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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. Karendar
    Debilitating, no... I have mild tinnitus. I use this with basic IEM's... I have used it with a monolith m1060c and it makes my head ring a bit... You don't have to clip them on to the headset itself either. I usually just clip it on my shirt with my IEM's
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
  2. Darkestred
    Nice review. I have really be enjoying mine for use at the gym. At first, i thought it was just ok sounding but as time has gone on, it does sound really good. Very impressed with the Codec. Whether it sounds good because its what i am accustomed to or its actually just OK vs better DAC setups to me is like listening to FLAC vs v0/320 mp3. I can usually tell a difference between the two but who cares.

    Really happy with the device. I do wish the volume disc was easier to turn.
  3. reunknown
    Last edited: May 28, 2018
  4. srREXed
    There is a high gain get and a normal get from what the info on their website says. I sent them an email about my get and still have yet to hear back from them.... bueller
  5. Karendar
    I own a low gain and high gain get... I got one of the first production runs of the low gains. Hiss is almost non existant (still hear a very subtle hiss. And no, it's not my tinnitus) and does not bother at all. What's great about the low gain with sensitive IEM's is that the max volume is just ever so slightly too loud for my ears, so there's no chance of blowing an eardrum by forgetting it at max volume, just slight discomfort. :)
  6. srREXed
    The one I have doesn’t specify which it is. But I’d say it’s safe to assume that without contact from Bluewave associates, it really doesn’t matter until they decide to either reply to my email or catch me posting here attempting to get their attention. I sent them a private message over a week ago here as well and no answer. I think they’re taking advantage of the long weekend. But still, always time to say hey we got your message stand by... at least.
  7. Karendar
    Any one that was purchased before the low gain was released is automatically the high gain... If you use 32 ohm or less equipment on it and you hear an audible hiss or your volume can go to ridiculously high amounts, then you have the high gain...

    Private messages here isn't the best way to get in touch with them. I created this thread to help them out, but they're not on head-fi all that often. Best way is to get in touch with them through their contact us form: https://www.bluewaveaudio.ca/contact/?v=3e8d115eb4b3

    That and there's no long weekend for us Canucks, it's a US-only deal. :) They're just a really small group that have to deal with sales, delivery, markerting and new product design... They were pretty overwhelmed with a lot of the work that had to be done with the whole low gain/Impedance adapter line of work... Give them time, they'll answer for sure.
  8. Pierre111
    I sent you a private message here, I'll look at your request this afternoon, if you forward me your email address trough PM It'll be easier to find your request.
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  9. srREXed
    Ok thanks Pierre. Responded pm
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  10. srREXed
    I’ve got a CEntrance BlueDAC, a FiiO Q5, and literally a dozen of other lower end bluetooth devices that are all working fine in identical test cases. My Samsung 4K 6series as the tx and my iPhone 8plus as another tx.

    The GET! will start breaking up if I palm it or turn away from my tv at 10-12 feet away. I cannot get from my bedroom to my sons bedroom without thenconnection being dropped. Without line of sight it will start to breakup and it will even disconnect the device in some cases. I can cover the device with my hands and I’m sitting line of sight to my screen and it will break up completely.

    Updating the os in my devices.... cmon that’s not what the problem is. If a 20$ poweradd can work from my truck in the driveway to the back of my house, this $120 GET should be doing the same. Honestly it should be doing much better than the 20$ bluetooth receivers on amazon. But all 4 of the ones I tested the get against seem to blow it out of the water with distance and connectivity.

    Anyone else with connectivity issues...? I watched the video Bluewave put out regarding this connectivity issue just now. It seems there’s a different problem here and it’s not related to my phones os.

    Let me know where I can acquire the return authorization forms for this device please. I don’t need it, especially with the hardware issue mine has. I was sent a link with firmware and I loaded it up. Still no difference.

