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Some issues with the Cowon Plenue D

  1. Hyaku
    Hello !

    I'm pretty new here, but i seek your help. I'm having some minor but still annoying problems with my new Plenue D. Firmware is 1.17 (latest), i have a 32 gigs micro sd (SDHC) card in there.

    First of all, my albums are duplicated, some up to 5 times in the album section. They hold the same music (like 3 songs), and some of the other songs are not even referenced, but i can still find them using the search.

    I've tried formatting the card several times and following some tutorials here concerning a samsung SD card that wasn't recognised, but it didn't help. Every time i deleted and copied the music back, it seemed it was getting worse. I haven't tried putting it on the internal memory yet. I used MP3tag to add the info to the MP3, so i'm pretty sure it's not because of a misstype :/

    Then, concerning the search, or renaming the playlists, anything with the keyboard : if i switch to caps, it won't switch back to small letters, and same with numbers. It's pretty annoying. Is it a known software bug ?

    I would be really glad if someone could help me on the first issue, as i prefer browsing by album. Thanks a lot !
  2. Derek Thomason
    Although this player has great sound, I have had all kinds of software problems, especially in playing by album. Cowon aren't much help

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