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Bluewave Audio Get - Bluetooth 5.0 AptX HD 24 bit amp/DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Karendar, Aug 5, 2017.
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  1. Researcher
    I would like to buy the Get after reading review here and out there. But, everyone says volume control of The Get is in need of refinement due to the fact that it might easily be turned accidentally in pocket. I am just wondering if it will be fixed. Additionally, can someone with the Get say up to how many meters can it connect to a source with/without any obstacle (like wall)?
  2. Karendar
    I personally don't have any issues with the wheel... Even when in pocket. I also make sure when the wheel is at max volume, it doesn't hurt my ears by controlling the volume on the phone.

    As for range, I've had interference when phone was in my left pocket and get was in the right pocket, but overall it's pretty breakup free. My second get is paired on a bt transmitter on my TV. I can get some breakups when in line of sight about 5 feet from the BT device and I've been 20 feet away with a wall in the way with zero breakups as well. Hard to give you an exact appreciation. Overall, it's more than satisfactory to me considering bluetooth is never fully stable anyway.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  3. chadsfake
    I received mine this week and love it, In the past I have had a Cowon S9 and Z2 and the GET surpassed both of those for sound quality. I am using a pair of Shure SRH 440s with them and have no complaints.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
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  4. Old Music Lover
    I have had mine for a couple of weeks. Works and sounds great with my iphone using the Onkyo HD player. I am having a problem when using the FIIO x3 v111. It cuts out all the time. It also occurs when I use the AK Jr. Will there be a fix for this in the future? Thanks
  5. MayorSimpleton
    Update from me. I am the Shure SE535 user for whom the Get was unusable because of the impedance miss-match:

    I found an Etymotic impedance adaptor in my box of bits and tried that with the Get > SE535. It worked in as much as it definitely reduced the output into the IEMS and made them 'listenable', but the quality of the sound was weird - it had an 'uncontrolled' and bloaty quality to it.

    So I made up an impedance adapter as described here and suitable for balanced armature IEMS. It makes a HUGE difference. With the impedances better matched, I can now hear what the Get is capable of via my SE535's - and it's very impressive. The hiss is almost completely gone, and it sounds fkn great actually! Easily outperforms the Fiio BTR1 now. It's not a long-term solution as I don't want to need to use an adapter with the Get, and I can still only use 25% of the volume, but I am now able to get an idea of the quality of the output from the Get.

    I saw the update from Bluewave about producing some Get's with lowered gain - now I've heard how good it can be I would definitely be interested in buying one.

    Another 'mod' I did was to take the Get apart and stick a damper to the inside of the casing over the volume wheel, in order to restrict the free movement of the wheel. The volume control is now much stiffer, easier to control and can handle being in my pocket without the volume constantly being nudged out of position.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018
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  6. Karendar
    Great news! What did you use as a damper material? Can you write up a step by step for everyone's benefit?
  7. MayorSimpleton
    Hesitate to do a write up because it will be very easy to break the Get while doing this!! Personally I was OK with that....

    1. Unscrew the top metal circular cap - the cap that retains the shirt-clip.
    2. Unscrew the inner threaded retainer ring with large screwdriver. The thread appears to have some form of threadlock on it, so it is a bit stiff.
    3. Prize off the lower circular metal cap (this pops off).
    4. Wiggle the metal tube off - the three button caps will fall out.
    5. Unclip the plastic side covers by prizing open gently from the volume control side. Be careful as the battery can flop lose.
    6. I used a sliver of sticky-backed felt pad (like this) scarfed down to about 2mm thickness - which I stuck to the inside of the plastic casing, positioned to push onto the volume wheel when reassembled. A 5mm diameter circular pad should do the trick. You need to get the pad quite thin here, otherwise the case will not snap back on properly when you reassemble.
    7. Reassembly is the reverse of the above

    Once again, I take zero responsibility if your break your Get whilst trying this mod!
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018
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  8. Researcher

    I think the best one helping to get rid of hiss is this. But, it is not cheap, which makes me not to invest in the Get.
  9. inertianinja

    I just tried this. I used a few layers of thin electrical tape, and it achieved the desired effect. Thanks!
  10. Pierre111
    Good stuff! I will get back here soon with some update regarding the hiss some are experiencing. I like the modding thing, I myself do those things all the time. That being said, I want to officially put it here that we don't recommend it. There is a real high risk of damaging the GET. In all honesty I'm also afraid that the clip will come loose ever after by altering the thread lock. We have been working on this ourself. Drop us an email at info@bluewaveaudio.ca if you feel the wheel is too loose we will do our best to help you. We want you to be happy with your product.
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  11. doggiemom
    I received the Get today. Did a quick listen with Cypherus Audio Black earbuds (which are 32 Ohm), and did not notice any hiss. (In fairness, my husband was playing God knows what from the crappy Alexa speaker in the kitchen, so it was hardly a critical listening session). I like the form factor a lot. I use either a GeekOut V2+ Infinity or Mojo and work, and the sound quality is better, but they are bulkier and wired from an iPhone (and also significantly more costly than the Get). I'd definitely be interested in an impedance adapter in case hiss is a problem with my IEMs, but my initial impression is that the Get is a very good value.
  12. Martin Howell
    So my GET should be arriving later today. Unfortunately it is being sent to my Parent's address (I was between addresses at the time and needed a stable address to post to) so it'll be later this week I finally get to try it. Looking forward to this quite a bit. Hoping this will be my one stop office solution to leave my phone on the charger on my desk whilst I walk of around the office to the large format printers.
  13. Cane
    I got my GET today, and my impressions are similar. The build and sound quality is superb. Very easy to set up, but the range is severely lacking... even to the point that the sound breaks at 50cm (20 inches) if my arm is in the way.
    Having direct line of site gives me about 2 meters (6,5 feet), that's about it. At twice that range the sound cut's out if I am moving, and even sitting still at 5m (16 feet) the sound constantly break's up.

    My 5 year old Samsung Bluetooth device, have twice the range, and have no problems going through a concrete wall, to the room next to the device or having the phone inside and sending the sound out to the balcony 3-4 meters through the closed door.

    I am wondering what the problem is? I am sure that it is a good chip (Qualcomm) I have one in my phone, and have never had any problems with it. But perhaps a lacking antenna or to small buffer?

    Other than that, the melody is a little anoying, when you start the unit and the wheel is a little to sensitivie (move it one millimeter, and the sound goes from to low, to, to high).
  14. Cane
    The Samsung unit isn't big either (and it manages bigger range), and the small 100mA battery would last about 3h when it was new (I am using Ultrasone Pro 900 headphones). Of course with a lot less sound quality. 20180124_215512.jpg
  15. FSTOP
    I have to agree on the range, seems very poor in my experience as well. I have dropouts even within inches of my phone, which leads me to believe there are some issues going on, ie: shielding, antenna placement? Experiments show me even touching or holding the device (or moving hand across it to change tracks) causes moments of tx/rx problems.
    I still love the SQ, but the range is unfortunately a definite issue in my use with my copy. Im wondering how the BT antenna is configured, if it is affected by output jack, ground...
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