General Information

Introducing the EVGA NU Audio PCIe Card, the definitive standard for Premium PC Audio. High-quality audio is built on a simple premise: everything must be solid from start to finish. One weak link in the chain can turn a symphony into a cacophony. With this in mind, EVGA partnered with Audio Note (UK) to select audiophile-grade components and carefully craft the NU Audio card. Starting with the XMOS xCORE-200 chipset, we added a Premium AKM DAC capable of up to 123dB DNR/SNR. Powered by ultralow-noise Texas Instruments power regulators, WIMA and specialized Audio Note capacitors, your audio remains noise- and distortion-free as it passes through to your choice of speakers or headphones. Even the smallest details were not left to chance, as the NU Audio card features switchable OP-Amps, copper shielding, a passive heatsink, and 10-mode RGB lighting controlled through the EVGA NU Audio Software.

The EVGA NU Audio card features a robust software suite of features for audiophiles, gamers, streamers, and anyone else looking for the best sound quality from an audio card. The NU Audio Card now comes packed with Virtual Surround from Nahimic, reverb effects for playback, smart volume control for playback and recording, and ambient noise reduction during recording. These features can be individually toggled on/off, or all processing can be disabled with the click of a button.

Bring your Next-Gen system to the next generation of Premium PC Audio: EVGA NU Audio.

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Audio DSP:
  • XMOS xCORE-200
  • Native DSD Support (up to x256)
Output Configuration:
  • 2 Channel (Analog)
  • 5.1 Channel (Digital via S/PDIF)
Dynamic Range (DNR) / Signal-to-Noise (SNR):
  • 123dB (Stereo Playback)
  • 121dB (Line-In Recording)
Playback Format:
  • Up to 384kHz, 32bit (Stereo)
  • Up to 192kHz, 24bit (Optical)
Headphone Amp:
  • 16-600ohm (Independent Analog Control)
Maximum Voltage:
  • 8Vrms
Maximum Current:
  • 250mA
Recording Format:
  • Up to 384kHz, 32bit (Line-In)
  • Up to 192kHz, 24bit (Mic-In)
RGB Lighting:
  • 10 - Mode w/ Audio Reactive Lighting
  • Stereo Out (RCA L/R)
  • Headphone Out (6.3mm)
  • Line-In (3.5mm)
  • Mic-In (3.5mm)
  • Optical Out (TOSLINK Passthrough)
  • Front Panel Header
Premium Components:
  • DAC - AKM AK4493
  • ADC - AKM AK5572
  • OP-AMP (Headphone) - ADI OP275
  • OP-AMP (Line Out) - ADI AD8056
  • Capacitors - WIMA, Audio Note(UK), Nichicon
  • Power Regulators - Texas Instruments TPS7A47/TPS7A33 ultralow-noise power solution
Switchable OP-AMPs:
  • Headphone, Line out
  • PCIe x1 Gen2
Power Connector:
  • 1x SATA Power
Supported OS:
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)