1. FiiO

    FIIO HiFi Audio Mechanical Keyboard KB3 is available!

    Time to upgrade your music experience! Desktop-grade all-in-one DAC and amp, for immersive HiFi music; a customizable keyboard with swappable keys, the perfect slate for experimentation; aluminum-magnesium alloy construction, a “true HiFi” desk keyboard. An unlimited HiFi experience · The KB3...
  2. Wasaabi

    Moondrop's keyboard

  3. Audman71

    EXPERIMENT: Low MIDI Keyboard Lantency Regardless Of Buffer

    Hello! I have recently seen some articles online talking about resolving latency as an issue with monitoring while recording audio, but not very much is talking about latency between a daw, virtual instrument, and midi keyboard controller. I just completed an experiment where I successfully...
  4. Hyaku

    Some issues with the Cowon Plenue D

    Hello ! I'm pretty new here, but i seek your help. I'm having some minor but still annoying problems with my new Plenue D. Firmware is 1.17 (latest), i have a 32 gigs micro sd (SDHC) card in there. First of all, my albums are duplicated, some up to 5 times in the album section. They hold the...