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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. Karendar
    Good news! Glad to see people are onboard with the product. I really can't wait to try it with my gear. :) Lots of people are attempting similar products, promising insane specs... I feel like Bluewave's got the best middle ground in specs
  2. Scotty141
    Hey Pierre111, What's the ETA on shipping? I've read the comments from the disgruntled IndieGogo backers that backed it in December 2016 and expected the product to be delivered to them in April 2017... It's September now and you haven't fulfilled your orders for your backers yet, so when do you expect delivery for anyone else that pre-orders the product directly from your website?

    I'm really interested in the product but with bad past experience with crowd-funded products, I'm a little hesitant; especially when you're so delayed and providing irregular updates.

    Many thanks
  3. Karendar
    Hey, latest update from them says they're shipping in end of september... Right now, they're just waiting on the outer shells, electronics are completed from what I've read. Maybe @Pierre111 will be able to better fill us in.
  4. Scotty141
    I remember reading Karendar, but 6 months of delivery backlogs doesn't bode well for anyone making pre-orders now, and definitely doesn't give a good outlook for the product and company as a whole. I noticed @Pierre111 is usually pretty speedy with his replies on here so I'm surprised he hasn't responded yet, but hopefully he will next week. I don't wish to pre-order something unless I'm given straight answers
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  5. Karendar
    So is the life of a crowdfunding, I guess. :wink: We'll see what Pierre says. But at least progress is better than other projects I've backed...
  6. StephanieG
    Hi @Scotty141 and @Karendar! There should be a new update later tonight on Indiegogo that will answer a few of your questions. I'm sure @Pierre111 will drop by soon if you have others.

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  7. Pierre111
    Hello Karendar and Scotty141, sorry For some reason my notification didn't pop up on these comments. I'll make sure I come on Head-fi more. So Guys, I wish It could be all done by now. The electronics have been completed for almost two months now... That's the part we had some control on... Our chinese supplier of the plastic shell part showed us some progress today we are really pushing them as hard we can to get it right. They still say we can get them by the end of the month. I really want to believe that. We are close guys, really close but honestly it wont ship before the end of the month. It'll be october. Assembly takes about 2 min/unit so as soon as these parts get here we will do shipments every day, that I can promise and we will multiply our assembly line. It needs to go. The product is great, it sounds amazing, we want you to have very strongly. The metal parts (volume wheel, buttons, cylinder and jack ring are good now. So only the plastic still need on little correction. It needs to go but it also need to be perfect. Today was still reassuring. They almost got it all right we had many corrections from past samples, they got 99% fixed. Thanks for your patience. As for the comment about the specs of competition, I'm just gonna say that what set's us appart is the amp and a very clean Hi-fi noise free circuitry, the amp is what you get the most benefit in our philosophy along with the whole synergy between part. Dual DACs look great on specs I admit, but in the end it's about how it sounds as a whole and I believe we got that right.

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  8. FSTOP
    Thanks for the update!

    I would just like to comment in regards to the other statements made recently. A few months past the intended date is very reasonable, none of the crowd-funded projects ive suported have been on target, in fact im going on 2 years for fulfillment with one. Second, the Bluewave team is also upfront and honest with the situation, transparency is respected.
    Third, why is there a nasty tone when comparing other products? if you like something better, go buy that instead.
    Personally, none of the other products coming out seem particularly "better" to me anyway, and since noone has them, comparisons are not possible.
    I also really like the look and ergonomics of Get. The controls are laid out well, love an analog wheel potentiometer vs buttons.
    Really happy they want to make a great product for us and are concerned with perfection too. :wink:
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  9. Scotty141
    Hi Pierre,

    Thanks for the response and the update. So given your knowledge, and being 100% completely honest, when do you expect delivery for people who haven't already pre-ordered it? If I pre-order it right now, given I'd be the last person in the queue to get their GET, when do you expect I'd realistically receive it in the UK?

    Many thanks,
  10. Pierre111
    Hi Scotty, the plastic parts manufacturer did tell us that all needed corrections where OK. We are sending our project manager for China to the factory tomorrow Monday to confirm and give the go ahead if everything is alright. I always try to be 100% honest, but giving firm dates would not be. As long as I don't have these parts in my hands and start the final assembly, there's always a small risk and all trough the process we've been wrong about what we tought was a good estimate, but they where honest and based on the manufacturer's lead times...Stuff happens.... I would like to give you a shipping date but at this point I'd like to stay safe. I'll go for a sure thing, 100% certain if you order now You will have it before the end of Fall. It will be before! but when exactly I prefer not getting burn later... Sorry I wish I could be more precise, I'll be able to soon but that's the situation as of today. That being said, the difference in term of where you are in line will not differ if you order now or a week from now and no more than 2-3 weeks later than the early buyers. The challenge is to get these Parts, after that it will go quite fast I promise Since everything else is done, they are Programmed and fully tested already so it's just putting them in their enclosure and packaging.Thanks for understanding!
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
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  11. Scotty141
    Hi Pierre,

    Thanks for the information. Whilst that's disappointing, I can understand and appreciate that you don't want to commit yourself to another date you may miss and make yourself liable to more complaints from people if you don't deliver before said date.

    With that said, I also appreciate you gave a solid deadline of by the end of Fall, which is something I'm happy to commit on. I will therefore be making my pre-order tomorrow after work!

    Many thanks for taking the time to explain the situation.
  12. MrFuzzemz
    Hi @Pierre111 . This device looks great; I just placed my order. How're production and shipping estimates coming along? Thanks!
  13. Ynot1
    This is wherelittle knowledge got me. But hear me out, bluetooth 5 is in the works. I glanced at the specs and I feel since future versions will be backwards compatible, current product support will be maintained. But the thing I don't get is in LTE they say aggregation is a good thing. So why does bluetooth treat it like a four letter word. Most bluetooth is short range and one at a time. However I did run into intereference problems using a bluetooth receiver near a bluetooth transmitter.
  14. zolom
    Bluewave looks very interesting.
    Two questions:
    1. How is the sound quality with the Shure SE846?
    2. Does it support Google Now and voice commands?
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
  15. Pierre111
    Hi Zolom thanks for the interest.
    1. In all honesty, never tried it with the SE846, what I do know is that many have tried in trade shows, with very sensitive IEMs, Including 110+ dB/mW by Shure and others, and where very pleased. We have a very low output impedence and a very low noise floor. In fact we are doing something that I don't think anybody does, We guarantee that you'll love the sound quality. It's a great sounding amp yes, most will say that sound quality is subjective, we know, but we stick to that. It might sound pretentious but we are confident. If someone don't love the sound we will refund him/her. It's true for any headphones. I don't mean if someone find a problem with it. If you don't find the amp sound great, enough to make you chose this one if you have other portables, enough to think wow this has become my go to amp I enjoy it, you get your money back...simple right? We really want people to be happy with their purchase, we don't say that it's not possible to find better match to some head/earphone, but we will honor this guarantee.

    2. Unfortunatly I'm not familiar with Google Now so Im must say maybe/probably not, you mean using the mike to do siri like stuff right? Voice commands is certainly something we are looking into. It will not be supported for now but we will try for a future possible firmware update. It's no promises, but it is something I would really like to do.
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