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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. paddyberger
    So I’ve finally I had the all clear from the ear doctor so can try out my DM6! I’ve got about 250 hours of burn in as I couldn’t use them.

    What tips are people generally finding best?
  2. niron
    I have it connected to the ES100 so no problem at all.

    But no issues with a standard case on my iPhone.
  3. cobrabucket
    I meant does it feel too heavy? I have heard of 16 core cables being too mheavy to keep IEMs snugly in place, etc. I'm guessing they're ok, since you didn't mention it
  4. Dizzle77
    Only discovered him a few months ago, but Goldlink can do no wrong for me.

    I’m using a modded pure silver cable from headphonelounge. I hadn’t used it for a while so got Ted to change it to MMCX/4.4mm especially for the DM6.

    I’m really happy with the WM1A/DM6 combination. Sounds clean, tight bass, smooth mids, crystal clear vocals and wide soundstage to my ears. Obviously tips also make a difference, but i’ve only been using the symbio tips so far and i’m in love. I’ve never got on with just silicone tips.

    I picked up a pure copper cable from AliE, but i’ve not been able to use it yet as the right MMCX connector won’t attach to the earphone for some reason. I’m currently trying to get a replacement cable from the seller, so in time I should be able to do some comparisons.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
  5. porrrtico
    I have finally made a decision. I want to get DM6s.
    But I have some problems. First, the only store that ships to Spain that I could find them is Penonaudio.
    I see there some photos of "colors" and other things. In the description, says that I have to select the color, but I can't, there's no way to select the color or more things, only "custom faceplate type A", "custom faceplate type B".... I don't understand what are those and what to choose.

    Help, please
  6. gazzington
    How are you getting on with the wm1a?
  7. mathi8vadhanan
    They don't have anything in stock now. All the options available now are made to order.
    rayliam80 and porrrtico like this.
  8. gazzington
    I had same problem but fortunately they had purple ones left so I ordered those. They are lovely. Email penon as they are helpful. In matter of fact they gave me a nice penon scarf with my order.
    porrrtico likes this.
  9. porrrtico
    thanks you all
  10. gazzington
    Btw definitely worth getting these iems. They are lovely
  11. porrrtico
    its a bit crazy because they don't give you photos about "Custom Type A" or so. I have emailed them, hope they answer quickly
  12. porrrtico
    Wow they answered already xd. I basically want them full black with silver BGVP logo. (9th photo)
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
  13. darkwing
    I have both, the sound signatures are different, you are correct, the DMG is somewhat V-shaped and the DM6, the mids are more forward , so more neutral, both excel in sonic detail retrieval

    I wouldn't use the DMG for music recording, but I would for the DM6 since it is the neutral one
  14. cobrabucket
    Exactly what I was hoping you were gonna say! Thanks, bud!
  15. Dizzle77
    Really enjoying it and I feel it pairs nicely with DM6 from balanced output. Racked up 275hrs, so wouldn’t mind doing some direct comparisons with the zx300 now that they’ve had the same amount of burn in. Still feel the zx300 on FW1.0 had more bass density than 1A on FW3.0, but they’re both on latest FW now, so be nice to do some more listening. Coincidentally i’ve not touched my zx300 since bagging the 1A.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
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