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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. WhatToChoose
    Props for doing research when confronted with a new topic, if only more people did that

    Yeah, the iFi eMatch does this, I think it has a matching network to convert the OI down to 1 ohm (lightning adapter might be the same as well), and for the Andros, you want a source OI of less than 12.5/8 ohms

    Though the iFi ematch has input impedance of only 16 ohms, which still doesn't seem high enough for the iPhone
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  2. jonathane40
    I have used the iPhone X with the Apple dongle and the Iematch and it sounds really good. I have read that the dragonfly red will have hiss so you might still need an Iematch with the dragonfly.
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  3. phiemon
    I have exactly this combo (but with the Ref-8 cable) and I can confirm that the sound quality is very good – much better than without the IEMatch!
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  4. Womaz
    Excellent guys, just the type of feedback I needed. I will order the iematch now . I will then probably have to come back on here to know what settings to use :wink:
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  5. candlejack
    I've heard blankets are pretty good. :p
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  6. beholdclarity
    Some more love for the Andromeda



  7. candlejack
    Great idea!

    ... A sexy slow strip for all the dirty little boys out there ...






  8. royneo
    Hi guys, just wanted to ask a quick question about iFi's IEMatch tool as I'm planning to pair this up together with my Dragonfly Red. How would the total impedance output be affected? Would it be the sum of DFR's & IEMatch's total impedance output or is it just IEMatch's impedance out value?

    Anyway, what's the (sort of) universal consensus on Andromeda's impedance output? 2-3 Ohms for a less-bassy signature?
  9. Jayden16
    This isn't the case for the iPhone 7 - it has no headphone jack and uses the lightning dongle with an output impedance of around 1 ohm. It also measures VERY well considering the size and cost.
  10. aohk1997
    Does anyone have any experiences with the ref 8 on the Andromeda S? Reckon it will make a good pairing?
  11. candlejack
    If you plan an sitting still, it might be an interesting option, but if you're going to move at all and you're not listening at max volume, then to me the microphonics completely outweigh any possible sound improvements.
  12. KB Contributor
    We are happy offer a updated Andromeda!!!

    - new CNC shell
    - new "smoky" litz cable
    - new hand made leather zipper case
    - new improved packaging





    The same awesome sound (NO sonic changes have been made) The shell is more refined in appearance, which has the same geometry but is more refined in appearance. All new cable with no memory wire by popular demand. The new smoky litz cable does have a memory heat shrink that has a formed bend but om internal wire. The new leather case is more ergonomic and padded.

    For more information please see the product page HERE.

    Thank you for your support!

    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
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  13. monika.chr
    So it's now more scratch resist ?
  14. aaf evo
    So it’s the same sound or it’s a new sound?
  15. gortman

    When will the updated Andromeda be available to purchase? The link you provided shows it's out of stock.

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