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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. Karendar
    Been using the lower gain model for a few weeks. Works terrific with my v30... Only issue I have is range, but I think that's due to the v30. Lg is notorious about having weak bluetooth and wifi :)
  2. alpha421
    I had my GET in the FS forum, but being able to get a model that's actually usable with my iems/earbuds, I'm pretty stoked. The weakest link in terms of wireless is my BB Priv. Still bouncing around on which phone to GET.
  3. harpo1
    I don't believe it's your phone. I've tried my Get on several devices and the range is terrible. Sound is great but the range makes it almost unusable. Really disappointed in this purchase considering the price.
  4. saveloy
    I sent them a message a couple of weeks back about my range issues and was told that a firmware update was on it's way to address this. I applied the one that followed and that made no difference. Not really sure how a firmware fix would address this but hey I will give benefit of doubt. I emailed again afterwards and am awaiting a reply. I would be really interested exchanging for the lower gain model just to be able to drive more 'phones. At the moment I cant get any more than about a foot of distance without line of sight, disappointing as when it works it's really good.
  5. Pierre111
    We are Indeed working on firmware updates but I believe if you only get one feet, without line of sight it seems that your device is faulty. I video shows a couple post back what is possible, It's not a special Get or anything, that's what we have for range, up to 10 meters. it's also true that there are difference in range depending on what it's paired to, and also true that for the moment higher transfer rates like AptX HD would give you a reduced range, but it should never in any case be less than 2 or 3 meters in our tests. I could push the Bluetooth Power 1 or 2 dBs before I overpass FCC treshold, I would like to apologize tough I don't believe range will improve drasticly with firmware tweeks, probably a bit of miscommunication on our part. We are not always here on head-fi and if you have not been answered soon enough or with the right answer please if you can get back to us at info@bluewaveaudio.ca. We'll first try to evaluate if your units are defective and we will take action. No one should be dissapointed by their purchase since satisfaction is garanteed and we offer refunds.
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  6. Felicitous
    I second that. On my S8 I can get about 15 ft and my iPhone I get about 10ft. Are you in a high interference area? Microwave baby monitors apartment complex etc could be wrecking havoc on the BT signal.
  7. Darkestred
    @Pierre111 I ordered BWAG earlier in the week but have only received a paypal confirmation. How long generally to receive the item?
  8. chadsfake
    For anyone interested I ordered the headphone clip to use with ATH MSR7 and the included cable with 90 on both ends is too shallow to fit in the headphone the cable with straight end fits but then is too short to connect to the get and I didn't feel like I found a good position to use the new clip to the headphone I think I am able to secure it better with the clip that came with the unit even more if a add a piece of a foam pad.
  9. Darkestred
    How long did it take to receive your device? I have been waiting over a week for any confirmation.
  10. harpo1
    Took them almost 3 weeks to send out a clip they owed me. Their customer services isn't that great IMO.
  11. Darkestred
    Bah. Thanks for the heads-up. Now it makes me wish i would have just bit the bullet and went to the ATM at the canjam...
  12. Karendar
    Keep in mind that they are a small team and have to deal with the entire production line, shipping, questions, defective item replacement, returns, new product design, etc. Etc. Don't expect apple-like service for a startup that just launched their first crowdfunding product...
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  13. Karendar
    I'm getting this issue with my low gain get... From pocket to phone in hand, signal cuts out... Which is why I blamed the phone.
  14. Darkestred
    I understand. I ordered the item 11 days ago. Nothing on their site said how long. Was more curious. All good, though. I emailed them the other day and its arriving tomorrow.
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  15. harpo1
    So what is the status of the app for this thing?
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