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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. Karendar
    Good question, I didn't even remember it had an app. :wink:
  2. FSTOP
    i had forgotten about it myself too! i do recall seeing a picture of the battery status and bt range or signal bar, both would be really useful. Especially the battery level, as i now have fears of Get dying when i need it most, before a recharge. :wink:
    i believe there were EQ settings for the app mentioned too, not as important as i have eq profiles set up in PowerAmp myself, but i am sure useful for some...
    i still only get a Blue LED on the Get when connecting with my LG v20, although the phone is aptx-HD, and confirms so when connected with the Get. Just wondering, as the initial info shows the Gets's LED to turn purple for a apt-x HD codec (connection).
  3. Karendar
    Hey, I didn't notice that either. :wink: I'm paired in APTX-HD, but LED doesn't change from blue... @Pierre111 any input on that? We know the device is negociating properly, the phone does tell us... Can the Get tell us as well?

    As for battery level: In Oreo, we'll have the battery indicator for BT devices directly in the notification window... Which will be great.

    As for EQ, I'm wondering if an EQ manipulation on the app level (Which translates to a modification directly on the Bluewave Get) might have more impact than doing a post-processing EQ setting inside the app itself... Maybe Pierre can vouch for this as well. :) And to tell us if the app is coming!

    So many questions! Man I love this device.
  4. Pierre111
    Hi, thanks for the question. The CODEC is indicated when the streaming start. When you start playing a song, either with the round button or from the phone screen, you will see three flash of the LED. Amber is for AptX HD, Magenta is for AptX, and Cyan is for AAC. After that it resume to blue Slow blink. If you pause and it play again, you will see the 3 flash sequence again and you know you have the right Codec. For the App we expect it early 2018.
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  5. mellda
    Can anyone compare the Bluewave Get to Astell&Kern XB10?
  6. Mikol1011
    So I just got my 2x Bluewave Get's today. I also have the Astell&Kern XB10's as well.
    And if I didn't hear the XB10, I would've thought the bluewave's were top notch. They're still one of the best bluetooth receiver's out there, and for the price, they're a steal compared to the XB10, but the XB10 is better if you're using balanced, and I wouldn't hesitate getting the XB10's again over these if I'm using these with higher end IEMs.

    Design wise, the bluewave's are 1000x better than the XB10's. The XB10's feel like a toy; the plastic is thin and doesn't inspire confidence that if you drop it, that it wouldn't crack. The get's are much more solid and built better.
    The buttons are in a better and more logical place as well on the get's.

    The noise floor on the get's is absolutely monstrous, especially with very sensitive IEMs like my SE846 and my Noble K10's... It actually overpowers alot of the music unless I turn them up to deafening volumes.
    The noise floor on the XB10's is lower when unbalanced. With balanced, it's not silent, but it is significantly lower than that. So if we say the Get's noise floor is 100%, then the unbalanced XB10 is 60%, and balanced XB10 is 30%.
    So this already is a HUGE advantage if you're using sensitive headphones.

    In terms of music reproduction, the AMP on the XB10's is definitely cleaner. Bass is tighter, vocals sound abit more lush, highs are extremely pleasing as well, none of that compression that you typically hear in the high frequencies from other lower end bluetooth devices (the get's don't experience this either, so that's good).
    Compared to the XB10, there's definitely abit more sub-bass on the get's, so the low-frequency roll off that plagues bluetooth devices is definitely well done on the get's. But bass sounds abit more bloated, highs aren't as clean. Mids sound good, but slightly less forward. But when using this with sensitive IEMs, the hiss really affects the vocals and makes everything sound grainy...
    I would definitely say the get's don't sound as open in terms of soundstage, but that may be due to the less forward mids when compared to the XB10's balanced. When unbalanced, they actually sound similar; the XB10 loses some of its sparkle, bass gets more bloated and mids get pushed back abit, and at this point the get sounds close, with the exception of the hiss... Like it really masks some of the vocals at regular listening volumes, I can't tolerate it on my sensitive IEMs.

    The get's are very good, and honestly if I didn't do a side by side, I wouldn't be so harsh on them.
    I'm glad I have them in my collection especially for the less sensitive stuff, and for their price, you can't find better. And when you only have unbalanced headphones, they sound just as good as the XB10's.
    But if you're not concerned with the price and you have 2.5mm TRRS termination headphones, then the XB10 is the one to go for.

    Edit: I also have 2 of the Noble BTS. They're not even worth comparing with either of these. There's intense bass roll off on these, connection isn't great, high's are very shrill, mids sound very hollow with no weight to them (probably stems to the bass roll off). Sound stage is decent, though, AND these have like, no hiss, so there's that. These may have been a good solution back when they first came out, but with the XB10 and now the get's, the noble's are pretty much obsolete, especially at MSRP of $100.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
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  7. Pierre111
    Thanks for that comparison Mikoi, we are glad you like it. Balance out is definetely worthwhile and we also like the XB10. Maybe two things to note, If you have harder to drive headphones like Planars for example, that's where the A&K just won't do (they best us on many levels for other things,I can agree with your impressions). We are working on an impedance adapter mini cable solution for people who experience a hiss, that will give a more usable volume range and will reduce hiss significantly for sensitive IEM. We chose a higher gain on GET to be able to drive any headphones and Get is also 4 times more powerful than the A&K, that's a lot of amplification power, might be a bit overpowering for sensitive IEMs, and sensitive ears! (Sorry I don't hear that noise floor on any IEMS, that's truth, but we are aware that great critical listener can find it to be too high so we are taking good notes) I will also post the frequency response here tomorrow
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  8. waynes world
    I know it's too late for this version of the Get, but if your next one has a gain switch, I'll be very interested. Hopefully the switch will be labelled "Get-pumped!" and "Get-sensitive" :wink:
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  9. Pierre111
    Hi wayne, yes it's in the pipeline, along with other things. Love your idea... might very well use it if your copyrights are not too crazy... Hey we are still a small broke startup!
  10. waynes world
    In addition to what appears to be a great initial product, another thing that bodes very well for you and your company is the fact that you communicate here and do it well. Keep it up, and best of luck from a fellow Canuck :)
  11. FSTOP
    I certainly can't directly compare GET with the A&K xb10 offering, but just by pictures alone, i really do not like the form factor and controls of the xb10. Just seems really poorly laid out compared to the ergonomics of Get--Just my 2cents, of course.
    Still enjoying Get, and very happy with it! Thanks for the update on the LED info, Pierre! And looking forward to the app in the future.
  12. Karendar
    I'm wondering, would a software gain switch be plausible within the app? That might compensate for the lack of a physical one. :)
  13. Pierre111
    Hey Karandar, or F... (I value confidentiality) Short answer... No, sorry it's a hardware thing. I should receive samples for our adapter soon I'd like to know how it works for you (measurments work good, but golden ears like yours are precious...)
  14. Karendar
    No worries, just keep me posted. :wink:
  15. mellda
    Thank your the comparison. I was hasitating between bluwave and A&K but finally I choosed XB10 and I'm happy for my decision. I will receive it on monday. I hope it will sound great with my 50-ohm Shure 1540.
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