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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. zolom
    With other BT cables/receivers, you can usually activate google now by pressing twice the pause button, then the music is paused and the google prompt is heard, waiting for the voice command.

    I am glad to hear that sensitive iems sound great with the Bluewave.
    Looking forward for shippments to start. When is it planned?
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2017
  2. gandoe
    Just to be clear - you specifically said USB for phones, but I assume there's no reason why it also wouldn't work with a PC, too? Are there specific upgrade plans to increase the USB audio 24 bit - in case for some reason Bluetooth 5 is unavailable?\

    And my apologies for the naive questions - but if BT 5 is not available, and instead the transmission is BT 4.2 or lower - how does that affect the quality of the amp/DAC output?

    I would like to have the option of a great listening experience whether getting a signal through Bluetooth or wired, with a single (great) headphone amp / DAC.

    Finally - what is the expected delivery time if the order is placed now?

  3. Pierre111
    Hi Gandoe, I'm not sure I understand your question well about BT 5. It is available, our device is Bluetooth 5.0 certified. You mean if the source device is not? I reassure you there is no impact on the quality of the transmission, neither on the quality of the output. BT 5 is for us a way to be future proof, has benefits in latency for source device that has no AptX low latency codec like IOS devices but the audio quality is the exact same. Note that 24 bit audio require AptX HD on the source, it has nothing to do with BT 5.0.

    Now for USB, I believe I was not clear. it is not at the moment fully tested on phones, Android or IOS. It is at the moment confirmed to work with windows 7 and up, and on any macOS 10 versions. So in short, it's a USB audio output for computers. 24 bits trough USB is not possible with the current device, our hardware won't support that it is not something we can do with an update.

    Hope that clear things, let me know if that answer your questions.

    At the moment I know it probably is not what you would like to read but an order placed now should ship in December.
  4. zolom
    Does the Bluewave Get support the activation of Google Now (for android), by pressing the unit's keys and then anable issuing voice commands?

    Last edited: Nov 1, 2017
  5. gandoe
    Pierre -

    You deciphered my question about BT perfectly well...I was asking if the source device (e.g., my computer with BT 4.0) was not transmitting using BT 5 codecs.

    OK, the USB definitely works on Win7 and up, although with the current hardware the Get supports 16bit.

    Thanks very much for your prompt reply!

  6. Karendar
    Just picked up my two Gets earlier! Their office is 10 minutes from my house. So far:

    Build is great
    Connects easily to my moto z
    Plugged in my U8, there's some hiss... Will have to test it with other phones. Impedance issue?
    They suggested I play volume of phone at max and control.volume on the get. Issue is that the manual volume because of the amp circuit goes REALLY LOUD at max... Was scared to blow up my U8. :wink:
    Sound is as expected: clear and punchy. Amp circuit reminds me of the fiio A5...

    That's it for today! More impressions tomorrow.
  7. Pierre111
    Hi Karendar, thanks for that. just to confirm are the U8 you are reffering to has having some hiss are those: https://www.64audio.com/product/1964-U8-Earphone
    I could investigate a bit more
  8. Karendar
    Hey Pierre, yes... Those are the ones. :wink: I know the BT on my moto z also sucks, so I'll try with my iphone as well
  9. MrFuzzemz
    Thanks for your thoughts! I'm curious to hear your continued impression of them and eagerly await my own. I wonder if the hiss could be due to the Bluetooth connection and it defaulting to a lesser codec with lower dynamic range. I don't recall if the Android version you're using allows you to force the codec within the developer settings to AptX. That might help!
  10. tworule
    Where can I buy? Or when ?
  11. MrFuzzemz
    I bought mine on https://www.bluewaveaudio.ca/ where it currently has a special pre-order price. I think Pierre mentioned new orders would maybe be shipped in December? A lot of details are available on their indiegogo page.
    tworule likes this.
  12. FSTOP
    I received my Bluewave Get yesterday. (I was part of the crowdfunding platform on Indigogo, in an early tier.)

    I have been eagerly awaiting this product before any such device existed and did not hesitate in the least as soon as I heard of the Bluewave offering.

    I’ve had a few hours of listening so far, and believe I can fairly represent what my impressions are thus far. To summarize at the beginning, Get SOUNDS GREAT!

    Can safely say that it has the cleanest Bluetooth sound quality of any BT device that I have heard so far. [Which is substantial quantity, as I have probably a dozen or more receivers for earphones/headphones, speakers, BT for my car audio and my home hifi system (which is in an acoustically-treated listening room that includes 4-way tower monitors that I custom-designed and built, 31 band EQ, valve preamps, high-end T-amps, etc.-- I have training as a recording engineer and also have multi-track recording equipment). I also build my own BT speaker systems from scratch, using BT PCBs and amp boards.]

    The sound is CLEAN, with very articulate, detailed, transmission. The entire frequency spectrum is well-represented, with no particular peaks throughout. Meaning the bass isn’t bloated or muddy, the treble doesn’t contain harshness in certain regions. It that respect, I was afraid it might have a “tone” or pre-decided sound signature (EQ) for ‘warmth’ or an overly-pronounced “smile EQ” profile. It does have punchy bass, and sparkling highs, but the midrange is also clean and pure and not pushed to the background. Yeaaah!!

    Stereo separation is very good, with GREAT IMAGING. The sound floor is very low with a good ‘blackness’ during quiet moments in sound. There are too many variables with smartphone audio to even mention or fairly review. All phone processes can interrupt, cause clicks, phone noises, etc., so those are not fair to evaluate and must try to be overlooked. (I regularly turn off many processes, notifications, etc. when I am solely listening to music. Even things like Location services I have found cause dropouts in BT, etc).

