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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. candlejack
    It's funny, cause I just remarked the same thing a couple of days ago. I received my S back from service and for some reason I looked inside the black case in more detail and noticed that the "fluf" is not as thick. So it looks like this is just the way it is. I don't think it would make a big difference for scratch protection though, since most if not all scratches are caused by the two headphones making contact with each other, not with the case.

    I did not get the 2 slot nylon pouch that all CA IEMs come in now back when I purchased mine (OG and S) so I've been using a microfiber cloth (the kind you use to keep your glasses clean) to wrap and separate the L and R shells so that they don't bang or scrape against each other. It's been very effective. But with the S it's not feasible to expect to prevent all scratches, they're just too polished and the metal is too soft.
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  2. azeral
    I've only ever owned a new car once in my life, and I worked so damned hard to keep it scratch free and looking polished, and that endeavor was truly satisfying. But after one or two incidents with a someone else's cart at the supermarket and a couple of big scratches later, I somehow just let go and got an analogous satisfaction from watching my car's exterior weather from use (while of course still keeping care of it).

    I think I'll do the same with these earphones. I'm enjoying babying them as I go, seeing that mirror finish every time I pull them out, but after some big inevitable scratches I'm going to let them patina and weather (loose in the case?!) and chock it up to character. That's just me, but it's nice that there's an upside to both approaches if you can calibrate yourself to thinking this way (not for everyone) :) .
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  3. candlejack
    That's a healthy approach. My replacement pair came with a couple of fine scratches across the face and a small brushing on one of the wider corners. I contemplated polishing them away; it would be super easy if the case was sealed hermetically - apart from the sound bores and the connector, of course - but I have not found reliable information that it is. In the end though, I just let it be. I've had the S for 3-4 months and I know it's a futile effort, you have to embrace the "patina" or you won't enjoy them to the max.

    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  4. Toom
    Exactly. When they're in your ears, you can't see them anyway.
  5. liquidrats
    I just got one these babies.. late in the party mainly due that I got an offer that was too hard resist..

    I am switching between acoustune tips now the aet07 tips seems to do the job as the same as my other IEMs.

    After a day - AET07 made the IEM too bright and lost bit of the lower end. Moving back to spiral dot..
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  6. Peter P.
    Yes the spiral dots are the best tips for the andros in my opinion. Even the symbios tend to be a little bright for my taste. Since you are from sg, have you tried pairing them with effect audio cables?
  7. liquidrats
    So far I've tried a few the spiral seems to stay in place for me..

    Nope I haven't tried with any other cables besides the stock... I have the effect audio ares II but it's 2-pin.
  8. Peter P.
    Oh i see. Try to audition them there if you plan to go balanced next time. Huge difference in terms of sound from the stock litz. Try the thor ii’s first if you can. They pair up really well with the andros.
  9. candlejack
    Don't you guys find it absurd that a "premium" cable is priced at about 50% of a similarly premium headphone or player? How do you justify it to yourself? It is after all a bunch of wires with 3 connectors attached. Legitimate question.
  10. Peter68
    Question for everyone: I really love my Andros, but the one thing that bothers me is how the vocals are just a bit recessed. Is there any way to EQ the vocals forward a little, or is this just a limitation of the Andros’ sound signature?
  11. Toom
    Not a feature of Andro S.
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  12. Peter68
    Yeah, I’m thinking maybe I should have gotten the S. Wish I could have compared the two before buying.
  13. candlejack
    I managed to EQ the S to sound like the Green, so probably the other way around is possible. Just bump up the upper mids a bit.
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  14. Peter68
    Which frequencies would you recommend adjusting?
  15. Peter P.
    I myself didnt have any plans of upgrading my cable but i really wanted to use the balanced output out of my dap. I was also curious since a lot people has been saying how good their cables really are so i just pulled the trigger on the ea thor ii’s anyway without trying them after doing a lot of research. It is really worth upgrading in my opinion. It definitely fine tuned the sound of the andromedas.
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