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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Toom
    Don't ever try the Solaris then! Loved the epic sound of those babies, but couldn't afford the head widening operation required to stop them protuding 27 metres out my ears.

    Andro S is the sweet spot compromise of sonics and aesthetics
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  2. azeral
    Ha! This was my concern about solaris, as well. Looking at the nozzle, I imagined they would be extremely wide for me given that I have a relatively flush ear geometry and even the andros protrude slightly.
  3. Ryokan
    Once you find tips that work for you these are as close to listening to actual speakers, imo. I thought they were bass light but when you get a decent seal they present the music as it was recorded.
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  4. Cann3dh33t
    This was my experience also. The tips that give me the best seal are the Symbio tips without the little foam sleeve. Spinfits are more comfortable but i cannot get a seal.
    JVC Spiral dots are a close 2nd for me. Anyone prefer Final E tips? Curious to give those a try..
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  5. candlejack
    Final E are great for comfort, but I tend to prefer the Symbio and especially the Spiral Dots for sound.
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  6. Peter68
    I’ve tried the Symbio W, Symbio W Peel, and the JVC Spiral Dots, and the Spiral Dots are the best for me in terms of comfort and especially sound quality
  7. azeral
    How do the spiral dots change the sound on the Andro? Been looking at a pair, but I use Final E's and find them quite comfortable, though I prefer the sound of the stock tips.
  8. Peter68
    For me, everything just becomes a little bit clearer. Bass is tighter and the treble sparkles just a bit more.
  9. auronthas
    More comfy listening with peeled foam of Mandarin Symbio W , thanks for the tips…

    It's as good as JVC Spiral Dot 20190407_105319.jpg
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  10. candlejack
    Tried the Ref. 8 yesterday. I can't get over how stiff and microphonic it is. How do you manage?
  11. auronthas
    Actually Ref 8 is not stiff, if you try Sony Kimber Kable muc-m12sb1 , worse still...

    As for the microphonic iasue, I agree with you , I overcome the microphonic with its cable adjuster or cable clip to reduce movement . I mostly listen while I am static not moving around. Hope it helps …
  12. Dash
    I moved from stock foams to JVC spiral dots. I didn't realize how much the stock foams negatively impacted the bass extension and clarity. Very happy with Andromeda S!
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
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  13. Blotto80
    I’ve been back and forth between the Symbio W’s and the Spiral Dots a few times and I have to give the SD the slight nod in both comfort and sound. The both are better (for me) than the Final E, Comply, New Bee, CA Marshmellow, KZ Star Tips, and any of the other miscellaneous I’ve tried.
  14. Ryokan
    I've tried different silicone tips and the Symbio's but keep going back to foam Blackbird Secure fit. One large and one medium gives me a good seal with better bass than silicone. They stay in fairly well but not as fit and forget as my other iem's.
  15. KevlarCoatedIEM
    Question for those who've had the green and steel Andros before: is the density of the "faux lambswool" different for the black vs. dark leather cases? In my dark leather case (which come with green Andros), the tan wool lining covers up every inch of the case interior, protecting the Andros completely against scratching; however, in some areas of my black leather case, I can actually see the mesh that the black wool is attached to. I'm just afraid these bald spots might end up hurting my Andro S somehow. Is this the case for all black vs. dark leather cases, and if so, would the leather-free black case or canvas case offer more protection?
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