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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. phiemon
    iPhone X + IEMatch ("high" mode) sounds fantastic, for me much better with the Andromeda…
  2. Jearly410
    Or he got scammed :thinking:
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  3. KevlarCoatedIEM
    It’s not broken, if it was it’d be way more obvious. I didn’t like the Andros when I first demoed them either, it took me a while to get used to the different sound signature. What I’ve learned over time is that Andros, as much as I like them now, aren’t necessarily for everyone or every genre. They do have recessed mids compared to other stuff, and the bass obviously can’t compare to the best DDs out there. I am very concerned about the notion that the treble isn’t special though; it’s very odd for anyone to not hear or like the sparkle on Andros. On the whole, even if the guy doesn’t like them, this post reads like an overreaction.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  4. jonathane40
    I recently got the Final E (LL) tips and they are amazing! I have tried so many tips and so far these are the best because they stay snuggly in my ear! The second best I have tried are the JVC Spiral dots but I often have to re-adjust them in my ear and that was annoying. I have tried all SpinFits, Mandarin W, off brand from amazon, comply, Sony hybrid and triple comfort, and ALO marshamllos!

    It’s so rewarding when they stay put in your ears!
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  5. Jearly410
    You put in your time to get the right fit, enjoy it!

    Really, don’t swap tips again.

    I know you want to.
  6. candlejack
    @azeral It looks like my clicking Andro-S got the same treatment yours did. My dealer informed me today that what he got back from CA is a new sealed box. I have to admit I'm excited to have them back all shinny and new... together with all new anxiety about scratches... :)
    CA did a great job getting the issue sorted quickly, but I still don't know what was wrong with them.
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  7. WhatToChoose
    That signature though....

    What kind of music works best with Andro S?
  8. hiflofi
    Are there any stress tests I should perform with my Andro S for the clicking?

    I'm worried because I've heard of an issue from a local owner with his Andro S as well.

    Thanks in advice!
  9. candlejack
    Is it better now?

    I listen mostly to metal and rock, but it works with everything for me.
  10. WhatToChoose
    Oh I was just referencing all the IEMs listed as stolen, had same thing happen to a few of mine too :frowning2:

    Good for metal, means bass is fast...good to know
  11. candlejack
    You need to drop it onto a tile floor from about 1.5m heigh. If it has the click afterwards, then it's a telltale sign that something's wrong with them and they are about to fail.

    Ok, excuse my stupid joke. You don't need to stress them. If there was a click, you probably would've heard it by now. Mine sounded similar to "driver flex" but happened every time there was a slight but sudden decrease in chamber pressure inside the shell (like when walking or tilting the head left/right).
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  12. candlejack
    Ahh, it was just the IE80 and X1. Sucked at the time, but opened me up to try the Andromeda, so all's well that ends well. :wink:
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  13. azeral
    I think my issue was more subtle than the one @candlejack experienced, as it took some coaxing to occur after the issue first appeared. Mine didn't have an obvious trigger (manually manipulating the earphone in situ didn't seem to induce the problem, but walking almost always worked to cause an event).

    Anyhow, I'd second the above advice and continue to treat them with care and not worry potential issues, same as any earphone. If it shows up, it can almost certainly dealt with. Even if something happens out of warranty, if the experience I had is any indication, you'll still be in good hands for a fix.

    It makes me wonder about driver replacement way down the road (or an ambitious modding project). I think an s-model with the presumably more widely available green andro drivers would be a fascinating listen, if only to hear what the housing does to the sound. There's a reason they didn't use them, of course, but I'd still love to hear it.
  14. azeral
    To clarify, just the mids-driver, which as I understand is the only change in the s-model from the standard.
  15. azeral
    Figured I'd show all of my current transducers, all of which I greatly enjoy (but are favored in relation to this image's focal plane :) )
    Usher 6381 / Campfire Andromeda S / Fiio FH5

    The Andromeda gets me the closest to the "speakers in the room" feeling of any earphone I've ever heard, and I've A/B'd this setup to evaluate it. It's shockingly good at spatial detail, for me. IMG_8966-2.jpg
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