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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. ?ractaL
    Hi! I love my GET but I have a quick question. Can the GET be used as a WIRED DAC? I use iOS and AAC is not optimal, and sometimes I want to use my HD660S away from my desk where my CTH + SDAC is, and it would be nice to use the GET as a wired DAC and headphone amp similar to the Apogee Groove etc.

    Does it work this way?
  2. Karendar
    Yes it does, plug it in USB to your PC and see. :wink: I use it as a DAC once in a while
  3. ?ractaL
    Awesome! Will it work with iPhone 6S then (lightning to USB adapter)? Do you think it will drive the 660S well?
  4. Karendar
    It works on a PC... Haven't tested it in an OTG scenario. I just did quickly, I got it to SORT OF work with my Pixel 3, but the sound was pretty faint and couldn't control volume. So it DOES work in an OTG scenario in wired mode... Try it out, we never know!
  5. Karendar
    As for driving the 660S, if you have a high gain, should work fine yes. :) I have a high gain for my cans and a low gain for my IEM's.
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