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100+ Head-Fier
Simplify Your Setup !
Pros: +75% layout
+Arrow Keys
+Gasket Mount
+Practically has KA13 Built In
+Free of Stabilizer Rattle and Ticking
+Build Quality
Cons: -Muted Typing Sound (Subjective - Nitpicking)
-Probably Warranty Will Void if Customized (Need to Check With FIIO)
FIIO x Jade Audio KB3 HiFi Edition
CS43131x2 + SGM8262x2
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First let me thank FIIO for providing me this HiFi Keyboard for this review, rest assured, my review as usual 100% my own personal opinion and FIIO did not have any input on this at all.

What you get inside the box :
  • Keyboard
  • Dust Cover
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Keycap - Switch Puller
  • USB C to A Cable
Build Quality – Keyboard Review

The KB3 uses 75% layout (81keys), Gateron G Pro 3.0 Yellow Switches
On the left side there is 3.5mm and 4.4mm audio port,
On the right side there is a volume wheel with mute function.
The upper side has 2 extra USB port for convenient and a Type C connector for connecting the keyboard to your PC.
The KB3 HiFi Edition does not have wireless functionality while the wireless version does not have audio functionality.

The top case is made from aluminum-magnesium alloy. While I don't know exactly what profile the stock keycaps and what material it used, it feels like an OEM profile - ABS material to me.
The keycap itself is in translucent - black colored.

The KB3 is a “North Facing” keyboard (meaning the LED facing up) and "hot-swappable" (meaning the switch can be replaced without soldering), though I don't think keycap compatibility / interference will be an issue since the KB3 is using the Gateron G Pro 3.0 switches.

The LED effect can be set using the Fn + F1-F4 button

Here is the exploded view of the KB3 (Credit to Jade Audio KB3 product page)
The KB3 use a gasket mount design but it uses silicone gasket rather than poron, personally myself like the feel of poron gasket more than silicone one, since this is an audio forum and review place , what's the different you might ask, silicone gasket has a semi stiff gasket feel to it, while poron is more bouncy.

The stiffness of this keyboard is also affected by the steel plate above the PCB that KB3 used.

Lets move on to the dampening of this keyboard, the KB3 uses sound absorbing foam, and switch foam with silicone dampener. Again, If this is purely akeyboard review, I would like to nitpick about the usage of silicone dampener, It makes the overall typing sound to be a bit muted, too muted at least for me.

The bottom case is made out of plastic if that matters to you.
There is also 2 level of keyboard feet adjuster to set.
If you ask, then what type of keyboard personally I like, well, usually I build keyboard using poron gasket and PC (Polycarbonate) plate to have extra bouncy flexy feels to it, and usually I use PE / EVA foam or even add some pillow fiber to the case and tape mod the PCB for more poppy typing sound, but hey, its just my personal taste after all.

One thing I must point out, the “stabilizer” of the KB3 is excellent! On my unit there is NO rattle and ticking at all to be found.
For a “prebuilt HiFi keyboard” this is commendable, let alone, on a prebuilt keyboard from a pure keyboard brand, I found myself always have to re-do the stabilizer to remove the ticking sound. Meanwhile the KB3 is from an audio brand, and out of the box ready to use with no ticking, impressive.

Here is a sound test of this keyboard

Audio Review

I would like to describe the KB3 as a split copy of the KA13, it has same tonal and characteristic of the KA13, probably FIIO decided to slap the KA13 to a keyboard then BOOM there goes the KB3.

It has a neutral tonality with a bouncy bass.
Well to be honest the audio section of this KB3 probably would be just me repeating what I said on the KA13 review.

Bass on the KB3 is somewhat highlighted just like the KA13, it has a bouncy and pillowy bass, It is a fun sounding bass for sure.

Midrange of the KB3, probably if I could change the filter of the KB3 to the same exact settings I review the KA13, the sound would be similar.
But since there is no option to change filter, I would describe it as neutral sounding mids with some added clarity on the upper mid region.

Treble is also neutral, it doesn't try to add more details to your sounds but not lacking in detail. It just like what comes in, comes out as is.


is very good for its price, it pretty much share the same technicalities just like the KA13, so it means it is on the same level such as Tanchjim Space, Moondrop Dawn, Truthear Shio dongle level.

Stage is somewhat large with normal depth information.

Detail Retrieval is decent for its price, it can shows micro details without problem, though it do lacks more highlight or extra layering from lets say more expensive DAC-AMP, which is normal for its price point.

Imaging is also decent for its price, If your IEM / Headphone has holographical imaging, the KB3 has no problem showing it, just like the KA13.

Separation& Positioning is also decent, if compared to the likes of standard smartphone audio or your PC motherboard audio, the KB3 does improve the separation and positioning quite a lot.

Output Power Just like the KA13, it has a decent power for this size, it can output 170mw 32ohm on SE and 550mw 32ohm on Balanced, tested using FT3350ohm, the KB3 can push the FT3 to a very loud listening level without any problem.

I will not do any comparation on this review since this is my first HiFi Keyboard and sadly I have never tried other HiFi Keyboard before.


The KB3 is FIIO's attempt at entering the HiFi Keyboard market, It offers pretty solid typing experience. The build of the device itself is excellent and practically has a KA13 built in.

If you want to simplified your setup, lets say on your office, the KB3 could be a very good choice for you.
You won't get that bombastic side eyed from your colleague because you bring weird audio stuff to your desk anymore thanks to the KB3.

Well to be honest not only just for your office use, the KB3 is perfect if you want to de-clutter your desk and simplify your setup on a tight budget.

Anyway, do I recommend the KB3?

Yeah absolutely ! This device offers a decent keyboard typing experience with no rattle and ticking, and somewhat bouncy-stiff and muted typing experience and a very good entry level DAC-AMP combined for only $150

If you're into keyboard and audio, and want to simplify your setup, then this device is pretty much for you.

Thanks for reading this far.

Just in case you're Indonesian, or understand Bahasa Indonesia, you can watch the review of KB3 here

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Why not just buy the KA13 at that point. There are much better mechanical keyboard options.
Didn't even know that this was a thing.
This is actually usable for people who spend a lot of their time in front of a PC.
This is somewhat cool, but is there a big enough demand for this



New Head-Fier
Modded mine with all custom silent switches (gateron black ink v2 silent) and custom razer pbt keycaps. The built-in dac/amp 3.5mm jack even supports my mic. 2 usb ports on back which I have both my mouse dongles plugged into. Endgame keyboard. It was fun putting it together, only took me about an hour.