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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. Pierre111
    Hi Darkestred, We normally ship twice week. I'm quite sure we don't have pending orders for 11 days, hope this is resolved and you received by now, if not send us a mail at info@bluewaveaudio.ca I'll look into it tomorrow
  2. Pierre111
    Hi Harpo1, the developpment did slow down on the app, hey I'm not gonna lie, the dev team at BW it's me and a friend that helps part time but I want to get it done with as soon as possible. We will deliver it, I promise, but it have to be great.
  3. Darkestred
    Thanks Pierre. It was resolved.
  4. ?ractaL
    Hello I ordered a Bluewave Get from the bluewave website on Tuesday but have received no confirmation except my Paypal receipt. I have also emailed Pierre (plelievre@bluewaveaudio.ca) and have received no response. Can you check my order? My paypal invoice ID is WC-16302. Thanks.
  5. StephanieG
    Hi ?ractaL,

    Sorry about that. About half our team was sick this week so shipping slowed quite a bit. It should be back to normal in the next week though.

    Stephanie & Team Bluewave
  6. ?ractaL
    Great, thanks!
  7. archangelx

    I purchased a Bluewave Get and it became defective a week later. The
    company says I need a return label but they refuse to email or send the
    return label. I even purchased a second device and it works perfectly.
    Problem is I can't return the defective Get.It has been over a month of
    waiting. I feel that I have been ripped off by the company to the tune

    UPDATE: I spoke to the President of Bluewave and all problems have been RESOLVED.
    Trust works both ways. i received my refund and I will mail the defective GET back as soon as the shipping label arrives.

    I do love the GET and I use it daily in my musical performances. I will never go back to the old wired headphone setup again.


    Thank you Pierre and Team Bluewave!
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
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  8. ?ractaL
    Hi I received my GET and it works but the power button gets stuck and I cannot turn it on or off. I will need an RMA for my unit. Order number D169779614
  9. lenkiatleong
    I was auditioning A&K SP1000 + 64 Audio Tia Fourte when my bro in law hand over this GET to me. I looked at him annoyingly. He said, "just shut up and listen to it". So, i paired GET with Galaxy Note 8. Connect Tia Fourte to it. Start up Tidal and played Tin Pan Alley in Hifi mode. Adjust the volume and I WAS STUNNED!! It still sounded great even though i was listening to A&K for some time earlier. I can't believe my ears and i totally fainted when i was told the price!! The Fourte really brings up GET potential to the fullest.
    Without hesitation, i confiscated one of the two set that my BIL bought. The store ran out of stock.
    Went home and test it with my Sony MDR. At first, got disappointed as it seemed not able to drive it with max volume. However, after charging the device overnight, the Sony headphone got alive without a sweat. I got greedy and changed to Audeze XC which is harder to drive even though it's low impedance. To my surprised, the XC was shaking violently with bass!! I can't believe how powerful this GET is. The SQ is awesome and i still can't believe the price over performance ratio.
    I bought GET mainly to pair it to my room's TV when i'm still bingeing Netflix while my wife is asleep. Many times while watching Timeless, i got shocked and "shouted" with horror when a gun shot or some surprise loud sound being played. The sound quality was so amazing and real with Audeze XC that i now change to less shocking earpiece. I'm using Shure 215 now to get less shock. :) (But,i still jump sometimes).
    After reading the pages here, i noticed that no one uses GET with PC/iMac even though Pierre mentionned that it could. So, i tried to connect GET with PC and it worked like a charm with my XC. The bass is amazing. The mid and treble are excellent. The PC will charge GET while allowing me to enjoy youtube on my PC. Great.

    In sum, i am super happy with GET for below functionalities:
    a) desktop USB DAC that basically can drive many headphones. My BIL drives it with Focal Utopia and no problem. Sounds great with my Audeze XC too.
    b) connect wirelessly to mobile for great music from Tidal/youtube. Definitely beats mojo/poly combo in term of convenient and may be on par on SQ.
    c) connect wirelessly to mobile for call. Like the clip.
    d) connect wirelessly to TV for great movies/youtube

    Thank you Bluewave for this product. I saved some money. I wanted to buy Sony WH1000 wireless headphone to pair it to TV but with GET, i get to connect it to ALL my headphones at home and with much higher SQ with Audeze XC. :)
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  10. Steelsix
    I just scored a deal on an LG V30, which thankfully has a headphone jack and QuadDAC; but I'll say I'm still interested in the Bluewave GET. The V30 will be the largest phone I've owned to date. It's not always practical to have a big ass phone in your pocket wired to your cans, regardless of size. The gym in particular.

    This product will allow me to set my phone down somewhere safe while I move about! I'll lose QuadDAC going BT, but gain some freedom. Hopefully AptX HD (LG V30 supported) will help compensate for loss of wired QuadDAC. I saw the product on AptX website, read a review and checked MFR website, but finding it here on Head-Fi with an active rep in the thread seals the deal.. I'm in.

    Cheers Head-Fi pros, I love finding info here when I'm in the market for something new.. :)
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  11. ?ractaL
    Just want to write a little review here...I love my Bluewave GET! It's just what I wanted. Was looking for a wireless HD headphone setup for the office, and had originally tried the Sennheiser PXC550. While they sounded great, they just weren't comfy after a few hours, and I longed for the comfort of the Senn HD line. When I found out about these little bluetooth amps I knew it was the solution I was looking for. Settled on the GET with 2.5mm adapter, and ordered a pair of used Sennheiser HD590s and new OEM replacement pads (didn't want to mess around with modding the "twist-lock" system on the newer Senn HD line).

    The GET fits snugly on the HD590 headband, and the 2.5mm adapter works perfectly. It powers the HD590s great, the sound is amazing. And the comfort is perfect, even after many hours of listening. And I can make and receive phone calls.

    A little pricey, but worth it!
  12. srREXed
    Does anyone have debilitating tinnitus have experience with the GET? Looking for ways to use my white noise freqs, my hd598cs, with wireless Bluetooth tech. Tinnitus effects me greatly due to injuries a number of years back. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. ?ractaL
    You would have to either mod the HD598cs to remove the twist-lock, or find a way to use the stock Sennheiser cable with the GET. Also not sure where you would clip the GET onto the HD598cs.

    This is the reason I bought a used HD590 - no twist lock and a place to easily clip the GET onto the headband.
  14. cleg
    my video about Get

  15. Karendar
    Using my bluewave get to listen to this :wink: haha
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