / if this could be reached?
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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