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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Peter68
    Thanks for the advice. If I can ask, what do you think of how that cable sounds with your Andros?
  2. tommytakis
    Recently got a used Andro from another headfier and I’ve been using it as my daily commute while I taking the bus to work. I love the staging and imaging with basically my ideal frequency response... I’m pretty treble sensitive but these just hit the spot right before becoming sharp or sibilant.

    One thing is that I can’t seem to get a good fit :/ I think my ears are too small for the iems to sit perfectly flat in my ears. What tips do you guys recommend for people with small ears like me? I’m usually S/M size in iems
  3. tommytakis
    D780F526-C47A-48B2-8F0D-38DB8E47EFA8.jpeg Oh hello :)
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  4. KevlarCoatedIEM
    Man, I wish my Andros looked that pristine. I've gotten used to the source sensitivity long ago, but it's still such a pity that these scratch so easily (especially against each other) .
  5. candlejack
    Definitely not the marshmallow tips. The included Final tips I found great in terms of comfort. They do dampen out the treble a bit, but give them a go to see if you can get a nice fit.
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  6. tommytakis
    which ones are the final tips? is it the all black silicone tips?
  7. KevlarCoatedIEM
    The Final tips are the ones with pink and grey stems. They look taller and narrower than Campfire's own stock silicone tips. Depending on when you got these though, you might have the Final tips or the SpinFits (clear-looking fellas).
    tommytakis likes this.
  8. tommytakis
    oh wow they fit perfectly now! tysm :D
  9. KevlarCoatedIEM
    Lol, thank candlejack for suggesting you use them :beyersmile:
  10. tommytakis
    oops thanks @candlejack <3
  11. candlejack
    Lol, no problem, glad it worked. You can also try the Symbio W or the Spiral Dots.
  12. streamline
    I’m so surprised people give these up. Paired with a good dap, NW-ZX2, I’m having thoughts of selling everything, all the desktop and home gear and just having this single portable setup. It’s such a resolving but delicate and refined sound. The intricate electronic music that is the mainstay of my current play queue has mesmerizing air, depth and layering. Honestly, it should be more than enough for reasonable people. Having just typed that I should note I have another IEM coming lol.
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  13. Peter68
    I love mine too. Can you tell me what cable you’re using?
  14. streamline
    I'm using the stock litz and prefer them to the Massdrop MEE Audio cable kit in any of its configuration. The ZX2 already has a high-ish output impedance that matches well with the Andros for my taste, so I'm hesitant to cable roll. I do hate the ergonomics of the stock cable though (annoying memory wire, not tangle resistant, fragile feeling), so I've been looking at getting the PW Audio cable, in 3.5mm TRRS configuration. The hold up is I'm not sure I like what I'm hearing with the MEE cable when used with the isolated grounds of the ZX2, so I unsure if I should spring for the PW cable in that configuration. But really, I've just been so happy with the Andros that I'm not thinking much about cables.
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  15. Jayden16
    I have the MEE Audio MMCX balanced cable too, and the impedance of the cable is 7-8 Ohms if I remember correctly. I tried it with the Andromeda's once and it made them far too thin sounding.
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