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    Best Way To Connect Hugo 2 With Laptop ?

    Hi Guys This Is my first post . What is the best possible way I can connect my Hugo 2 with my Windows & MacBook Laptops . 1. Which of the above Laptops I can expect best sound quality if connected via usb and how ? 2. Hugo 2 usb input does not have isolation, what can I do to minimise the...
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  3. FiiO KB3

    FiiO KB3

  4. FiiO

    FIIO HiFi Audio Mechanical Keyboard KB3 is available!

    Time to upgrade your music experience! Desktop-grade all-in-one DAC and amp, for immersive HiFi music; a customizable keyboard with swappable keys, the perfect slate for experimentation; aluminum-magnesium alloy construction, a “true HiFi” desk keyboard. An unlimited HiFi experience · The KB3...
  5. fufula

    Equalizer APO & bit-perfect playback

    I'd like to run Equalizer APO with my LCD2Cs, because the right EQ can make them sound like heaven. How do you guys choose between the two? Is bit-perfect playback worth not being able to to EQ your headphones? If I make sure no other audio streams are sent to my DAC, am I still somehow...
  6. O

    How do you reduce rattle on items in your office from a subwoofer?

    I purchased a Polk Audio PSW10 10" sub for my office, and I installed rubber feet on it (SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System) to reduce the spread of bass through the floor. This hasn't helped, so I'm thinking I'll need to add padding to items in my room that are effected by the bass. This...
  7. Excelsius

    High Quality Wireless Audio Setup

    I've been out of the high quality audio loop for over a decade. Now that I'm more set in my career, I thought it's time to build a high quality wireless audio system. The problem is that I don't know where to start. Here is what I'm trying to achieve: I'm building a very high end Windows...
  8. A

    Intel NUC for HiFi help.

    Hi all. I'm building an Intel NUC for regular use, but also for YouTube and YouTube audio use. Basically I want to get great sound while using the computer, and to watch music videos and concerts on my big screen with it also. I've already ordered “Intel BNUC11TNKI30000 NUC Pro Barebone Kit -...
  9. tlite

    Linux EQ That works with Dragonfly Red USB?

    I may have missed this somewhere apologies if covered elsewhere! I'm using a Dragonfly Red with a new install of Linux Mint. Music plays fine, but I can't EQ anything. I have the PulseAudio Equalizer installed, but I believe it only effects the analogue outs and it isn't EQ'ing anything out...
  10. W

    Headphones similar to Aeon Open X

    I am listening headphones to find something suitable for me. Mostly I use them for computer games and movies. I need great punchy boom bass, good soundstage and good details of sound in general, prefer neutral sound signature ( but it's not for music in there most cases ). Yesterday I listened...
  11. Hypermale

    PC (Music) Headphone Recommendation?

    Hi, I am looking for some recommendations for headphones to use while sitting at my PC listening to music (and maybe for use with my turntable, maybe). My budget is flexible, but something around the £250 mark would be good. I have an HRT Microstreamer USB DAC capable of driving lower impedance...
  12. G

    ASUS Xonar Essence STX II, & EVGA Nu Audio PCIe Sound Card (OEM OP Amps & Burson V6 Vivid's Duals)

    Full Disclosure: I received the three Burson V6 Vivid Dual OP Amps used in this review from Carlos @ Burson at no cost to myself, on the proviso that I posted an honest review of the product. I am not affiliated with or Paid by any of the companies or products mentioned within the short review...
  13. theaudiologist1

    Audirvana painfully slow.

    Hey guys. I just updated my 2011 Macbook Pro to (unofficial) Catalina as well as convert my drive from HFS+ to APFS. So far everything has been working fine and fluently, except Audirvana. Audirvana is a huge laggy mess, even on High Sierra it was but now it's worse. It lags on the album view...
  14. G

    DAC Amp Pair For A System With Low Power Requirements

    Hello all, I would like advice on which DAC and AMP pair to buy. I mainly use a pair of high quality, but very easy to drive IEMs, namely the Westone ES50s which have an impedance of 20 ohms at 1khz. In addition I would also like to drive a pair of KRK Systems VXT6 speakers with this setup...
  15. X

    Looking for some advice

    I'm attempting to find a better way to wire my PC setup and you really appreciate some advice on the subject. I have a set of Koss ESP/95X which are connected to their energizer, which is then connected to an Aune T1se DAC/AMP via RCA/Component (Red and White) connector, then from the Aune T1se...
  16. mjkpolo

    PS4 toslink has superior sound to Win 10 PC?

    Hello all, I just wanted to ask if what my dad and I are both hearing is just our imagination. First off, I am streaming spotify premium high quality on both PS4 and PC. We both swear that tracks have extra depth and clarity from my ps4 going into my Schiit Modi 3 and JBL 305 speakers. We tested...
  17. W

    Portable Sound Card for PC/Laptop

    Hello. I bought Superlux HD-681F yesterday. I am delighted from these headphones! They are amazing, especially for their price! This is my first headphones after Ritmix RH-508 Now I see, that PC/Laptop and smartphone are not the best option for these headphones. I was listening them on Fiio X5...
  18. raoultrifan

    Burson Audio Bang (29/8ohms, 40w/4ohms, PC, Class A/B Stereo Power Amplifier)

    Hello, Couldn't find a dedicated thread about this power amp, so starting a new one here where I will be posting some thoughts, pics and some in-house pictures and measurements. Meanwhile, some details about this power amp taken directly from the manufacturer. Input impedance: 100...
  19. BounceHouse420

    Please tell me how I should improve this system!!!

    I have a Sennheizer 2.0 Momentum attached to a Logitech 5-Z300 (5.1 surround sound) system, which is plugged into a SoundBlaster Rx/5 soundcard. What is the cheapest way I can improve this setup that will be noticeable?
  20. RayTrace77

    Asus Essense STX II 7.1 Line-Out question

    Hi Everyone, I got an Asus Essense STX II card and can't find any information regarding the RCA out, I want to connect it to a Little Dot MK II using Phono - Phono cables but I'm aware you shouldn't connect an already amplified source to another device than can amplify again. I've searched...
  21. BounceHouse420

    What is the best 5.1 surround system for under 200$?

    I need to replace my current 5.1 surround system my current one is a Logitech Z-5300 whose information can be found at Also, I have a SoundBlaster Audigy Rx/5 on my PC so it should have all of the require jacks for any surround system on the...
  22. S

    Cheap/Easy Digital Link Between Computers?

    What's the best way to get digital audio out of one computer and into another? I've got a several years old Desktop PC and a Macbook Air which I frequently use simultaneously. For many years I've been using a male to male 3.5mm aux cable between the computers, outputting from the Macbook and...
  23. BounceHouse420

    Is there any software that will auto-select the sample rate and bit depth based on the song/game?

    My Sound Blaster Audigy Rx/5 came with a default of 16 bit, 48,000 Hz, but I changed it to 24 bit, 48,000 Hz. I was just curious if there was a piece of software that would know what settings were best when. (BTW I know little about sample rate and bit depth so I apologize if this was a stupid...
  24. G

    New member saying hello...

    Hi everyone, I am new here as of today and I am looking forward to learning a lot more about sound and sound solutions for pc gaming. I have been reading what seems like a ton of information around the web on pc gaming sound options, components, terminology, technology, etc. and it has left me...