1. Duggu

    Audio Engineering Thread - Introduce Topics to discuss furthermore

    The main aim of this group is to discuss the Scientific aspects of the hobby to a newbie. Anything science/engineering related, from Clocks in DAC to Feedback Loops in AMP, from Impedance Curve of transducers to Downsampling Methods: every discussion is welcomed here.
  2. Moondrop Golden Ages

    Moondrop Golden Ages

    Model: MOONDROP Golden Ages Configuration: Single 13mm Annular Planar Magnetic Driver Bluetooth version: 5.3 Supported protocols: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP Codec: SBC/AAC/LDAC/LC3 Charging port: USB-C Working distance: 10m (unobstructed open environment) Support system: Bluetooth devices and mobile...
  3. Bellos Audio X4

    Bellos Audio X4

    X4 We are thrilled to unveil the X4, our flagship product from the X-Series line of Custom In-Ear Monitors. The X4 is the culmination of our dedication to delivering an exceptional audio experience to musicians and audiophiles alike. Featuring an added ultra-high driver and our proprietary...
  4. Jomo Audio Instinct Emerald

    Jomo Audio Instinct Emerald

    Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience with the Instinct IEM and Adrenalin MKII 4W cable bundle by Jomo Audio. The perfect harmony between cutting-edge technology and exceptional design, this bundle offers you unparalleled sound quality and a listening journey like no other. Key...
  5. D

    Hello, I'm looking for some help with purchasing a Quality Speaker setup for 5.1 audio to use with my Computer.

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well today. Hopefully this isn't too long of a message, but I want to explain my situation and what I've learned thus far. I hope this is the correct place/forum to post this question as this site seems to be mainly a Headphone forum (I see there is a...
  6. C

    Android phone calls to USB DAC

    I just bought an Android 13 car head unit and I connected a USB DAC to one of its USB ports. All audio goes out the USB DAC except for phone calls and AV-IN audio (from my externally connected TV tuner via phono plugs yellow/red/white). (phonecalls are conducted by connecting my phone to the...
  7. FiiO KB3

    FiiO KB3

  8. FiiO x Jade Audio JD1

    FiiO x Jade Audio JD1

  9. FiiO KA13

    FiiO KA13

    550mW output power CS43131*2 PCM 384kHz/32bit DSD256 3.5+4.4 outputs APP connection SPDIF output LED light MSRP 79.99 USD
  10. msing539

    Affordable Desktop Audio Rack

    I searched for many months for an off-the-shelf solution to hold my gear but to no avail. Next logical step was something custom, and I tried my hand at building one, but soon realized that it's a tough undertaking if you don't have the right tools. Started reaching out to local woodworking...
  11. iFi Audio NEO Stream

    iFi Audio NEO Stream

    Roon Ready – Roon Ready certification means the NEO Stream slots straight into a Roon audio environment and works seamlessly with Roon software. DNLA/UPnP – Use your choice of any DLNA/UPnP compatible app – BubbleUpnP, connect, Audirvana and so on – to control the NEO Stream and access audio...
  12. Brise Audio Yatono Ultimate 8W

    Brise Audio Yatono Ultimate 8W

    Brise Audio YATONO 8wire Ultimate earphone cable YATONO 8wire-Ultimate earphone re-cable was developed as the highest sound quality model pursuing only sound quality. BriseAudio have put all of their current know-how into this cable, and it is the highest sound quality cable in the history of...
  13. Musician Audio Andromeda

    Musician Audio Andromeda

  14. S

    audio cd bonus features?

    Hey,so if I want to make my own audio cd proper one with CDFS and everything that plays like you bought one form the store,can I also put bonus features like videos of the song bts(behind the scenes) or is it just audio?
  15. J


    Would these earphones be good paired with this dac? Earphones: Dac...
  16. Dèng

    Welcome to the Tank Family - TinHiFi T2 EVO IEM

    Greetings everyone! TinHiFi's latest release, TinHiFi T2 EVO, has just been listed on Linsoul Audio. In-stocks are available and you may order yours here~ An additional cable, Tripowin Altea, has been added to the listing as an add-on deal too. All three options are available—3.5mm...
  17. jordancondi

    What would be a significant upgrade from Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro for music?

    Back in June of 2019 I bought a BD DT1990 Pro with some random audio cables for 450 euros. I am using the headphones with an internal PC sound card, Creative Sound Blaster AE7. But as of yesterday I've starting having issues with audio cutting out on right channel, maybe faulty cable from a lot...
  18. Dèng

    Tripowin x BGGAR Mele IEM Giveaway on Linsoul

    Greetings everyone! The Tripowin x BGGAR Mele, a 10mm Graphene dynamic driver with dual cavity IEM, will be launched on Linsoul this coming Friday, 20th Aug, 2021 (GMT+8). To celebrate the product launch, we have launched a Tripowin x BGGAR Mele IEM Giveaway! 3 lucky winners will get to win a...
  19. AnnoyingNewGuy

    RTX But For Sound Waves | 2 Minute Papers

    The idea is to use machine learning to figure out how sound waves behave in different environments. Basically RTX for audio. Its a great video
  20. Booby Trap

    Problem with FiiO E10K - only right side audio

    Alright so I have a FiiO E10K Olympus 2 that I've been using for 6 years now. It's been connected to my desktop and the same headphone (AKG K612 Pro) like 95% of the time. Recently I had to help my brother with something and I took my E10K to connect it to his laptop to test some stuff. When I...
  21. B

    Does Threaded Metal Shell Connector Reduce Noise ?

    Dear Guys Hope We All in Good Condition :). #Consumer 4-Pole TRRS 3.5mm Audio Extension Cable with Microphone Support, I would like to buy some audio component. I want to extend my cheap in-Ear consumer with microphone support. Then I should buy an Audio Extension along with microphone...
  22. Barusu Lamperouge

    India Audiophiles, Join in!

    Hello! I'm curious to know how many audio enthusiasts are there in India? We should connect and share our experiences about this unique and affordable form of Hi-fi audio in India. Share our new discoveries and impressions about the audio gear in general. Looking forward to connect with many...
  23. Rockwell75

    The Watercooler -- Impressions, philosophical discussion and general banter. Index on first page. All welcome.

    Welcome to the Watercooler! This is a place where all are welcome. We are gathered here to share impressions, to participate in discussions, to cultivate love & enthusiasm for this hobby and to partake in the joy of fellowship and community. Thread expectations: While discussion will...
  24. Plunge Audio Signature Series CIEM

    Plunge Audio Signature Series CIEM

    "The ultimate boutique experience. The Plunge Audio Signature Series gives you access to technology, material, and innovations that no other model can provide. You’ll have unlimited access to the Plunge Audio team to create the most unique, tailored pair of IEMs, down to your every...
  25. Dèng

    THIEAUDIO Monarch and Clairvoyance Update

    Greetings everyone. We have decided to remove the custom options for THIEAUDIO Monarch and Clairvoyance till further notice, as we will be focusing on our current orders and mainly UIEMs for the time being. For those who have already placed their CIEM orders before today, your orders will...