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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. Karendar
    Hey guys,

    Just thought I'd start up a thread for this product, as I feel it's not getting enough visibility.


    Meet Get by Bluewave Audio. This is a portable amp which now couples as a DAC since their latest update! Here's a rundown of the specs off the site:


    I've seen the device upfront at a Montreal audio conference early in the year and it showed great promise. Since they started manufacturing, they added BT 5.0 support and added the DAC support. It goes for 99$ as a pre-order price (Full price 129$) and they're currently on the verge of fulfilling their Indiegogo campaign.

    I've also spoken to the owners of the IGG about having a thread here and they can answer questions for anyone interested. :) As soon as I have my two devices, I'll give initial impressions. I'll try these with IEM's (Westone W3's, Trinity Audio PM6, Trinity Audio Hyperion and ZS5) and a headphone I own (SPH9500S).
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  2. FSTOP
    Thanks for starting the thread for Get! I too am an early supporter of the product, and am looking forward to enjoying this unique Bluetooth amp. My early interest was sparked by the Get being a first to have/use the apt-x HD codec. Ive been looking/hoping for such a product, especially after getting the LG v20 which also has aptx-HD. Ive promoted the Get to other users in the lgv20 thread here on HF as well. Should be the perfect combo for great wireless sound, along with some decent headphones/IEMs. Looking forward to the Bluwave Get! - tim
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  3. Karendar
    Nice to see a fellow backer. I'm just glad to see the product progress nicely and tack on new features/better specs for the same original price. My devices don't have aptx hd, but considering the sound is being sent to the Get and amped/upsampled from there, I'm pretty sure it'll be worth it anyway. :) Right now as it stands, the device is geared for the future. :)
  4. Ynot1
    Between LDAC and Aptx HD which is closer to lossless? LDAC is the Sony bluetooth.

    I did a quick run down binging cause google does anti-search for me, but I digress.
    And both claims 24 bit support and that is why they support high resolution audio.

    I hope not to seem under appreciated with Get, as I think being first with new technology takes
    great innovation spirit. But here I am putting two and two together. China makes really
    affordable wifi portable sd card readers. China also makes mp3 players that read sd cards.
    Maybe because it's early morning here, I don't know why it is the way it is.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
  5. Apputty
    Hi Karendar,
    I just came across this one from your post on iem thread. It seems really awesome.

    I was wondering if the owners in igg can clarify one thing.As per the last update on indigogo, it says it does support USB DAC functionality. Can we connect Android phone via micro USB and makes Get work as USB DAC for phones?

    I know it defeats the point of having a Bluetooth module all together still, just out of curiosity.
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  6. Pierre111
    Hi Apputty. Thanks for the interest. I'll be honest GET is first and foremost designed to be a wireless device. Since we had the full USB Interface in place, the USB DAC functionality is something we added just lately, while waiting for our Enclosure parts (the electronic for the first round of production is all completed). It's a very good sounding USB audio class 1 (16 bits 44.1/48 Khz) conversion. I will have to report back on Android compatibility of that feature. There is still room for some Firmware tweaks since shipping is scheduled for the last half of September but keep in mind that for now it's still considered as "Nice to have". If it comes to that we won't delay the release to insure this will work with phones. Keep in mind GET support user firmware update so it could theoretically be implemented in the future.
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  7. Pierre111
    Hi Ynot, it's a legitimate Question. LDAC does support a higher transfer rate so at least in theory it's a little closer to lossless. That being said it doesn't necessarily tell the whole story. AptX and now AptX HD imposed itself as being the standard in high quality Bluetooth streaming for good reasons. The Algorythm is just extremely good. The reality is, once reconstructed a 24 bit file encoded by AptX HD will still come out better than CD quality (and yes, better than our lossless 16 bits USB input also). A 16 bit file will come out undistinguishable from the original (to the ear, again, it's lossy compression). A lot of people objectively don't hear the difference between a well encoded 320 kbps MP3 from Lossless. I am not one of these people, I don't listen to MP3 I hear the benefit of lossless. I'll just say that AptX encoding is much better than MP3. Can't generalize some people might be able to hear the compression for AptX HD, I don't. Also, at the moment AptX/AptX HD is supported by more source devices. That's the main factor in the decision. Supporting both AptX HD and LDAC would not have been possible with the form factor we wanted and at a price point we wanted to be at.
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  8. Ynot1
    Thank you. And I'm sure more than myself appreciate your presence here on the forum. Welcome!
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  9. Apputty
    Thanks for the clarification. Hoping that the "nice to have" feature makes it.
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  10. Apputty
    Placed an order today. Now the wait begins.
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  11. Karendar
    Welcome aboard. :)
  12. Pierre111
    Thanks for that Karendar, just wanted to make a small precision on this. 99$ is the current price in pre-order. Not "Full price". The device will be sold at 129$ at launch in September. We had to update our price based on cost involved in manufacturing in North America, among other things, but it's worth it. Nothing wrong with producing in Asia but we wanted to insure an easier control on quality.
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  13. alpha421
    I'm on board as of June. I'm really looking forward to this device with shipment happening in September (fingers crossed). I really like the legitimate updates and the reasons behind them. It's going to pair great with my Blackberry Passport SE.
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  14. Karendar
    Thanks @Pierre111 , corrected main post :)
  15. Martin Howell
    So I've recently pre ordered one of these and am looking forward to trying this out. I get up and down from my desk quite regularly at work and so the ability to leave my phone on the desk charging whilst I walk round the office with this on looks good to me. With an 8 hour battery life they should last a working day for me as well which means I can then charge ready for the next day.
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