1. justsomesonyfan

    wts / fs cfa solaris OG , 1k incld paypal + shipping.

    solaris OG in used/mint condition. price is 1k w/shipping and paypal fees, or a trade for rhapsodio zombie mk2, or an ier z1r with me adding 200 usd. some accessories may be missing such as the tips that came with them and maybe some bags, but not anything major such as the cable. no hollowness...
  2. Dan Fuentes

    f/s Loaded audeze LCD-2 Classic Headphone w/ Norne Draug-3 Balanced cable, Carbon Fiber Headband, New Dekoni Elite Pads LCD-2C

    Here is a very well taken care of pair of Audeze LCD-2 Classic headphones. Original 1st owner, about 2 years old, purchased direct from Audeze. Just replaced original pads with Dekoni Elite Sheepskin Pads (+80). Has Audeze Carbon Fiber headband (+200). Custom Norne Audio 4-Pin XLR Draug-3 5ft...
  3. G

    Setup Suggestions Needed!!!

    Hello Friends, I am a guy who always listens to music while on the go or at the gym, so I have always opted for portable setups and my current setup includes, A Fiio M11 pro music player and DUNU DK-3001 Pro IEM. I am much satisfied with the beautiful balanced sound of this setup. But as they...
  4. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Plussound Gold Plated Silver SOLD

    Hi selling my one month and half old Cable. It is in mint condition and as new. Its a 2 pin connector for iem with a termination of 4.4mm balanced. It has 1.5m length This is the 4 wires version. It has beautiful sound properties with a touche of warmth and smooth treble notes. Bass is more...
  5. Babayagga

    E1DA 9038S Gen 2 USB DAC Portable HiFi Headphone Amplifier

    E1DA 9038S Gen 2 USB DAC Portable HiFi Headphone Amplifier . Shipped with USPS First Class Package. This is an open box item that I only used once to test. This is by far the greatest DAC/Amp available today. Just check out the glowing reviews...
  6. Pretardo

    Future Thought for ideas related to making audio-gear more Awesome!

    Let me begin with the preamble that I have no idea where to put this thread on the forum. I spent all of two minutes searching and for better or worse this thread now belongs here in the LOUNGE. The purpose of this tread is to post half-baked, rando thoughts that you believe might make your...
  7. TommyFro

    ZMF Cowhide Cable Bag

    Looking to clear some gear that I no longer have a need for. Prices are shipped and PP in the CONUS ZMF Cowhide cable bag: $55 SOLDAlo Audio interconnect: $50 SOLD(From other add)Lg G7 ThinQ TMobile: $95 Old pics can be found here
  8. Tweeters

    WTS: Tin T3

  9. wenbinbin2010

    [SOLD] FS: Holo Audio Cyan DAC/Amp + Gustard U16 I2S interface

    Currently in the downsizing phase, so I'm selling off my beloved Holo Audio DACs. The Cyan was my first foray into the Holo Spring NOS R2R sound and it definitely got me addicted. Later on, I upgraded to the Spring KTE and it undoubtedly an upgrade, especially with upscaling to DSD512. The Cyan...
  10. Ramzal

    [SOLD] Focal Utopia w/ Norne Audio Silvergarde S3

    I am selling my pair of Focal Utopias with Norne Audio Silvergarde S3 Cable. Price is $2200 OBO I have original box, original cable, and purchase receipt from authorized Focal Dealer (March 11, 2019). These have been lightly used. Cosmetically, they are 9.5/10 with no blemishes or marks that...
  11. xdeedledeedoo


    Hi, this is my first post on these forums and I'd like some help with my ATH M50X headphones. I was first using a bad "gaming headphone" that i got for like 30 euros and wanted to get better sound quality. I decided to go with the ATH M50X headphones and connected them to my pc. They sound...
  12. Ziadax

    [WTS] Noble Audio Katana Universal IEM

    Hello, For sale is my Noble Audio Katana Universal IEM. These probably have around 200 or so hours on them, and I've enjoyed them a lot. However I just don't seem to use them much these days and I figured someone else might appreciate these more rather than them collecting dust in my drawer...
  13. TommyFro

    SOLD Campfire Audio Polaris V1 - Silver cable option

    Looking to sell my Campfire Audio Polaris V1. Excellent sounding IEM and it is in like new condition, both me and the previous owner took really good care of it. Comes with no eartips, but does include the original box and carry case. I don't think the carry case has ever been used because it...
  14. Tweeters

    [WTS] NudeAudio Move L Bluetooth speaker

    Here are pics: High quality stereo speaker, plenty of bass and gets loud. Comes with the speaker and charger. Price is $28 shipped! Let me know if you have any questions, thanks
  15. TommyFro

    All gone

    Looking to sell a few things that I no longer have a need for. Items will all be shipped in padded envelopes using USPS first class. Discounts available for bundles. All prices are shipped and PP in the CONUS Alo Audio Litz: SOLD$40 - balanced 2.5mm to mmcx with...
  16. Final  B Series

    Final B Series

    Final B series Each of the latest research results productized into an engineer driven new series. A new engineer driven product series that productizes each of the latest research results. Series concept and retail price are not bound in a hierarchy, productization is by order of development...
  17. TooPoorForHiFi


    As the title says, Brand New Sealed & Unopen Tin HiFi T4. Ship from US. For Sale Only. Free Shipping.
  18. voja

    Is older gear better than the new?

    I am wondering, the case for many things is that older equipment has better quality. In many cases older gear can be acquired for a good price, and it's nothing new that you can get a better older piece of equipment for the same price of the new equipment. This seems to be case in speakers, as...
  19. luisdent

    Zero audio carbo tenore mint.

    Mint condition zero audio tenore with box and original bag and tips. Incredible sound quality for the price. Asking $20. buyer pays shipping.
  20. Jettsom

    Sold- CA Andromeda + Alo Audio Reference 8 cable

    Campfire Audio Andromeda with original box and accessories in great condition with reference 8 cable from Alo Audio (4 silver plated copper + 4 occ copper conductors). This combo is truly amazing! This is B-stock Andromeda (V2 model) with the only reason not being A-Stock is the color which is...
  21. gaz2613

    ifi xCAN Review

    Hi guys, please take a look below for my take on the ifi xCAN portable headphone amp:
  22. gaz2613

    Burson Swing DAC Review

    Hi guys Please check out my review of the Burson Swing DAC below:
  23. gaz2613

    Another D50 Review! :)

    I have decided to do a review of the Topping D50 after using it for a few months. More reviews coming soon!
  24. Tweeters

    WTS: Final E2000, KZ ZS6 IEMs

    Both SOLD for $45 total
  25. ejswa51

    Audio Technica ATH-W1000X

    Because of needing money for an upgrade, I am selling my beloved W1000X "Grandioso" audiophile wooden headphones. Easy to drive, works straight from your phone, but a proper source (headphone amp) is recommended. Sounds lovely, great for loads of genres. Google around for reviews! Pick-up and...