    My GET paired immediately to my phone with no problems whatsoever. No code was needed, the device name (Bluewave Get) was shown and connected strongly and with no issues. It has connected automatically--immediately and with consistency--in further pairings.

    I have as yet to test the built-in microphone and use for phone calls, but will add observations later if needed.

    For reference, I am using an Android phone, LG V20. This device has very good audio components (quad-DAC, clean amp able to push high-impedance headphones), as well as the apt-x HD codec for BT transmission. That I one reason I was excited to pair the Get with another apt-hd device. I can safely say that the sound is very clean, and certainly nearly as good as wired sound. I haven’t heard anything that comes closer to direct-wired sound. And certainly this has become even more important for the newer devices that do not even contain a 3.5mm headphone jack (and quite sure that “feature” will become the norm on most smartphones very soon).

    My phone briefly showed a message confirming that I was connected to a apt-x HD device. One concern however is that the GET showed a blue LED, rather than purple (as the initial Bluewave information stated it would be purple for apt-x HD connections). I am not sure if that has changed during production, or if there is a problem. The sound quality was certainly good, and I listened to a variety of files including FLAC and mp3 (lower and highest rates). My primary smartphone/device player is PowerAmp (alpha build 704). I use custom EQ profiles for each IEM/headphone, speaker, car audio, etc. as each tuning can require some adjustments.

    I have tried several headphones, including V-Moda M100, M80/xs, AudioTechnica ATH-M50, Shure SRH 940, Mee Pinnacle P1/P2, etc.—all with good results on the GET. I have tweaked EQ profiles for the BT versions of the devices.

    A few things that are of a bit of concern to me I will discuss now. Firstly, the analog potentiometer “steps” or values seem heavily weighted to the max side of the pot. Meaning, I have to turn the volume knob several degrees of turning (from “-“ setting) to get ANY sound, then the degrees of turn need to be very precise to vary the level I want to very loud (max “+” setting). This is a bit troublesome in use. It does not affect the quality of the sound, nor do I need to constantly change the volume. I understand that your source volume can play a role here (as it is essentially pre-amping) but the pot values still do not seem properly weighted throughout the turns even with lower/higher volumes on sources.

    Secondly, the RANGE of BT seems very low. At times, I can barely get a few yards from my phone before losing TX or having dropouts. Mind you, when its close it is solid and great, just the actual range is not very far. By contrast, other devices seem to double, or even quadruple range before dropping out (although they do not sound as good). For example, the BT built into my SMSL AD18 amp seems to have many times more range. I can barely get out of the same room with GET, but can go into 3 rooms and downstairs with the amp’s BT without losing connection. I understand this can be expected with such a small device, and the size of the antenna, and RF shielding, etc. As well as the varied devices being paired--just an observation with the devices I am currently using. I understand RF probably more than the average person, as I build BT boards into my own speakers and shielding for electronics in close-proximity, transmission through the housings, etc are very tricky…

    For summary, the GET Is what I wanted it to be. It is finally the device that can compare to WIRED SOUND QUALITY without wires, through a BT connection! So I can keep my phone in my pocket, backpack, and not have to mess with it.

    All of the controls on the GET work flawlessly. The main power button (bigger round one) is multi-function, also controlling Play/Pause and to Answer calls. The two triangular buttons are FF/REV tracks. (you can also hold down the track buttons to ff/rev within the same track, at least with PowerAmp). All buttons have a good feel to them, are easy to find by feel and use without looking at them, have a positive click without accidently having multiple clicks. The layout is very ergonomic, for me its perfect.

    I personally like the analog wheel volume control rather than volume buttons (pot-weighting aside). The clip is strong and attached well to clothing. The device seems SOLID and well-constructed.

    At the moment, I could not open the USER MANUAL document (in English and French) on the Bluewave website:
    but I am sure that will be corrected soon and before mass production/distribution.

    I would like to find out if the LED color functions are as they originally stated. It certainly utilizes an RGB LED, as other colors are used for functions (Blinking Blue for pairing BT, Blue for connected BT, Red for charging, Green when fully charged).
    Some reviewers have mentioned wanting a USB-C port rather than the usb-micro port. I too, like the newer C standard but it is bigger, probably making the device need to be larger, and not as mainstream in use as yet. Charging was fast but i have not completely drained the battery yet, running a good 5-6 hours though in use.

    The GET also looks very good, I think. Its understated--No flashy colors or style, but works with all dress and is “out of the way.” It has some solidity to it but is rather light in actual weight. I like the headphone jack placement on the bottom out of the way too.

    I hope these observations are of some help to those still waiting for their GET. Overall, I am greatly pleased and think that Bluewave has produced a superior BT amp! It truly does sound very good, rivaling wired sound quality and dedicated headphone amplifiers. The BT transmission is clean and detailed, sound floor is low, the amp is loud and punchy. In sound quality, for the size, it is truly remarkable!

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  13. waynes world
    Nice review @FSTOP !

    Have you read this review? From that review:
    Did you not notice any hiss with the gear that you were using?

    That one scares me a bit. Do you think that would be an issue?

  14. Karendar
    I get hiss with low impedance gear (32 and lower), but none on my higher one (150-300). Once music plays, hiss goes away... And it's not that bothersome.

    As for the wheel, it CAN be an issue, which is why I set the wheel to max and my bt audio level to the highest I can tolerate. However, I've never actually knocked over the wheel by mistake with my usage.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  15. inertianinja

    Hey! I wrote that review. LMK if you want any more info in my experience.
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