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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Peter P.
    The vocals on my andros has a forward signature to it on my ak se100 dap. I never used the EQ function. At the end of the day with this hobby, it is really all about synergy. I believe it is your dap that is making the vocals sound a little recessed.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  2. liquidrats
    I have quite a number of cables currently but they are all 2-pins - I will probably get a converter to enjoy it with my other cables. I am running it on opus #2 and the sound comes out very neutral - just how i like it.
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  3. candlejack
    Just have a look at the (gasp) FR graphs for the 2 and try to fill in the deltas. That's what I did. But I don't remember specific numbers.
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  4. candlejack
    Ok, so the way you "justify" the high price is by the fact that you can hear a real improvement which in your opinion could not have been achieved by upgrading some of the other components, e.g. replacing the Andro with the Solaris.

    That's fair. But it also makes me wonder. Since the reasoning has nothing to do with the intrinsic value of the cable, but just with the results it produces, how about this scenario. Let's say someone came out with a sticker (I chose this as an example because I think I heard something like this was actually going around at some point) that they claim improves the sound of you IEM. Of course you think this is absurd, but you give it a try, just to have a laugh. But, amazingly, you hear a big improvement in sound. At this point it doesn't even matter if it's placebo (everybody else swears by the sticker, so you may be psychologically influenced a bit by that) or if the difference can be measured by an objective observer, the important thing is that you are convinced you hear the difference. If the price of the sticker (which in the end you know is just a sticker) is $500, would you buy it?

    The reasonable answer is probably yes, I would buy it, because the only thing that matters when evaluating the value of something is how much it offers you, not how much it cost someone to make it. But I don't see myself be able to do that. I would probably dedicate my life to understanding the sticker and coming out with my own than paying 1000% premium.

    Coming back to the cables, from all the components that are involved in the audio chain, the cable is the only one I'm confident I could make myself, if so inclined. But hey, maybe I'm missing something.

    Anyway, "rant" over. :)
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  5. beholdclarity
    Oh boy, do I dig the Andromedas.
    I had the Andromedas and the Vega for a side-by-side comparison for a week. I have been using them with my Chord Mojo and the BTR3 on-the-go.
    I must say, for some reason I prefer the Andromedas with the BTR3. Could be imagination, though.

    First of all: Both IEMs are fantastic in their own right. Each portrays all the pre-conceptions I had in their area of expertise with the Andromeda BA being challenging, clear and magical, while the Vega dynamic is just wonderfully bassy but still decently clear.

    Since I was looking for something to carry around when I travel to and from work, I wanted something uplifting as opposed to relaxing.
    For me, the magical clarity of the Andromeda is uplifting and the smooth bass of the Vega is more soothing.

    The Andromeda delivers black and present bass but without rumble or reverb. The mids and highs are so sparkly and clean while never being harsh (I am a sissy in this regard).
    The only thing I need for full pleasure is a custom in-ear silicone sleeve. Getting that done end of the month!
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  6. candlejack
    That's probably because of the very low OI of the Mojo. It makes the Andro bassy and congested. At least that's been my experience.

    In general, with the Andro being so sensitive to source output impedance, you really want to pay attention to that and look for a source that is between 1 and 2 Ohm.
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  7. beholdclarity
    That sounds sensible! Thanks for the tip
  8. Peter P.
    Yeah i know what you mean. I just love my andros so much that im willing to spend on a good quality balanced cable to end my search once and for all. This is just how this hobby goes from my experience.
  9. Ryokan
    Don't notice 'recessed mids' paired with the ZX300. Using standard Litz balanced cable.
  10. liquidrats
    "Recessed mid" is there for me on opus #2. But it feels more in the head than at the forehead.. if you get what I mean
  11. Womaz
    I am still looking for some guidance on how to improve my Andromedas with my IPhone 7.

    I recently sold my DX200 and I miss the nice smooth sound from it. The IPhone is pretty good really all considering but it can sound a bit harsh at times and not as musical as the IBasso. Maybe looking to add a bit of warmth?

    After a lot of reading this site I have narrowed it down to the Ifiematch or the Dragonfly Red, but not sure if any of these will help.

    Any guidance appreciated
  12. zappazappazappa
    Anyone using the Andromeda/iBasso DX150 combo? Good match? Any recommendations on ibasso amp modules which best suit the combo?
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
  13. Roscoeiii
    As mentioned many times in this thread: get something with an output impedance of 1 to 2 ohms. But no direct experience with iBasso and Andros.
  14. WhatToChoose
    This is just my best guess, but I think the ouput impedance of the iPhone is relatively high (couldnt find it for the 7, but iPhone 6 has OI of 4.5 ohms, which limits ya to headphones with impedance of more than 8x4.5 ohms). Combine that with low impedance of the Andro's (12.5), and you got yourself a bassless party

    Some sort of impedance dongle should help
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  15. Womaz
    I assume that is what the ifiematch is, not sure about the DF red. I will do some research. Thanks for the post.
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