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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. Martin Howell
    So I've had a chance to play around with this a little more and have noticed an improvement on the range issue. Can now walk much further from my phone (8m-10m), with light weight stud partitions between. Will do some further testing and then email in to Pierre as suggested above.
  2. veraideishal
    Just got my Get, and here are my brief impressions; but first, a bit of background:

    My main IEMs are Etymotic HF5s, which are not only very low impedance (16 Ohms), but are also very sensitive (105dB/0.1mV), and very isolating. As a result, I usually listen at the lowest volume setting on my iPhone 7, and even them I usually use the EQ settings of my music player to drop the level down another 16-20dB (!) or so.

    So I'm kinda sensitive to hiss, which is why I ordered the Get in the first place, to see if the analog volume control helps.
    (FYI: My previous Bluetooth solution was the Westone Bluetooth cable, for which I modded my HF5s to accept MMCX connectors - yeah, I'm a little extreme.)

    Unfortunately, the high output gain of the Get means that the hiss is way too high :triportsad:. The volume wheel only appears to attenuate the audio before the output stage, leaving the noise floor unchanged.

    Meanwhile, my main headphones are the Fostex TR-80, which are 80 Ohm dynamic headphones. The Get fares better with these; the noise is not noticeable in normal listening, but it is apparent when playback stops (it's especially noticeable when the Get turns off its output stage about 10 seconds after playback stops, and you realize that the Get wasn't actually silent until that point).

    Haven't tested range, since I usually don't stray too far from my phone.
  3. Martin Howell
    Now completed some further testing and am happy to report that my initial range issue seems to have fixed itself. Tried connecting to my laptop and I can get clear across my office (a good 15m-20m away) before I get a little hiccup. This is more than good enough. Interestingly my laptop only has Bluetooth 4.2, where as my phone is 5.0, but presumably has a more powerful transmitter.

    One thing I have noticed though is that the buttons don't all work whilst using my laptop, I can skip track forward, track back, and pause, but not play on itunes and only pause on spotify. I'm sure this is a software issue at the laptop end as it is different depending on what programme I'm using. Anyone have any luck on getting it to work properly with a computer? Should be noted that all controls work as expected with a phone.

    All in all very happy with this little device, just need to sort some sort of cable for the impedance / hiss issue, anyone got any recommendations?
  4. turbobb
    Hi @Pierre111, I'm eagerly looking forward to receiving my Get. Any ideas how I can check on my order status? Thx!
  5. tim0chan
    Earbuddy by ifi audio
  6. Martin Howell
    Thanks very much, just ordered one and will let people know how I get on.
  7. Cane
    It has been mentioned before. However I never tried to turn the wheel to the max before. Now I have realized that with the phone on 60% (the point when my phone warns about turning it up could harm your hearing), the wheel on my Get, is at about 80%.
    I am wondering about your experience, how much do the headphones play into this and/or using a product like Ear Buddy/iEMatch?

    My point is that there is about 4-5mm (0,15-0,2 inch) left on the wheel, for good recordings. But bad ones equals maxing the Get... As it is right now, about 10mm of the wheel does basically nothing (at least for my setup), and the next 5mm only increase the volume to low, then everything is in the last 5mm or so.

    Still haven't heard if this is something that will be possible to change with a firmware or the app, when it is released.
  8. alpha421
    Got mine today. I forgot I ordered this thing last June. Anyhow, I experienced the same dropouts, but after charging it completely and resetting the device, the dropouts reduced significantly. Same wish as other with the volume wheel, the steps are huge and somewhat inconsistent with volume increase, and a low/high gain would be more than welcomed. It does sound pretty good for BT, but I found the level of OK/good to great depends on the source device. Not a night and day difference, but clearly a lot more than subtle between my BB Priv(non-aptx) and LG G6(aptx). Also, helps to have the source volume maxed out.

    Overall, great job Bluewave Audio.
  9. Karendar
    Just went to toe Bluewave offices. They replaced my units no questions asked. I also had the pleasure of demo'ing the low gain Get and the impedance adapter. Both do a standup job at correcting the hiss. They had two levels of low gain devices. One was at a step that was perfect for my 64 audio U8's (super faint hissing and decent volume) while the other step had higher volume with minimal hiss. Very acceptable for most people. The impedance adapter I tested was closer to the second one at 30 ohm, but they're still trying higher ohm cables.

    Range wise, with two new Gets, I still had breakups on my lg v30 at 6-7 meters... Will have to test more at home, but I had breakups at 1 meter before. Much improved. I'll recharge them and test again at a later time.

    All in all, A1 service from Bluewave!
  10. saveloy
    Ah fantastic! So it looks like we had the same issues. I sent a message to them via the website, hopefully they will be able to help me in the same manner :thumbsup:
    Many thanks for your summary of your visit!
  11. chadsfake
    I have been holding off replacing my headphones until I had my GET to help figure out what my next pair of headphones should be. I am replacing my SHR440s and am leaning towards ATH MSR7 for my new pair. I am hoping the change from 44 Ω/ 105 dB to the MSR7 35 Ω/ 100 dB still sounds good and doesn't increase the hiss. I am using a Samsung S7 for the source with Poweramp as the player no eq or effects but have turned on the Samsung Tube Amp pro in the device settings to warm it up a bit with the SHR440s.

    Can anyone let me know if they think the MSR 7s are a good choice? The problem is no one around here has any of the three headphones I am considering in stock to try I<ll have to order off Amazon for MSR7, SRH 840 or the Soundmagic HP151

  12. harpo1
    Just received mine today and went to download the new firmware but both chrome and edge report the file as containing a virus. Anyone else getting the same results?
  13. Bubblejuice
    Does BW have any plans of releasing a IEM/Portable headphone version of the GET?
    One with less gain to reduce the noise floor on low impedance/high sens. devices.

    It seems like the main complaints come down to, there is too much background noise, the volume steps are too large on most devices that don't need a lot of power, and the wheel is loose (which means accidental eardrum splitting volume, which again can be attributed to too much power for most IEMs/Portables).

    This looks like a great device for headphones in general. But I don't see myself taking my LCD-2s on a stroll very often. An low impedance/high sens. version would probably hit the nail on the head with respects to the complaints I've read of the GET (Or maybe even one with a switch to change between functions).

    Any ideas? I'm talking out of my butt here. I don't know much, I'm just going off of what I've read.
  14. Cane
    If I'm not mistaking, the idea of a switch was talked about before, and Bluewave found it interesting. So who knows, there might be such a version in the future.
  15. Martin Howell
    The ifi Ear Buddy recommended by @tim0chan arrived yesterday. Plugged in and an immediate reduction in hiss. Still there, but now so low as to not be a problem. Thanks for the recommendation.
    tim0chan and Karendar like this.
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