    I want you guys to be able to compare or contrast my issue to others that may be lurking afraid to say something.
  11. harpo1
    I do as well. Worst bluetooth device of all the ones I own as far as connectivity goes. No matter what device I pair it with I get the same results. Bluewaves replies to my emails was it's the source device issue. I'll keep it because I'm tired of the back and forth emails with them but won't be purchasing any future products. Plus the fact they promised a companion app and that is probably not going to happen.
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  12. Karendar
    I had connectivity issues that were pretty bad... They swapped my devices, but still had issues with my LG V30. Upgrading to Oreo really helped, so I determined it was mostly due to bad BT drivers on my phone. I also tested it with an iphone 7 and got breakups after about 30 feet... I've read other people complain about breakups in the IGG campaign though.
  13. srREXed
    Devices used list: iphone8plus, iPhone6plus, ipad2, Samsung galaxy s8plus, samsung galaxy s6 edge, Samsung series6 55” 4K tv, amazon firetv stick. Devices that work line of sight: all. Devices that work over 15.5 feet away LOS: none. Devices that don’t lose connectivity when GET is clutched in palm: none. I’m a tech junkie. I’ve been an audiophile for a short time but I’ve been building circuits and soldering pcbs for a lot of years. I build quad copters and other aircraft for aerial photography. I’m able to connect a quadcopter in flight to my cellphone with Bluetooth for Monitoring data and even making on the fly changes to pid rates and camera settings. There is no reason why the GET is unable to receive a BT signal in the aforementioned conditions with my devices. My 10 year old laptop connects to an aerial photography drone while it’s 50feet above my head. You have no idea the amount of electrical noise a quadcopter emits during flight. Multiple motors, electronic speed controllers, 5.8ghz video/audio signals, 2.4ghz radio waves as well as the wattage of a powerful multirotor hitting 100mph in half a football field.

    I’ve done the work, and I know for a fact, this device has a hardware problem. I’d just like someone over at Bluewave to acknowledge this, and agree to replace the device instead of playing around with the os on my tv.
  14. Pierre111
    " Updating the os in my devices.... cmon that’s not what the problem is" We do know that all your other devices will work well with older version of the OS, none of your other devices are BT 5.0. We are the only BT5 receiver and by now we do know that in at least 90% of the cases updating the OS fixes connectivity problems. Again you cannot compare with your devices no matter if they are 20$ or 1000$, they are all older tech and will work well with non current OS. This afternoon we compare an I Phone with IOS 10 and an I phone with last OS, and indeed the one with IOS 10 is cutting out at less than 2-3m and the one with latest OS get 15 m without line of sight. We are positive about that but we understand if for some of you updating is not an option. That's why we offer refund if it don't work in YOUR situation. We have are Class A Bluetooth compliant. Our antenna is not problematic and many many people don't have connectivity problems. We know there are some glitches for some people and we will keep trying to help any way we could including trough our own firmware but I still need to reafirm that the starting point is to have the very last available operating system, and have the very last firmware for your source device. In the very majority of cases it solves the Issue. It was my decision to go with Bluetooth 5 because we wanted to be Future proof but we realise now that there is some caveat to that. In some system it is Glitchy, we know it and we refund people if it's not right for them. You don't need a BT5 compliant source device, but you do need an operating system that has taken BT5 in consideration. If you DID Update all of your devices, and you do have problems with ALL of your devices, of course it's possible that you have a defective units, but still we need this data of which device, which OS, and which firmware version, else I'm afraid there is not much we can do. Except refund, ehich we do. Of course I would LOVE to have the money and the Staff to buy every phones out there and every version of the OS to build a database and be able to tell you exactly what to expect in all situations. But we have to rely on customer to provide us these info on their source, because we know it's source dependant. Being dependant on the source don't mean it's "Because" of the source. It is our responsability to be compatible with whatever the customer use. That we accept it, our compatibility is not even with everybody and for that we give the option to be refunded.
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  15. srREXed
    As a manufacturer I am sure you need to verify these things. With the latest operating software on every device I own, (I keep it all up to date anyway, but I checked at your request to be sure) even with firmware that was sent to me in pm, the device is not functioning how it should. I sit in front of my screen, cover the GET with one hand and it starts breaking up. The tv is a series6 55” hdr 4K and it too has the latest software from Samsung. What’s the next step here? Since everything on my end that you’ve requested I do or check has been done. Generally, we all would like to buy something, use it, charge and repeat.

    All in all, I’d like to have a working device. As a customer, I shouldn’t have to pay for the pleasure of helping you guys develop and troubleshoot your hardware. But as a smaller private company, I totally understand there may be kinks here and there. Was totally under the impression the device wasnt so rough, thought it would be ready for jogging and daily commute use etc... The thing is brand spankin new. What I really don’t like is the fact that every time I’ve attempted to use it, somehow it ends up back in my nightstand and I’ve got the bluedac on right now to watch tv. I don’t need all that. Simple and inexpensive was my entire reason for picking this up. And in the interim I’ve developed sort of a headache. Not where I’m supposed to be at with a pleasure device. It’s for pleasure and I’m not getting any pleasure.

    I’m happy you finally responded to my emails and to my pm. From March 28 until now, well thats a pretty long time to leave a pre-customer/actual customer hanging. But to be honest, I’m not looking for excuses or any more problems, my ears are ringing like all hell right now... I just want a solution to this. A refund or a replacement would be great.
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