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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. waynes world
    Thanks. Yes, I suppose turning the wheel to the max would reduce the risks.

    Did I read it right that it starts dropping after 6 ft or so? I wonder why that is, and whether or not that can be improved upon? The reason that would be important to me is because I'd like to hook it up to my stereo at times and then control it with my phone from across the room (ie 20-30 ft).

    Hopefully it was kosher quoting from your review here (let me know if it was not).

    That was a good review. I also enjoyed your BTR1 review. I have one of those on the way - seems like a great option if aptx HD is not required (and you want to spend a bit less $$$).
  2. Karendar
    I imagine it depends on what you pair it to. I paired it to a BT transmitter in my living room and went 20 feet away, signal still going strong
  3. inertianinja

    Thank you for reading it and for the kind words :)
    I was impressed by the Get, especially because it was usable with my Eleanor, which is more than I could say for the BTR1 (I reviewed that too, also on iLounge).

    However I assume that most people are going to use it with IEMs, so I’d think so much gain isn’t necessary. I didn’t knock BlueWave for their choice about the gain though.

    I did think the volume knob was too loose, though. A few times I brushed it with my arm and nearly blew my ears out.
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  4. Karendar
    I'm just glad other people are getting theirs and giving impressions :) The bluewave team was really looking for feedback and I gave all I could. The volume wheel wasn't really something I thought would be a problem, but seems it could be for some...

    As for the gain decision, their model was geared towards headphones and not IEM's... However, it is easily correctable with an impedance connector/adaptor. I purchased one off aliexpress for 8$ USD, which should get the job done.
  5. inertianinja
    Yup, I actually talked about all this with Pierre, he suggested the impedance adapter too. Not a bad solution, though they could include it in the box for what I suspect may catch some people off guard.
    But in general, I never knock companies for things that are design decisions. They chose a high gain for this one because they wanted to target full-size headphones, that's cool.
  6. Karendar
    Yeah, I'm wondering if I get an impedance adapter with low/high gain switch or just stick with the regular adapter... Oh well. Still love my Get. :wink:
  7. Pierre111
    Hi guys, would like to jump in, thanks all for the interest, some interesting comments. So, about the fact that some people are able to hear the noise floor of the device on some headphones, yes, the fact is that Get prides itself in being the only wireless portable amp capable to drive any headphones from Hi impedance to planars and this somehow motivated the decision to have this little gain push. Now it might be perceived as biased and I wouldn't blame any of you, but we did go around and run some beta test and surveys. The fact remains that we have a sample here of people that hear this and it's real but the very vast majority will not hear this even with very sensitive earbuds. Some will tough but it's in our test certainly less than 10% of people. It might sound hard to believe because when you hear it well, it's a proof that it's there but I'm being honest here, I absolutely cannot hear this at 43 year old. Out of the last 8-9 reviews we had, Guido did hear, you are the only one and as you should it's an important issue for some and it should be pointed out. Strong work here and we want that, unbiased evaluation, you raise good points. There are other reviews around. I assure you that nobody at the office can hear that or people around us, tested with apple hearbuds and shure's even more sensitive IEMs. For most people, it's dead silent.
    That being said, what we do have is a guaranteed satisfaction policy. having a powerful amp has many benefit and it's a great sounding device but if anybody find that in their use case there is a noisy background we will of course refund it. We also have at the moment some an impedance adapter being made that will solve all of this. we will probably sell it separately, for cheap, but again we want people to be happy so if any buyers can hear this noise floor, contact us we could probably arrange something.

    For the volume wheel, I admit that the very first pre-production units, one of those Guido received where too loose, Altough those our Indiegogo backers receive are not as loose. Comments on that are welcome, hope the feel is good for you.
    Thank you all again
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  8. inertianinja
    Pierre, I appreciate you being in such good contact about the whole thing. For the benefit if everyone else, as I mentioned in the review, I did not hear the hiss on full-size higher-impedance headphones.

    There may be a mix-up though, as I thought I had received a production unit. I generally don’t review pre-pro samples because of things like this, where there can be some manufacturing kinks to work out. But hey, if the retail units are different, I’d be happy to try one and update the review.

    Overall I think it’s a very cool product. Just had to document my experience :)
    Karendar likes this.
  9. Karendar
    At least our experience is the same on the hiss. :wink: My yamaha hp-1's are hiss free. My 64 audio U8's have a hiss...
  10. Pierre111
    No worries, yes I can send you another one, they where actually a production unit, maybe the term pre-prod unit was not the right one. You got the same product, it was just units from the first day of assembly and found a way to make the knob slightly tighter. It's a small difference, you will feel it but I think your experience should not be completely different. We where happy to have you experience the unit we sent you. We also have a small firmware update since, but again we wouldn't be the first company to update firmware, and try to fix some little things trough the first round of production. We have to communicate it but I didn't want to make it sound like your experience should not be considered as the real thing. I apologize if it sounded like that. I also had to communicate that the said hiss depends on the headphone impedance/size of course but is also not heard by everybody for the easy to drive models. Again we care strongly that everybody enjoy the product and it is indeed important to report that some user might hear a hiss on easy to drive hear/headphones. We absolutely don't want to hide from that. You have to go with what you hear and your review has to be trusted, considered and we sincerely appreciated it, but since we know that most user don't hear it I feel we should tell people that as well. You, and Karendar have an outstanding audition and it's a great quality in order to be a audio reviewer! We wouldn't expect that you would document your experience differently.
    Thank you again!
    Karendar likes this.
  11. inertianinja
    OK, sounds good!
    The firmware update thing is always an interesting thing to cover in reviews. For example, Fiio often updates their DAPs with firmware updates that add significant features or address problems. In my review of the X3-III, there was a pretty significant issue with files playing on a delay, but Fiio told me that they were releasing an update. So I held the review a few days to see if it was fixed, which it was. I think firmware updates can be a good way for the company to show that they still care about the product and are listening to the community.

    By the way - did you guys publish the output impedance for the Get?
  12. FSTOP
    I am having no issues whatsoever with "hiss" with any of the IEMs or headphones ive tried thus far. Im quite familiar with impedance-matching and understand that some devices may not be as compatible...But personally, no issues whatsoever in that regard, very low noise floor with my devices.
    Also have no issues with the mechanical movement of the volume potentiometer. Is not loose at all, nor really worried about accidentally moving it. I do (out of years of habit working with audio) always zero the pot before powering it on anyway.
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  13. Karendar
    Just got my penon audio impedance adapter. Tested it immediately with the 64 audio u8's which were hissing and the hiss is down to a minimum (still hear it though, damn my ears! Hehe). I got a 20 impedance adapter as to not overly affect power of the output and I'm glad I did... Overall volume is clearly affected by the adapter. Thankfully, I had some leeway with max volume, so not an issue here.
  14. Karendar
    Double post
  15. FSTOP
    wondering if the Bluewave Get app will still be available? do not see in Google Play.
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