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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. Cane
    I would like to know to. Hope that Pierre111 can go to the bottom with it.
  2. Cane
    I would like to add another observation. When I start a track, some part of the circuitry in the Get, gets activated, and there is a popping sound. For some reason, that popping sound will return before each new track is played on some players, but on other's, I will only hear it for the first track... Perhaps this is something that can be fixed with a new firmware?
  3. Researcher
    I ve a Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver, this. It has BT 4.2 and gives at least a smooth connection of 15- 20m. Although the get has BT 5 connection, how is it possible to experience such a crappy range? what is it u are connecting to the get?
  4. Cane
    I am using an old Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Bluetooth 4.1), so I am only using the original aptX, not HD. Either way, there is no coming around that my Samsung BHS3000 (Bluetooth 3.0), from 2011 has at least twice the range without any connection problems.
    And I don't seem to be the only one. I highly doubt that all the other ones are using as old phone as I am.

    The thing is that if you need a changeable battery and a pen, this is still the king of phones...
  5. Cane
    Third observation, and definitely the worst. I have had two total cutouts, when sitting still at 2m with free sight. There is no apparent reason. There is sound, and then there is nothing. The unit still blinks blue, but the seconds go by and the sound never returns. The only thing is to turn the unit of and then on again.

    There is no consistency either. The first time, I played a video and got about 30 minutes in, and then the sound stopped. The other time was around 10 minutes, from last pause, playing another video.
    There is no problems with the sound in the files...
  6. Cane
    I have got an answer from Bluewave. They seem to think that the antenna got damaged in the assembly. It seems that a few faulty units slipped through, beyond the first batch (it was tested thoroughly). As I understand it, they will add a test at the end of assembly, to assure that it won't happen again.

    I will keep you updated, when I get my new unit.
  7. Martin Howell
    So I've had my unit for less than one day now and have only used it with one pair of IEMs (TA Icarus III, don't have access to any of my headphones at the moment), so a full test out will have to wait until after the weekend.

    Can confirm that I can hear the hiss @Karendar could and also have a severe range issue. Currently using as an external DAC from my laptop whilst charging it up to do a battery life test.

    I will say that it sounds great and if as @Cane mentioned the range is a production issue that can be corrected and replacements sent out I will be very happy with this little unit (assuming this hiss can be fixed through the use of a little adaptor).

    I don't have the loose wheel problem some people seem to have had and am quite pleased with the volume steps available to me. Takes a bit of fine movement but have been able to get a comfortable volume in all situations.
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  8. Cane
    My wheel is quite stiff. Haven't had any problems with it turning in my pocket. And as you say, I to have been able to get a good sound level. But as have been pointed out before, you can turn the wheel quite some way before approaching the desired level and then a slight touch will bring it to far. It's just a little bit to finicky.
    Of course it might be another thing with harder to drive headphones... mine is only 40 ohm's (I to have a slight hissing sound, but so does a lot of other products. At normal volume, I will only hear it, if I consciously are trying to hear it.).
  9. Karendar
    The tipping point for hissing being too aggressive seems to be 32 ohm for me. Anything 50 to 150 hissing is almost non existant. Sadly, most of my gear is 32 and under... :wink:
  10. Pierre111

    Hello there. It looks like your units are faulty. We should have a much better range than what you are describing. Here's a video of me showing a strong connection at more than 10m, with Get and phone in pockets, moving it around, trough a wall, etc. This is with a Sony phone but we have about the same with my Iphone 6 and a LG G5. I would like to investigate a bit more about the situation. Of course we can replace your units, hopefully it's not a compatibility issue, we stick to the protocols so our firmware should be pretty much universal but it's difficult to know the Quirks of every devices out there. In any case we are here for you and will make sure you have a more usable device. Please drop us a email at info@bluewaveaudio.ca
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  11. FSTOP
    Thanks, Pierre.
    I'll contact you about my device. Do you think the antenna issue could be fixed by myself? (i have fairly good electronics skills: design and build my own speaker systems, solder PCBs from scratch, build RC planes, etc) I'd be willing to take it apart and try if you think the issue is user-repairable.
    Thanks again!
  12. turbobb
    I found this really useful in terms of understanding what BT5 is/isn't about:

    (thx to @Griffith for posting it on the wireless IEM thread)

    Still waiting for my Get to be shipped so can't comment about the range yet. I do have a LG V30 so it'll be BT5 on both ends.
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  13. saveloy
    Hi there, long time lurker, first time poster :D
    I received my unit a while back and it had too much hiss with my IEMs and portable headphones so I kind of stopped using it.
    Then I found this thread and it all made sense. So now I'm sitting here enjoying my Get with a new set of headphones, with a higher impedance, and it's working like a champ!
    However, I seem to have the same issue that others are experiencing, I cannot get more than about 2 metres away before it the signal breaks up and then stops working altogether. Ordinarily this isn't an issue as I am using the Get for commuting purposes.
    I am so impressed with this little amp, build quality is great, looks good, super compact and the volume wheel works excellently. Even used it with my computers and the sound was so much better than onboard :D
    Karendar likes this.
  14. Karendar
    I'm getting some range issues with mine as well. I was going to stop by Bluewave's offices tomorrow and have a talk with them about something else, I'll slip in a word while I'm there.
  15. saveloy
    Ah fantastic, much appreciated!
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