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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. Pierre111
    Sure, we would prefer to arrange a refund, all of those questions are only to make sure that we don't replace your unit before being certain that your unit is defective, It would be a waste of money and time to send you a unit that don't work better for you. For refund we have a full satisfaction policy so you are welcome to claim a refund
  2. srREXed
    Wow, Ok. I’ll reply to your most recent email for details moving forward.
  3. Darkestred
    When i am at the gym I have encountered some cut-out. I notice if i place my phone next to metal objects this will happen or my can of Bang will cause a cut-out, sometimes. Sometimes its a line of sight issue (phone off me) from my phone but that could just be the gym equipment but 90% of the time no issues. When the phone is on me i do not recall any cut-outs.

    With that said. I do not want to hand mute it for fear i may have the same issue but i do not use it for much else, currently.
    Last edited: May 28, 2018
  4. srREXed
    I wonder if the firmware coming out in the near future is designed to work out some of these cut outs and sound boggles.
  5. Darkestred
    Cupped my unit. Sound does indeed cut out reading from an Sammy S8+
  6. Karendar
    Did the same, same thing happens... I'm also getting cutouts when phone is in my jeans pocket and bluewave is clipped on my neckstrap now. Maybe the contact on the antenna is faulty??
  7. Darkestred
    Yeah. Could be. I get it if i am anywhere near the head phone jack area. Like if i put my hands on my waist. It's not ground-breaking for me but still a shame.
  8. Karendar
    I've participated on the Auris Amplify kickstarter in order to compare... They don't have aptx-hd, but they do have estimated 12 hour battery life. We'll see if the range is better...
  9. Darkestred
    Please keep us (me) updated.
  10. srREXed
    I too paid for the Amplify. I’d like to compare this to that. I cup my bt4.2 devices and there’s no issue. Bluewave wants me to send my device to them. I have a feeling nothing will change except they may keep it and send me a refund. Not what I’d like so I’m not bothering to send it in. I find it works great in the car. I just find that it will cutout if I make it. I can reproduce it. I know what to avoid with it (we shouldn’t have to) but I’m going to keep it now that I know you guys can reproduce this.

    Also, I will for sure use this device in certain circumstances, it does have a really good sound for what it is. Unfortunately it isn’t EVERYTHING that BW claims it is. The device is a decent device all said and done. I think BW needs to address these issues and create a new version of the GET. Call it the GOT, or maybe the HAD. I can say the volume wheel needs to be addressed, the bt range and connectivity strength, 3.5mm is good, but we need a 2.5mm balanced output as well, and also a gain switch. I think if all that could be addressed, I’d give Bluewave another 120$.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2018
  11. Darkestred
    Yeah. The volume needs to be repositioned. I always mistakingly pause the music when i turn the dial. The range is weird for me. Sometimes i can get 50 feet no issue others 10 feet is an issue.
  12. PowderLegend
    Just finished a two-hour test of my replacement GET with a brand new ER3XR. I'm happy to report that I didn't hear any hissing. It's still there with my customs and ZS6, but much reduced. The ER3XR sounds wonderful with the GET, and the volume range is just right. iPhone SE headphone out didn't have enough oomph to make the Ety's sing, but the GET drives them no problem.
  13. SuperNovaGoesPop
    ahhh...so I just bought an open box Get from a seller on ebay with a 20% off coupon a few days back. Couple of questions, but how would I know if I ended up with a high gain or low gain Get? Would there be some sort of marking or labeling? And also, does the low impedance cable solve all of the problems of the high gain get with sensitive IEMs and whatnot? I think I would rather have the high gain Get and just grab the cable if that's the case.

    Can somebody explain the whole story behind the original Get, the "High Gain Get" sold on their site, and the "Low Gain Get"?
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
  14. Karendar
    There aren't any markings. Easiest way is to have sensitive IEM's and see if you hear hissing or if the volume can go to an uncomfortable level... Otherwise, if you have really power hungry cans, plug em in to see if the unit can drive them. The impedance adapter makes sensitive IEM's comfortable volume wise and hiss free, so yes it does fix the shortcomings of the high gain. I have a low and high gain on hand to confirm all this. I also agree that if you have to have one unit alone, the high gain is your best bet.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
  15. SuperNovaGoesPop
    Looks like I'm good. Mine looks like one of the earlier models from before the high/low designation and should be the same as a high gain model. I can barely hear some hiss with the AKG branded buds that came with my S8, and it's louder than I would have expected...so I'm thinking that its gotta' be it. So far I like this little guy a lot and don't notice any problems. This is a very nice buy and awesome for people looking to use a device like this with larger headphones.

    One quick question though...for you guys with newer units that came with the bigger clip and some 3.5mm cables to help mount to larger headphones, can you measure how long the cables are? I'm trying to figure out if I want to order one of those clip/cable sets or not depending on how long those little cables are.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
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