Problem with FiiO E10K - only right side audio
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Apr 12, 2014
Alright so I have a FiiO E10K Olympus 2 that I've been using for 6 years now. It's been connected to my desktop and the same headphone (AKG K612 Pro) like 95% of the time.

Recently I had to help my brother with something and I took my E10K to connect it to his laptop to test some stuff. When I came back and plugged it back into my computer the audio now suddenly plays only from one side (the right one) from the headphone out port. When I plug the 3.5mm in part way the audio plays from the left side, when it's all the way in it only plays from the right.

I went back to test it on the laptop thinking something might be wrong with my pc but it's the same story there.

Thinking something might be wrong with my headphone I tested it with my only other headphone (Sony MDR-XB950BT) and once again the same thing happens. When plugged into any other 3.5mm port (including the line out on the back of the fiio) both headphones work just fine so they're not the problem

As a last resort I removed the screws from the back of the E10K and took out the board to see if maybe I pushed the 3.5mm in too hard causing the port to get moved back or something like that (happened with the usb port of my phone once >_>) but everything seems fine and in place.

I just noticed that if I push the 3.5mm about half way into the port or about 90% into the port the audio does actually work from both sides.
I can also get both channels to work if I push the cable up a bit when it's fully plugged in (so that it's pressing down inside).

Does anyone know what might have caused this problem and more importantly how to fix it? If it's even possible to fix it...

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