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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Ryokan
    Can the steel tips be removed for cleaning inside? the bores are quite large and over time stuff will get in and build up.
  2. Peter68
    Can anyone recommend a good third-party MMCX cable for the Andromedas? Looking to make the bass tight and clear and keep the treble sparkly, hopefully for around #200 or under. Tried the Super Litz from ALO but it just made the bass a bit too thick for my tastes.
  3. melons
    Guess you've already tried various ear buds/tips as the standard cable imo is pretty good. I did change mine to a 2.5mm TRRS/MMCX Cable from Forza in Poland. A good price and quick dispatch (compared to some other cable makers), choice of L Shaped or Straight (not shown on website but available) MMCX connectors, nice tight punchy bass, clarity, openness with no top end (treble) compromise. I switch between Symbio W (peeled) and Comply TS-400 Comforts buds/tips.

    AK70 Mkii - Forza Hybrid Series iem cable - Andromeda OG
  4. Peter68
    I've tried a bunch of different tips and finally settled on the JVC Spiral Dots because I liked how they added clarity to the treble. I'm not using the stock cable from CA because it'a 3.5mm and I want a balanced 2.5mm to use with my Fiio DAP; that's why I ordered the Super Litz (balanced), but thought that it added too much warmth to the overall sound. I've also tried the Fiio LC-2.5c from my pair of F9 Pros and it sounds pretty good with the Andromeda--just wondering if there's something better out there.

    Thanks for the suggestion on Forza, I'll have to see if I can check it out.
  5. Peter68
    Cool, can I ask exactly what you mean by "smoother"? I love the brightness of my Andromedas and don't want to mess with that.
  6. Blotto80
    Brightness is retained but just ever so slightly smoothed due to using half copper. Biggest thing I noticed is a slight reduction in harshness on poor recordings. Definitely doesn't change the sound sig.
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  7. Peter68
    Sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  8. Peter68
    Also, one more question--how long does it take for this cable to ship from Hong Kong?
  9. Ghisy
    I would like to know how to clean whatever gets inside as well!
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  10. Ryokan

    We may be surprised at what falls out.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
  11. mosika
    I have been used ZX300 with Andromeda and Alo litz 4.4mm balance cable. It doesn’t have hiss, sound good.


    Now I upgrade to WM1Z. I disappointed because on WM1Z 4.4mm balance port show a lot of background noise. It hurts my ear when I listened for a while. On 3.5mm unbalance port WM1Z it’s less hiss. Is it normally?


    How can I fix? Maybe This paring doesn’t match. I think, should I try WM1A next? Anyone using WM1A with Andromeda 4.4mm balance, Are there any hiss?

    Or I should go back ZX300 which one perfect match Andromeda on 4.4mm balance port?
  12. Jearly410
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  13. Lookout57
  14. Peter P.
    I just got the effect audio thor ii balanced cable. Really transformed my andromedas into something else. Tighter bass with more impact, sounds really smooth, incredible detail without any sibilance at all. A bit pricey but it is really worth it. Pair them with the jvc spiral dot eartips too. They sound warmer than the stock litz cable.
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  15. Peter68
    Thanks, I’m sure that cable sounds great, but it’s a little bit out of my price range right now. I just bought the Andromedas, so my wallet needs a break.
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