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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Womaz
    Perhaps I can offer my opinion here. The IBasso DX200 and Andromeda is a big improvement over my IPhone 7. I was hoping this was not the case as I have decided to start using a phone as my DAP. I am not good at explaining what I hear but the phone sounds harsh at times in comparison. Indeed on other threads I am looking for advice on how to narrow the gap between the DX200 and my I phone
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  2. phiemon
    Thank you for this reply – which is of course very welcome!

    Have you tried the IEMatch for this comparison? It could be that the DX200 has just an output impedance which is for Andromeda better. As I wrote above, the iPhone+IEMatch sounds for me practically equal to the ZX300 without the IEMatch – which, again, makes for me a huge difference with the iPhone as without…
  3. Womaz
    Yes this is being considered as we speak, also the DF Red. Other alternative is that I am considering buying a cheap LGV30 to use as my DAP
  4. Blotto80
    Just saw this now (my wallet only lets me on Headfi once a week or so, lol). They are pretty quick. I ordered the ISN C16 on the 13th and it arrived in Canada on the 18th. I’d expect it delivered at some point this week.
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  5. Toom
    I have Andromeda S and love it via my LGV30. But i am intrigued by the Atlas - does anyone here have both? Would it be an upgrade, sidegrade, downgrade?
  6. candlejack
    For me (used it with my Galaxy s8 only) it was such a "downgrade" that even though I had borrowed it for a week, I only listened to it twice, for about 20 minutes.
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  7. Caruryn
    They are different signatures,since one is dynamic not armature iem.Atlas is more exciting than Andro S with a prominent V-shape to the U-shape of Andro,it has more energetic and sparkling treble,mids are more laid back but still detailed and meaty and has a more visceral subbass although mid bass for Andro S is not far off.Imaging precision and soundstage width goes to Andro but Atlas sounds fuller partly due to the somewhat recessed mids and very good depth.
    Atlas can be very addicting and exciting iem with the right dap like ibasso.
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  8. tracyca
    Headamp Pico slim is a super pairing with the andromeda. From iPad Pro to Pico slim = great!
  9. Peter68
    You were right. I ordered it last week and it says it's going to deliver tomorrow. That's a heck of a lot faster than I expected.
  10. kdphan
    Depends on whether you enjoy strong bass or not :)
    I wouldn't say the Atlas is an upgrade. They're different enough to own both.
    I've had both (original green Andro). I like using the Atlas with the Hiby R6. Andro doesn't work well with the R6.
  11. Toom

    I do like bass, but I dont feel the Andro S are lacking. Love these little fellas, just getting that little itch we all have now and again!
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
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  12. Peter68
    Hi all, I'm hoping somebody here can figure out what's wrong with the Penon CS819 (2.5mm balanced) cable I just bought to use with my Andromedas.

    First, I plugged it directly into the balanced jack of my Fiio X7II DAP, and it sounded pretty good with the Andromedas. Nice tone, good fullness to the mids. But then, I tried connecting it to my IEMatch (also 2.5mm balanced) in between the Andromedas and the DAP to see if the attenuation would improve sound quality in any way, and that's when things got weird.

    As I said, the cable sounds fine on its own. But when I connect it the Fiio using the IEMatch, it sounds horrible--scratchy, static-y, and just hollow in every way. There's even a small echo in the lower end. I don't understand why this would be because the cable sounds great with the Andromedas on its own, and the IEMatch sounds great with the Andromedas when I use a different cable.

    So, anybody have any idea why my Penon cable won't play nice with my IEMatch and Andromedas? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  13. candlejack
    The IEMatch has a BAL / SE switch. I hope you're using it correctly and not shorting your L/R grounds.
  14. Peter68
    No, I don’t think that’s it, because the 2.5 IEMatch doesn’t have that switch.
  15. Blotto80
    Weird. I use my Andro S with the CS819 and the IEMatch 2.5mm and all is well. Check the pinout of the cable with a continuity tester and then check it again with the IEMatch in the chain and make sure everything is wired correctly.
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